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Palácio Gustavo Capanema
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Tiles for Portinari
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Rua da Imprensa, 16

Palácio Gustavo Capanema

Built between 1936 and 1945, the Palácio Gustavo Capanema is a landmark of modern architecture in Brazil.

Opened in 1947, during the administration of Minister Gustavo Capanema, the building was built to be the headquarters of the Ministry of education and health. The Ministry is headquartered in Brasilia for a long time, but the building is still known today as "the Ministry of education" or "the building of the MEC".

The team of architects responsible for the project was led by Lucio Costa, who Carlos Leão, Ernani Vasconcelos, Jorge Moreira e Affonso Eduardo Reidy architects drew. Oscar Niemeyer also participated in the project, but as an intern. Roberto Burle Marx was responsible for landscaping. And the famous franco-Swiss architect Le Corbusier served as a consultant.

The architecture of the building follows the principles and standards defined by Le Corbusier: a modern building for a country that wanted to be modern.

One of the charms of the Palace is the Piloti, with pillars of 10 meters that underpin the building and ensure the airing and lighting, without partitions or walls. This way, was created on the ground – an entire city block in the city centre – a public square, in which the building itself integrates, allowing the passage of pedestrians under the building.

The wing of the Auditorium, at ground level, protruding from the main block. A marquise, in opposite position, is the basis of the suspended garden designed by Burle Marx, responsible also for the garden.

Very beautiful are also the panels of tiles by Cândido Portinari and the sculptures of Bruno Giorgi. In the Palace there are also paintings by Alberto Guignard and Pancetti; and sculptures of Jacqques Lipchltz and Celso Antônio Silveira de Menezes.

After that the Ministry of education moved to Brasilia, the Palace Capanema lost its original function. Today it houses institutions such as the Funarte, Central archive and library Noronha Santos (IPHAN), in addition to art galleries.

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Statue-Bruno Giorgi
Monument to the Brazilian youth, 1947.
The pillars that underpin the building are 10 meters tall.
The tiles are of Cândido Portinari.
The tiles are of Cândido Portinari.
Gustavo Capanema

Public art seminar

Assuming that all the art form to spread freely through the city, the Group Is in the street organized the public art Seminar, an entire day of free activities.

The event, which takes place November 27 day at Gustavo Capanema Palace, debates, exhibitions, performances and interventions of artists of ruaque will prove that public art is that which manifests itself in any part of the city, for any and all public, without discrimination of any kind and are not buying and not selling.


09:00 | Table of Debate
With: Amir Haddad, Zeca Ligiero and Chicao Saints.

12:00 | Communication of practical experience
With: Imbuaça Group (SE), naked dark (GO) and Urban Pigeons (SP)

13:00 | The group will be the Benidito?! features variable data

14:00 | Grande Cia Brasileira de Mystérios and Folklore of Admiral Black presents Novelties in Africa

15:00 | Table of Debate
With: Amir Haddad, Reimont and Andre Career

17:30 | Communication of practical experience
With: Terreira of the tribe (RS), Barter (RN) and Imaginary (RO)

18:30 | OffSina Group presents Tremelicando

19:00 | It's on the Street Group presents Anárgiros.

More information: Site | Facebook

The Center and the arts

The Centre of the city is not only a place of work, is also a neighbourhood where different cultural schedules are concentrated. Say this may be for some novelty and obviousness to others. With that in mind, we've assembled the exhibitions that are happening so that you can organize between work and leisure time to enjoy what the Center at its best: art.
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A national competition was held to choose the project of building of the Ministry. The jury gave the prize to the architect Archimedes Memoria, whose project was very conservative.
The Minister Capanema didn't like the decision: he wanted a modern building, symbolizing the modernization of the country. Then, the Minister ordered to pay the winner the prize of the contest; but called the architect Lucio Costa and commissioned a new project. And that was the project finally built.
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