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Praia do Pepê
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Avenida do Pepê, próximo ao quebra-mar
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Praia do Pepê

Located in Rio de Janeiro Area West of the Pepê beach is part Barra da Tijuca beach. The strip of sand next to break-mar was so named in Pedro Paulo Guise Carneiro Lopes tribute to the sportsman, Pepê or the.

Pepêwas sportsman and had a kiosk, which bore his name, precisely at this point Barra beach. Was world champion in free flight (1981), Pipe Masters sixth placed in Hawaii (the best Brazilian ranking), carioca champion equestrian Waimea champion in 5000, in Brazil, and one of 20 best surfers in the world during the years he devoted himself to this sport.

In 1991 when trying the bicampeonato of hang-gliding Pepê in Tokyo, crashed against a rock due to bad weather rather than resisted. Figure Darling, the sportsman was the perfect "menino do rio". His kiosk was the first to have natural sandwiches and was frequented by many surfers.

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Urban mobility: a dream of the residents of Barra

Barra da Tijuca and quality of life have always been together. But the only regulars from the neighborhood's traffic won't cooperate in time to move through the region. And there is no shortage of explanations: excess cars, accidents, high amount of tourists or the constants works that take place in the locality. With rich cultural life, and a lot of events going on and about to happen, there's no reason to stop visiting the site, but how to escape the traffic jams?

Alternative transport: a solution that works

In light of the upcoming events that the city of Rio de Janeiro will receive in the coming years, some changes have been performed on the bar to avoid traffic congestion. One of them is the construction of line 4 of the Metro, with completion forecast for December 2015, she promises to carry more than 300 thousand people per day and remove the street about 2 000 vehicles per hour.

Another innovation in traffic are the area 's BRT (Bus Rapid Transit), which recently completed a year of operation. The project consists of a corridor of exclusive track for buses and River, connecting Barra da Tijuca to the Santa Cruz and Campo Grande. The project is in its first phase and currently owns only 56 km of extension, the forecast is that by 2016 the second phase of the project (with the inclusion of 7 km) is completed.

While the West side dweller waits for work on the subway that will relieve local traffic, the couriers will be the area that more to gain from these changes. Delivery services who work as a function of speed in delivery and cannot always count on a free transit are those who suffer the most. "Waste a lot of time in traffic seems obligation to every resident of Rio. Here in the bar, some deliveries can be performed with the couriers, who find gaps in traffic, but when the delivery requires the use of the car, we took almost twice as long "– comments on Eduardo Marinho, a partner at the Ice Bar, a company specialized in logistics and supply of water, coal, beer and ice.

According to the traffic Department of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Dmv/RJ) today there are 2.57 million vehicles, with 1.9 million cars. The average growth is 4%, and by all indications, in 2016 the fleet will be nearly 3 million vehicles, one for every two inhabitants.

Bike: clean and Sustainable Transport

Barra da Tijuca is a place known for its beautiful coastline and natural landscape. For those who live in adjacent neighbourhoods, the best alternative (and cheaper) is to take advantage of the bike path. The deployment started in the river shortly after the ECO92 and already has more than 305 km and will reach 450 km until 2016, along the edge of the city. In Rio, this transport is one of the most used, reaching more than 1 million trips a day, according to the Prefecture of the river.

And you, what is your experience in traffic in Rio de Janeiro? Participate and send your comments.

By Julia Ourique Medici,

- - - -

Julia Ourique Medici is a journalism student, middle, Middle petropolitana. As you all know, the communication area is vast and with plenty of jobs so she can tap dance, play guitar and put floor.

Day of conscious consumption

Buy without thinking and discard outdated thoughts are constantly. Or, at least, should be. Act on behalf of the environment, as well as being fundamental to our survival, gives us a more harmonious life. If you've never tried it, enjoy. October 15 day is celebrated the day of conscious consumption.

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Ocean garden open to the sky

Not everything is inside the Mall in Barra da Tijuca. Despite the fame of the neighborhood, the part known as Jardim Oceânico, also called Low bar, offers open-air gastronomy and entertainment.

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Holidays in the cold

It is indisputable, cariocas don't like cloudy days ... But, C'mon, the winter of Rio de Janeiro has its positive side. The beautiful intense blue sky days and pleasant climate are perfect to enjoy a beach with warm water or spend the day riding. Check out these and other tips to occupy very well your winter vacation!

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Weekend roadmap: rain or shine

Elevator conversation seems to, but is not, that time walks even crazy. An hour it's cold, another opens world's biggest Sun, suddenly it rains this week was hard to predict. But, make rain or shine, it's weekend and you deserve to have fun. While São Pedro do not decide and the weather forecast will not set, prepare a roadmap with programming for both options, so do not have error.
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step 2 of the circuit Light King and Queen of Mar 2012

The second step of the circuit Light King and Queen of the sea, scheduled for the day June 3, happens in praia do Pepê and entries are now open.

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Sports in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro's 2016 Olympic headquarters is not the toa. A quick stroll through the town and hundreds of cariocas running, cycling, skating and surfing. The scenario of the wonderful city certainly stimulates and inspires the practice of a wide variety of sports. With that in mind we launched the Rio sports guide.
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In Carnival | Second, day 20

The second programming roadmap of Carnival, day 20.

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In Carnival | Wednesday, day 22

Programming roadmap of Ash Wednesday, the day 22.

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360º summer

Betting on the best season Skol beer, prepared a special summer for the carioca. Are different musical attractions, DJs, graffiti workshops, slackline lessons and surfing experience.

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Rio Street blocks in 2012

Eagerly awaited, the list of blocks of the Street Carnival of Rio de Janeiro in 2012 was finally distributed by RioTur. It's time to prepare and already think about costumes, Carnival definitely is already taking the streets of the city!

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Foibles cariocas

Joy, congeniality and a little ' malandragem are characteristics that define the way of being of the carioca.

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The Surroundings
Tips and curiosities

Tent of Pepe

The kiosk at the edge of the beach, was the first to have a menu suited for a light and natural feed, thought to sportspeople as Pepe. Your folders became known throughout Rio de Janeiro and its natural sandwiches were the precursors of double Beach + healthy eating.

Historic tipping

Pepe was one of the forerunners in the fight by the rules of the surf and flight-free as sports in Brazil. Participated in numerous Championships, but never was sponsored and its recognition as a sportsman, world champion, came after his death. Today the tent do Pepê, where he took the livelihood of his family, was listed by historical patrimony, in recognition of its importance for Brazilian sport.
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