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Popular music

The caricaturist Nair de Teffé, married President Marshal Hermes da Fonseca, used to promote evening gatherings in Catete Palace. In one, in 1914, was played the composition "Cuts-Jaca" Chiquinha Gonzaga. Was much criticised at the time, by bringing to the Government Palace, popular music originating in ordinary and second dances lascives, the conception of the social elite.

Piers in the garden

The Counselor Mayrink built a pier to dock your yacht in Praia do Flamengo, at the entrance of the Park. The wharf became the exclusive use of the Presidency of the Republic, throughout the period during which the Catete was the seat of Government until the construction of the Aterro do Flamengo, in 1960, when it was demolished.

Eagles Palace

Two iron Eagles, at the top of the building, gave the Catete Palace the nickname of Eagles Palace. They had been replaced by statues of the muses representing summer, autumn, justice, and others. In 1910, the artist Rodolfo Bernardelli carved new bronze Eagles.

Suicide of Getúlio

The President Getúlio Vargas committed suicide with a shot in the heart, in 1954, in presidential lodgings on the third floor of the Palace.

Architecture and Gardens

The Catete Palace was designed by architect Gustav Waehneldt; and the gardens by the landscape gardener Paul Villon.
Zone of the Park


The Park is open to the public Monday through Friday, from 08:00 to 18:00 h. On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, the gate remains closed. During the daylight, the park stays open until the 19:00 h.
Rua do Catete, 153
(21) 3235-3693
Mon to Fri: 10:00-17:00
SAT, Sun and holidays: 14:00-18:00
Holiday eve: uninformed
Services Forms of payment Hours of operation

Republic Museum

Inaugurated in November 15, 1960 by President Juscelino Kubitschek, the Museum is installed in the Catete Palace, which was the seat of Government and official residence of the Presidents of the Republic until the country's capital to Brasilia.

The Museum has as its object the history of the Republic in Brazil – that is dedicated to preserving, studying, researching and disclosing. This includes the Palace itself where is installed. But the institution also has commitments to propose reflections on what happens today.

The Museum houses exhibitions – temporary and long-term – and cultural events.

The visitor has a complete picture of the history of Brazil Republic. Works of art from the 19th and 20th centuries, photos, documents, furniture and objects comprise the acquis, exposed in the halls of the Palace.

Catete Palace

The Palace was built in 1858, for housing of the coffee grower Antônio Clemente Pinto, Baron of Nova Friburgo (who lived there until 1867). Later, belonged to the Great International Hotel Company and Advisor Francisco de Paula Mayrink.

The Palace became the seat of the Presidency of the Republic in April 18, 1896, during the tenure of President Prudente de Moraes.

The Catete was the scene of important political events.  Among them, the Declaration of war on Germany in 1917; and the axis in 1942. The deployment of the Cruise as new national monetary system; the hosting of Cardinal Pacelli, in 1934, the future Pope Pius XII. The death of President Afonso Pena, in 1909; and the suicide of President Getúlio Vargas, in 1954.

On the ground of the Palace there is a beautiful garden, open to the public.

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Festival 100 in 1

On May 04, Sunday, 100 in 1 design comes to town bringing joy and wonderful art for the streets, seeking to encourage the active voice of the carioca people through actions of citizenship
. In a single day the event brings to the streets of Rio de Janeiro 100 forms of interventions, where what is important is that each citizen to prove his love for the city and for the next, leading to the community around the changes that they would like to see in the world. Plays, musical performances, workshops, art murals, or even a simple hug can be part of the demonstrations.

To participate is easy, everyone is invited to invent and reinvent yourself with small acts that make all the difference
. Just create a project and send it to the email queroser1@100em1rio.com.br. Each participant will receive a kit with shirt and poster and will be ready to make his contribution. Simple and collaborative. On the day of the event, the public will get a map with the locations where each activity will take place.


Accessible Beach ADAPTSURF
Free sports and leisure activities tailored on the beach Accessible, with accessibility and surf adapted for people with disabilities of all ages.
:: The Leblon Beach, in front of the post 11
:: 9:0 to 2:0 pm

Construction of a Mural of messages of love, where people passing by the intervention are invited to leave any message of love stuck in the wall and in return, receive another collective gift-Amorifique
. In addition, exposure of live graffiti, linking urban art with the importance of spreading the love around town.
:: Av
. Atlantic Canada, rank 4
:: 10:0

Says who is bigger than love
To end our stress and bad mood diary because of the difficulty of accessing our means of transportation, whether by foot, subway, train, car and bus, a little art distributed on leaflets.
:: Subway
:: 2:0 pm to 4:0 pm

Planting love
On May 4, Bianca Tasca will be spreading seedlings around town with the note: mild and plant with love.
:: Flamingo
:: 10:0

Toys well bolados
The company Made, focused on design materials reused to make a paper airplane workshop reused and soap bubbles with PET bottles for kids of all ages.
:: Post 12-Praia do Leblon
:: 9:0

Free Hugs
During the festival, Clara Hope along with friends will Embrace people, trees, buildings, animals and everything and everyone who wants some love.
:: Aterro do flamengo
:: 9:0

For a sweeter Sunday
Sunday is a day of rest for a good part of the population
. Least for the gang that continues full steam ahead, working in malls, restaurants, shops .... Thinking in that class that gives a hard, the Confraternity Spoonful Carr proposes the following: How do these people Sunday sweeter? To symbolize the initiative, we will distribute 500 Brigadiers who are working.
:: Fair of São Cristovão, Laranjeiras, Largo do Machado and Barra da Tijuca
:: 11:0

Dysrhythmia | Brazilian music outdoors
Imagine a party of Brazilian music, Center, at the seaside, for free
. This is the Arrhythmia, that two summers ago occupies the stone of Rudder with Brazilian sets directed by DJ Lili Prohmann. The party is to face the river and is considered to be the sensation of the summer Rio. A free outdoor event. In Rio, the waterfront ...
:: Rudder Square
:: 4:20 pm

Poetry on the subway
Recital of poems and Chronicle of known and unknown authors in the City subway exits recited by Douglas Oliveira de Albuquerque Maranhão.
:: General Osório Metro exit and exit from Botafogo subway.
:: 2:0 pm at 15 (G.O.) 4:0 pm to 5:0 pm (Botafogo)

Amores de Rio
On May 4 the photographer Lafa Cac will make an intervention like a photobooth, where people can register their love for something or someone. photos will be sent to the face of the Kiwi and the person may view after the result.
:: Urca
:: 3:0 pm
Exchange Exchange Books with storytelling
Janine Rodrigues do Piraporiando, make an intervention where every child is invited to take a booklet used for the fair
. Once there, it is stimulated to tell a story and after this you can choose for which book she wants to trade fair.
:: M. Park
:: 2:0 pm to 6:30 pm
Who dance their evils it amazes
the dancer Ivaldo daga will
doing a solo presentation of Jazz as well, who are passing by the girl from Ipanema Park will have a happy surprise.
:: Girl and ipanema Park
:: 10:0

Karaoke BG
The Karokê BG is the right place for you to put your voice in the world
. If release of shower and come to low Gávea square drop your voice in the best spirit "everybody sing along".
:: Santos Dumont Square, Low Gávea
:: The 8:0 pm at 10:0

As part of the festival 100 and 1 day River, in day 4 the Leticia Novaes by Letuce will be spreading praise around
. Actually goes far beyond that:
Gniyllub is unlike Bullying, and the performance aims to commend strangers, not only by Visual or aesthetic issues, but using phrases of encouragement and stimulus in General
. The goal is to give more confidence and courage to cariocas.
:: Quinta da Boa Vista
:: 4:0 pm to 6:0 pm

The collective will compound pitantes by James St
. and Matthew Ahmed invites cariocas on 4 May to transver the city through drawings, collages, photographs and poetry exposed in wooden crates in a city square. The intervention aims to expose a different look on our city and people who live in it depicted in illustrations. Collages made in comics with concrete poetry and pictures of things or people of our day by calling people to look with different eyes the simple things in life. The intervention will also feature a line of poetry of our authorship where people can spend and borrow a poetry or leave a message or you want.
:: Lapa
:: 12:0

He loves me
Perestroika will brighten up the streets life of cariocas, through the distribution of flowers for girls and boys from Ipanema
.   these flowers will be made by children during a workshop organized by the school. The idea is the following: during a semester will be collected books for creating a library for a daycare needy.
On the day of delivery of books, will be made a workshop with children for the production of these beautiful roses to be delivered
. A flower never helped so many people:) "
:: Streets of Ipanema/around the Praça Nossa Senhora da Paz

For a musical River
You know that feeling of being in a place outdoors, with a great atmosphere and an incredible view and think: "there was a little music to be perfect"? That thought came up with the idea of "by a river", a project developed by Care for the Lev and radio Ibiza which intends to take a bit of the soundtrack for the various corners of Rio de Janeiro
. A Lev, a boom box and a custom playlist on radio Ibiza sound identity of doing different landscapes of the city. On May 4 the custom bike will be running at the edge of the city spreading music and joy.
:: Edge of Rudder to Leblon

Rising in the stool
Up on the stool and tell the city what you love most about her and what is its potential for transformation! Let's do this message came from the other side of town with our megaphone.
:: Rua Siqueira Campos, near the Metro station.
:: 2:0 pm to 4:0 pm

"If you could give some advice to the world, what would it be?" "Take it one day at a time "? "" Think before you act ""? "" Use toothpaste can prevent up to 12 "" mouth problems?
Well, that's what the Pitacoteca want: their contribution to the life of people
. She is a project that basically consists of shooting advice with an instant camera-from the simplest to the purest cream of philosophy. No trials, no excessive autocritica. Just love.
The project, which to date has only known to the author, are you ready to grow: from day 4 of may will be photographed anonymous
. Can be you, your neighbor, the President, the beggar.
The premiere of this new phase will happen on May 4, as part of project 100 in 1 day River
. The photos will be made in Street Dias da Cruz, in Meier-after all, a little suburb never hurt anybody. We hope you there!
:: Rua Dias da Cruz, Méier
:: 3:0 pm

FlashMob Voltz
The Voltz Parkour, will make sports performance extreme urban in the lagoon.

Borel art gallery/Boreart
On May 4 the boreart will open its doors to the festival
. The BoreArt project, is an art gallery in the favela Borel, where works by Brazilian artists, are exposed on walls inside of 4 houses of Borel, in New Street, embankment.
:: Morro do Borel place known as Barranco Rua Nova <br>
:: 10:0 to 3:0 pm

I'm Not Leaving Because
' I'm not leaving Because ' quest stimulate people's link with the space where they live
. Thinking on the walls as a means of urban communication, on expression of that link contained on people and influenced by the work of American artist Candy Chang (www.candychang.com), we developed the "I'm not leaving Because". By proposing that people fill out this inquiry in a wall of high visibility, we believe light a collective reflection, reinforcing the unity and the idea of community. The redirect looks for opinions, the opinions redirect looks.
:: Rua Pacheco Leão, Garden
:: 11:0

Which bus goes on here?
Through stickers Let's flag which bus lines pass the bus stops without such signage.
:: Meier
:: 1:0 pm

"Yarn bombing"
Crochet interventions in public places
. The idea is to occupy the city with colors and textures of fun and playful way. Leave the city more beautiful and human. City to city people with life!
:: Plaza Xavier de Brito-Tijuca
:: 10:0

Follow the trail
Make assistance in Rio tracks signaling the way to the waterfalls and viewpoints.
:: Trail | Cachoeira dos primates (R
. Sakthi Vel, 83-Botanical Garden)
:: 8:0

Park of the ruins
On day 4, the Park of Ruins cedes its space to house music attractions and workshops dedicated to children.
:: Rua Murtinho Nobre, 169-Santa Teresa
:: 10:0

Tupiniquim in the square
On day 4, we will have the party Tupiniquim in the square
. For those unfamiliar, the party is dedicated to Brazilian music and has the Tijuca Barrra as House. The climate is mild and hugs the public, dance, jumps and vibrates in relaxation.
:: Square of roses, Barra da Tijuca
:: 4:0 pm to 10:0 pm

Draw with me
On day 4, the edge will win another attraction, with craft paper and crayons all children will be invited to draw and have fun.
:: Copacabana, posto 6
:: 10:0

Bloquete "Not Forbidden My Hose"
The Bloquete is an alternative street block, with a focus on electronic music and alternative/scene fashion Rio.
:: Rua do Resende, number 82 (in front of the club La Paz)-Lapa
:: 2:0 pm to 8:0 pm

On May 4, Ângelo Martins and his friends will make an art intervention
. Will be made in painting wood paneling.
:: Piazza San Salvador
:: 4:0 pm

Customization with paper
Betina Sanches will make his speech through the customization of the city with roles: Flowers, ribbons and mobiles to color our seats.
:: Street General San Martin
:: 11:0

Come play in the streets!
The proposal of the intervention is to rescue the games and antique toys, those on the street, outdoors and that enabled greater integration among children
. Between the jokes, are planned: Hopscotch, Twister, Shuttlecock, Elastic Jump, Taco, among others.
:: Aterro do Flamengo
:: 8:30 at 12:30

People ID-Flower
People ID-flower is an extension to the public space of the latest series of collages of Britta
. Will be distributed masks-flower. This is a free performance where you live a normal day of your life, just as a flower.
:: Largo do Paço in front of Sete de Setembro Street, next to the Imperial Palace
:: 10:0 to 3:0 pm

I Love Lindy
No matter if you already dance for years, if you just started, or if it's just a curious who likes to listen to jazz, the I? Lindy wants to gather the whole kind of person who has a passion for dance or for songs from the ' 20, 30 and 40.
:: Pond, next to the Quiósque Oke Ka Baiana Has.
:: 4:0 pm to 8:0 pm

To participate in the festival to Luiza Barreto Bangura and the Tan Amadeo will make a community allotment.
:: Santos Dumont Square, Topsail
:: 3:0 pm

Project Flirt
Karina Edde and Fabiola Greco create an environment on one of the seats of the square with the intention of making people sit a little bit, to dating each other and also to our wonderful city.
:: Santos Dumont Square, Topsail
:: 10:0

GaleRio 1
The Galerio, which aims to paint the 40.4 km subway 2 line and be one of the biggest urban art galleries the world open sky
. Will be part of the festival and the day 4 of greater screening wall wins new paintings.
The artists involved in these walls are:
:: End of Bergamo Street, inside the Carioca Neighborhood-Triage
:: All day

GaleRio 2
In another local town Galerio artists continue their work.
Team: Metton/Babu/Guga/Changes/Anix/Polon/Tmotz/Thipan/Donasc/Bro
:: Wall output sequential subway station of triage.
:: All day
GaleRio 3
To end the 4 team will be showing his art <br>
:: Wall of army aboratório, opposite the Subway of triage.
:: All day
100 em1 Tour on the pedal
How about a cycling ride through scattered interventions in the city? That's what Gabriel Marques da Rocha will do
. If you want to join is just arriving.
:: The Landfill until the Leblon
:: 10:0

Carioca to Carioca
On May 4, 100 people will distribute gestures of love for the city
. But what if they can distribute gestures of love to other people? If you could give a gift to a random person, what would it be? That's what the business wants to find out. On May 4, take a random gift to give to a random person, and see what this random person decided to give you. It can be anything: a Globe, a drawing, a poem, a picture ... anything goes!
:: Parque Cantagalo-Pond
:: 11:0

Wheel on the feast of Glory
The team of Creole, is sung in the "Adam's Apple" new and old sambas that share space with improvisations of partido alto and sambas unpublished attracting musicians, composers, customers, residents and neighbors.
:: Glory fair
:: 12:0 to 4:0 pm

Commanded by Hugo Rapizo and André Almeida, of the Simplicities, the group will make a critical mapping of sidewalks that should be with the ramp of accessibility for people with disabilities
. Drawing the attention of these points creatively and purposeful.
:: Rua Sacadura Cabral and Venezuela
:: 11:0 to 2:0 pm

Fried ball of Tuia crazy
Artistic intervention of instrumental music band Tuia crazy mixing cordel literature with Brazilian music genres for your crazy formation, rearranged where Tuia's commitment is not to let anybody stopped.
:: Wgg Square Rock-Santa Teresa
:: 6:0 pm to 10:0 pm

Challenge Post 12 + Clean
The creative challenge puts his hand in the cookie jar and help in cleaning the beach of Leblon, more specifically the post 12
. They will organize a joint effort on day 4, and who want to reach is more than welcome.
:: Beach of Leblon, Post 12
:: 3:30 pm

10 in 1-100 hashes on the Farm
On day 4, the estate of the Farm will circulate around town doing pockets shows! Will be 10 "attacks" the 15 musicals 30 minutes, along with the band can't screw that up!The intervention begins early and giving "good morning" to the crowd.?
:: Traveling
:: 10:0

Of Lesser Importance/Fabiane Pereira/Simone Mizrahi
Shooting gestures, small kindnesses, feelings, everyday objects and details that so intrinsic in our daily lives don't get a closer look
. Let's go to the edge with a watchful eye to detail and post by creating a mosaic our 100 best photos of Minor ' site '. Of these 100, we will choose 10 that will be posted both on Instagram qto the fanpage of the project.
:: Waterside-Rudder until the Leblon
:: 10:0 to 2:0 pm

Imaginary Cartography
Assemble a cartographic inventory imaginary carioca with the contribution of the public Come join this imaginary cartographic inventory
. Your map carioca will be done on time and will be published in a tumblr after the event, in addition to compose a sketch set at the end of the day.
:: Santa Teresa
:: 10:0

Imagine Intervention in Cup Mega 100 in 1 River!
On 4/5, the Imagine Cup is on Santos Dumont Square promoting a series of missions with the aim of spreading joy, tenderness and solidarity during the 100 in 1 day on the river!
:: Santos Dumont Square/Low Gávea
:: 9:0 to 5:0 pm

Win A Bike
"Bicycle Raffle through games and competitions on the day of the event
. This action has the main objective of making the population for the beneficial use of the bicycle and engage the community in the donation of bicycles that are not being used. On the day of the event will be distributed flyers about the benefits that bicycles bring health and well-being, but also to the community as a whole. Maps of existing bike lanes on the river
will be distributed on the day of the event
. The   disclosure of the project will be carried out through social media, by donors and by the stores that will be participating in the event. Our goal is to raise at least 10 bikes, the project will start to be announced from the day 4/15/2014. "
:: Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon, near the Cantagalo cutting
:: The 9:0 at 3:0 pm

Near the Ethiopian Lion of Méier
The project of cultural occupation of squares in Meier, proposes a biweekly schedule of musical performances and other artistic areas that Revere, mostly black culture, living up to the history of the neighborhood from the late Club of Samba, João Nogueira.
Near the Ethiopian Lion of Meier brings other thematic and aesthetic clothes to the cultural movement of the neighborhood, subtly invigorated with the reopening of the Imperator.
The event name is a reference to the history of Ethiopia as a nation of leadership on African anti-colonialist resistance
. The objective of the project is to add different names of artists to the cultural circuit that already exists in the neighborhood, offering a space for artistic productions sites and other areas of the city can disseminate their work in a public place, in a free event, with easy access, good lighting and secure.
The event is held, usually every 15 days and may have two editions on the same weekend.
The estimated audience is of 100 to 300 people on the occasion.
:: Agripino Grieco Square, Rua Dias da Cruz, s/n-Méier
:: 12:0 am to 4:0 pm

Dance free-for-all
The proposal is to create a dance space free for all within the urban space in the square, in Tijuca, Saens Rio de Janeiro.
This space will be delimited on the floor with a removable adhesive red tape.
There will also be as device installation a sound box and playlist duration of 2:0, which goes through different rhythms and musical styles, as well as two signs announcing "free Dance for everyone"

In a format of flash mob, performers will cross the square at various times and heading toward this space and start the dance every man for himself.
The dance space is open to the population at the time duration of performance and the group will integrate and create space and availability so that passersby can integrate and dance.
In this particular case the festival "100 in a day" the performance is intended to be performed by the entire group of artists-students of acting class (25 people in total) and other interested parties.
:: Piazza Saens Pena
:: 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm

Is Our Garden
Take advantage of this moment to add your ideas along to Our Garden.
This project began on a Friday night, when four guys showed up with shovels and saplings to what is left of the old square Ipê
. We received a lot of support and some plants took in this first phase of the experiment.
Now it's been a long summer of drought, and with the return of rains we want to open a new chapter of this journey with the help of "100 River in 1 day" to achieve a greater portion of people who are motivated to contribute.
We planned this day revitalize the space with the following activities:
-Concert of bamboo
-Planting several seedlings
-Establish a new organization/special distribution of horta
-Open Wheel with interested to plan future projects. "
:: Marques de São Vicente, Ipê square 110
:: 1:0 pm
:: Get seedlings and tools who have.

A dream for a dream
Who just change our dreams? I give you a dream, and you me documenting what is yours.
:: Piazza Saens Pena
:: 4:0 pm

Array's House opens its doors on May 4, but this time is not to dance
. The House will have a best trick skateboard on interactive Street along with an exhibition of art from the array
:: Home of the array

5° desapegos ' picnic of babies and parental nurseries of the northern zone
The intent of the picnic is to offer an option AGAINST consumerism and unconscious attacker to which we are subjected each day
. So by taking their desapegos, think if it really has any usefulness, if healthy, ask yourself why your child doesn't use it anymore, but another child should use? If you are interested in participating in an initiative to share parental care or crèche, come meet other families with the same ideas!
:: Quinta da Boa Vista
:: 10:0 to 4:0 pm

Love matches
Porting a typewriter, will be writing love letters to people who will be crossing my path.
:: Rua do Catete, in front of the Museum of the Republic
:: 9:0 to 1:0 pm

Tree of dreams
Everyone is invited to visit the ' tree of dreams ', Tamara Ganem
. Hang your dream in the tree, help her bloom and don't let your dream sleep. With the contribution of all the intervention will color the city and the interior of each one.
:: Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas-near the Cantagalo and cutting in front of the restaurant Palaphita
:: 2:0 pm to 6:0 pm

Hands to the square
The tingling will be one more in the Group of 100 that next day 4 is ideas and interventions by the city.
They will be on Sarah Kubitscheck square in N.
. of Copacabana with tools, materials and ideas so that together think the square with their hands.
Through the Design, layout and help from friends they will make the square more accessible and enjoyable for all signaled.
Can prepare for a day of painting and construction.
:: Sarah Kubitschek Plaza-Av
. Our Mrs. Of Copacabana
:: 11:0 to 5:0 pm

#RioEuTeAmo presents "Comes love"
Acts of love do not sprout in tree.
Who said?
In this action of #RioEuTeAmo, exclusive to the 100 in 1, 1000 hearts on origami will be scattered in the boughs of trees in the Aterro do Flamengo
. Within each heart, you can find a message, a tip or a question-always thinking of how to live life with more passion worth it.
On May 4, pass on our Woods and collect a little bit of love.
:: Aterro do Flamengo
:: 9:0 to 2:0 pm

Origami birds
Decorate the Largo of the parish and enjoy the space there are still trees and preach Cranes, international symbol of peace.
:: Jacarepaguá Road opposite the 7836
:: 11:0


Catete Palace

In Rio, lovers of history, politics or outdoor spaces, certainly think in Catete Palace one of his favorite places. Stage of striking events of the politics of our country – the space was home to the Executive power of 1897 to 1960 –, where resided dozens of Presidents and where he killed himself Getúlio Vargas, the Palace is today a tourist attraction, bustling cultural center and home to many cariocas's backyard. What is there is no shortage of reasons to visit the Palace!

When, in 1960, Brasília became the federal capital and political center of the country, Juscelino Kubistchek retired from the activities of the Catete Palace turning it at the Museum of the Republic. Preserving the memory of this period, the Museum has an extensive collection of photos, objects, furniture, publications and works of art of the time, while providing for public visitation presidential quarters as the fourth of Getúlio Vargas and the ministerial salon, where big political decisions were made. Exhibitions, music events, lectures and workshops also have time on there, as well as a charming café and a 90-seat cinema room, which displays art films and receives important festivals. How about?

Designed by the same hands that have also signed the Candelária Church, in the Centre, the Palace of Catete, at first glance, draws attention for its neoclassical architecture facade, that borders on the sidewalks in the neighborhood of the same name. However – and it may seem – exaggeration to say that called attention is not the beautiful building, which turns the vast green area close to supporting that hides. Enhanced by beautiful gardens, the most we like to enjoy is the huge expanse of gardens, full of large trees centenaries hearts – and therefore delicious shadows-cut down by lakes, bridges and gazebos, grottoes, as well as cast iron sculptures and a beautiful Fountain. Frequently, capoeira, the bands new music scene and even circus shows-always free-fall in the graces of the beautiful gardens and packing, on many mornings and Sunday tardinhas, a loyal following, passionate and animated.

Residents of the neighborhood and various corners of the city gather, especially on weekends, to enjoy this Pearl, this small lung carioca. With huge portal that gives access to the gardens by the Flamengo Beach, the area becomes party primarily for children, who have fun on the playground or ride in intense recreational activities. Banks offer quiet shadow to read a book, talk, listen to music on headphones and think: "how beautiful this city!" Rendezvous with the family, with half of its orange, with friends or with yourself. Worth the visit!


The museum works to wed Friday of 10:0 at 16:30 h, and on weekends and holidays, from 11:0 to 17:30. The gardens run daily from 8:0 to 6:0 pm.

Garden with a stage face

Fun for free for kids this weekend in the garden of the Museum of the Republic. To 11:0 happens the Minotaur, Mosaic group, that shows its history along the path between the bandstand and the cave to tell young Agabo adventure to discover how the Minotaur. At 3:30 pm, is the time of the show the fabulous, with the eponymous group, formed by César Tavares, Marcos Camel and Fernanda Monteiro, trio devoted to the art of circus-theater, which shows the adventures of two charlatans and his partner around the world with trambicagens. The pieces will be presented days 3 and 4, 10 and 11 August.

The Festival Is All True

The biggest festival of documentaries from Latin America reaches its 18th Edition. In the full year of age, the "it's all true" presents a selection of 82 titles, from 26 countries. The festival takes place simultaneously in Rio and in São Paulo between days 4 and April 14. The cariocas can check out the sessions onOffice Moreira Salles, the CCBB, the Cinépolis Lagoon, in the Museum of the Republic and in the Auditorium BNDES. Admission is free.

Twenty productions participate in premiere world. Among them are the seven long competitors of Brazilian competition of long and medium-length films. Are they, "Serra Pelada-the legend of the Golden Mountain" by Victor Lee, "the universe", by Sally Back, "Ozualdo Candeias and Cinema" by Eugenio Puppo, "they killed my Brother," Cristiano Burlan, "in search of Iara" by Francis Frederick, "the soul of the People" by Helena Solberg and David Meyer and "Antarctica", Evaldo Mocarzel. In the category of short films will be showing movies, of which nine, five are completely unedited.

The International Retrospective of this year honors the Soviet filmmaker Dziga Vertov (1896-1954) and brings the audience great hits like "the camera man to film", in 1928. In Brazilian Retrospective debate revolves around "Jango and the path to 64".

Check out the full schedule.

International documentary Conference

The 13th International documentary Conference will be held at the Museum of image and sound, between 09 and April 10. The theme is the relationship between the movie and the avant-garde documentary, classic and contemporary. Among the participants are the filmmakers Alan Berliner, Nann and Susana Sousa Dias and critics Michael Renov, Patricia and Rubens Machado Rebello. There will be simultaneous translation and admission is free.

More information on the website of the festival.

Peoples Summit

The peoples Summit is in full swing in his debut day. The tents are all over the Aterro do Flamengo and run up to the June 23 day with different activities. The expectation is to receive about 18 thousand people.
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It's All True

Premier event exclusively dedicated to documentaries from South America, the project is all Truth was created in 1996 by the critic Amir Labaki.

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The hosts of Future

The City Hall of Rio, by Riotur, launched the project "Hosts of the future" with the objective of preparing children to receive millions of tourists who must arrive at Rio de Janeiro in the coming years due to major events to come.
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15 Shows of Ethnographic Film

Since November 16, Republic Museum the houses 101 documentaries, between nationals and foreigners. With debates, and conversations with some important names of ethnographic film, all activities of the Shows are free.

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River with Children

Children must play, outdoor exit, run and divetir. Rio de Janeiro Is the a town with many nice places and interesting for that.
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The Surroundings
Juvenile Children's Sector
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