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Bom Sujeito
House of Gigs
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Estrada da Barra da Tijuca, 18, Sobrado
(21) 2491-8955 / (21) 7824-2672
Mon to Wed: closed
Thu, Fri and sat: 21:30-till the last customer
Dom: 20:00-till the last customer
Holiday and holiday Eve: Variable
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Nice Guy

Located in Largo da Barra region also called Barrinha, the House quickly conquered the audience that was lacking in a nice samba. The environment was thought out in detail, on the walls pictures of great divas and illustrious bambas, today and of yore, who made their names in the history of Brazilian Music.

The balconies and the walls are wood demolition and hydraulic tiles, colored rementendo to the times of the Old River. The furniture also follow the style.

The schedule is filled with a lot of samba and pagode.

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Weekend roadmap: is parents

The weekend is theirs. The parents of this new generation, young and modern, want more is going out to have fun. No slippers, fragrances and books, take your parent to a good night in Rio.

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Weekend roadmap: full moon

Is full moon weekend. For some this moon station increases the sensitivity and psychic activity, it is great to make friendships and work on sexuality. Not to mention, that become Cultural Heritage seems to have done well on the city. Every day this week announced the radiant. The Rio de Janeiro exhibited and left the locals proud. To complete, Copacabana celebrates 120 years. Nothing better than a full Moon shining in its waters as a gift. Enjoy, this is the best weather for a week.

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Weekend roadmap: weekend +20

After much anticipation, finally the Rio + 20 landed in the city. Environmentalists, sociologists, activists, thinkers and tourists arrive to fill the river of accents and gingados. Well receptive, the cariocas offer a night to remember in the marvelous city.

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Weekend roadmap: holiday of Corpus Christi

Finally we reached over a weekend! Will be 4 days of rest ... But if you're not managed to be programmed to go travel, go enjoy the Jazz Festival in Rio das Ostras or will have to work in full Friday, don't worry! After all, the River will be full of parties, concerts and gringos!

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Weekend roadmap: Viva São João

For the ladies and gentlemen who were already with nostalgia of the linesmen, colored dancing gang, playing in the mail of love, take off a smack in the tent of kissing or enjoy mulled wine, paçoca, canjica and suffering is over! Is the time of Festa Junina again. And, it is in this climate of St. John which arrives the first weekend of June. With cobra and the rain (it is lie!), there are several options for you to have fun very jumping Campfire iaiá. But be careful not to burn.

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Weekend roadmap: Easter

Easter has arrived! Time to gorge itself of chocolate and stay with the family. But, wait! You don't even think of spending every day of your float day will be given played in sofa accumulating calories, you think? What does not lack in this holiday are options to play on the track and burn all those extra pounds that came with Easter eggs. And then the Bunny hat for me?
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Weekend roadmap: They and They

They have in the sixth. They dominate the Saturday. And Sunday?! It's what you want! This weekend is well divided between female voices and male voices. At the time of the girls, Gal Costa opens in style with the show space Miranda Nook. Already the boys welcome alternative society with the "touch Rauuul".

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Weekend roadmap: Goodbye January

After so many days of sunshine and blue sky, Peter decided it was time to appear and bring a chuvinha for the carioca people. But in the summer, nothing is a reason for sadness or complaint! Enjoy the day to rest, and the night come out to say farewell to 2009! Reasons not go missing: the Rio agenda is full of events.

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Weekend roadmap: Friday, 13

On the night of today, vampires, ghosts, werewolves and macabre characters will share the track with you. Is Friday 13! For many this might mean fear, panic and terror but, for the party goers, is just one more reason to take the black clothes closet and go tanning once dawn of festivals and concerts. Check out the highlights of programming.

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National day of Samba

There is no denying: cariocas are passionate samba! Just a cuíca growling or a tambourine hectic, and we are already with samba in the foot. Is samba-enredo, root, choro or samba de roda, the order is samba. So, happy national day Samba!

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The legendary Samba Club, late João Nogueira, was located near the site where today is the nice guy. In the years 80, all sambista indeed frequented the place.
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