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Praia do Flamengo
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Aterro do Flamengo

The name Brigadeiro Eduardo Gomes, Park is also Aterro do Flamengo known as or Flamengo. Park of the extensive grounding, which Santos Dumont  Airport goes up Botafogo, Ensenada was opened in 1965.

The leisure area is quite large housing blocks of sport, soccer fields, skate rink, playground, as well as being surrounded by bicycle path. Night courts and soccer fields are always full.

Filled with trees the place is very pleasant and still offers a Cristo Redentor a privileged view of Pão de Açúcar and his and tram. By expressways of landfill is possible to observe even the Museum of Rio of modern art (MAM), Glória,  Marina of Botafogo e Flamengo, Beach Memorial to World War II Glória Hotel and MemorialGetúlio Vargas.

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Weekend roadmap: one more time

Week of political conflicts, irreparable losses, solutions that have provoked more questions and links discredited. Tempers are once again getting the better of you. In the middle of all this, daylight saving time ends this weekend. With the time that we win on Saturday we can do whatever we want, talk, debate, party, dance, Kiss, drink and so on. Use as you wish, because unlike the masks, the hours can still be used freely.

Friday, 14

Check out the complete schedule on Friday.

Saturday, 15

Check out the complete schedule of Saturday.

Sunday, 16

Check out the full agenda Sunday.

Check out the calendar of Carnival blocks 2014 and don't forget to photograph the BEST FANTASIES that you come across to send to us.

Weekend roadmap: Xote lounge

Body with body, breathing on your neck and a dragging of feet that easily lasted until dawn. Doesn't take a genius to know what we're talking about the good old forró. What few know is that there needs to be no great genius to rock on the track. The secret: close your eyes, feel the music at the waist and collar the couple well close to you.

Why all these tips? Today, Friday, 13, is national day of Forró and, in tribute to him, our script is coming full of options to dance for two.

Friday, 13

Saturday, 14

Sunday, 15

Weekend roadmap: warming up for summer

Great shows and parties appearing in the lineup this weekend. Less than a month of summer, the schedule is as warm as the temperatures. Tourists don't stop coming and the weather is gaining the most expensive every weekend on vacation.  Is the heating to the next station and is good to perfect in gymnastics because the schedule is intense.

Friday, 22

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Saturday, 23

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Sunday, 24

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Weekend roadmap: time to party

Time for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Hours in traffic, 20 minutes on foot and 6 in the elevator. Many hours of work, few of sleep. From Monday to Friday employees have the hours filled with appointments, tasks and duties. But the weekend has arrived and it's time to enjoy life! Check out the highlights of the carioca programming.

Friday, 25

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Saturday, 26

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Sunday, 27

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Breakz: the grace of the party for free

Rio de Janeiro is a city that, just by an abundance of natural beauty, invites natives and outsiders to occupy the streets, whether playing sports, taking advantage of its sea ice or walking without any major goals. Anyway, the cool thing is that there is a real effort and set of common people, artists, groups and collectives, which seek to occupy the urban space with activities that promote the culture (and the "square"), 0800 scheme – and so is the Breakz.

Arrival to Rio de Janeiro by Rebeca Dues + a ' help people of Wobble and the Brazilian Wax, the Breakz is a traveling party of bass music that if divided basically between the kiosks of rudder Beach and Aterro do Flamengo, with the objective "to promote sound interventions and free fun." Always organized collaboratively, pump the sand tracks cariocas mainly in summer-rolls of the crowd warning with pouquinha before publication date and place several times in the month and here we are again, eager for good music and nice people in a legal environment.

I've been in some editions of the party since I got to the River, but I went to the last two Sundays, with the curious cat look sharp! I arrived around 7 p.m. (the sound usually start at 5:0 pm and finish at 10:0 pm) in the already crowded kiosk at the helm, both on the sidewalk and in sand. Three different vibes shared classes: on the sidewalk, people standing watching the movement, drank and talked. There in the Middle, at improvised, business was HOT of heat and we just dance (closed eyes and bare feet in the package). At the bottom of the kiosk, in the sand, wheels of friends in a quieter schema.

The weather hit near the DJ booth-entitled to a lot of people lavishing dance moves to get envy – cheered me up real quick. I went looking for a drink and I can't stop talking about the Drinkolé! Experience aside, is half a piece (which in Bahia called cold) alcoholic who comes in flavors, apple mojito martini or cosmopolitan. Unusual, to say the least! But well done, and it takes effect! Fitted my Drinkolé of apple martini, gave another twist, this time paying attention to the public. Basically young, mixed crowd there very cool with the Center's staff, after toasting the whole day in the Sun went straight to the Breakz. In the sand, people of slipper and tennis and a half people. Incidentally, for those who – like me – can't resist a streetstyle, Breakz is one of the essential places to go with the intention only of noting the style of others. The people are pretty effortless cool and inspiring.

And there we were, regulars or newcomers, passers-by, residents of the neighborhood, enjoying a sound with views of the sea and Copacabana, absolute, craning where reaching the sight. And, damn it, for FREE! In a way that favors the population of the city and the organizers themselves, which take advantage of the public which is renewed to disclose other parties closed and DJs of the scene of Rio de Janeiro. The Wobble, for example, met only after having gone to first Breakz-IE, it works!

So there I was, in the company of friends, a little dancing, half trading idea and 100% aware of how these initiatives need to be encouraged and valued in every city, because taking to the streets is political and has nothing to do with take back what is ours! Including to celebrate. And then left?

Photos of past editions by I HATE FLASH.

By Marina Ribeiro


writer of the blog the not only the cat, which describes experiences a curious descriptive, only exposing sensations, thoughts and feelings of a columnist on contact with the staff, resulting in an unusual form of content production on benchmarks, people, places and ideas.

Weekend roadmap: Let's be tourists?

In the dialect of the carioca tourists, foreigners and nationals, are called "gringos". The weekend begins with the world tourism day, the proposal is to be a gringo in Rio de Janeiro. Take the opportunity to (re) visit points of interest, places with beautiful scenery, historic buildings, anyway, touring without compromise to meet (again) the river.

Friday, 27

Check out the complete schedule on Friday.

Saturday, 28

Check out the complete schedule of Saturday.

Sunday, 29

Check out the full agenda Sunday.

Sunday bikes

Cycling in Rio de Janeiro is a delicious, healthy and risky experience. Except some residents on the South side and the West side, most cariocas are lacking in bike lanes.

However Sunday with less car on the street and some roads are locked down for leisure, the Mission of crossing the city on the pedal becomes less suicidal. It is also the only day of the week that the Metrô Rio allows the entry of bicycles.

Thus was born the mission Tijuca-Leblon, round trip, on skinny.

Ida (the street)

Dividing space with cars and buses that part of the route was subsequently labelled "Rambo".  Hype aside, it's not impossible, but it takes a lot of attention at intersections and in the holes of asphalt. The trick is trying to follow, wherever possible, in the same direction of the cars.

An alternative for those who get out da Tijuca is crossing the viaduct Paulo de Frontin, get inside the Estácio (Rua Estácio Sá lifetime, Rua Frei mug, always in the stream of cars), Lapa, Glória and Aterro. The more complicated passages are in the tunnel Martins de Sá (it's good to have signage on bike) and Rua Riachuelo, in Lapa, on account of the great movement. Another tip is to get just the catwalk of the glory to come up in the Landfill and not of MAM, which can be deserted depending on the time. For those who want adrenaline is great.

Arriving at the Landfill is to relax and enjoy the view. Space for riding not lacking, beyond the beach bike path, has the slopes closed. The tour is very enjoyable.

The ride took about 1:0 until the final destination, the beach of Leblon.

Back (subway)

Finished enjoying a beach it's time to get back. The pace until Siqueira Campos Station, in Copacabana -by bike path following Rim by street bikelane Figueiredo de Magalhães to the door of the Metro is very quiet. Option is the most recommended for those who don't want a lot of emotions.

Metro officials are well targeted and will indicate the door beside the roulette to go with the bike. You must pay passage usually may not be on top of the bike inside the station and down/up the stairs, is on his arm.

Coloring the public space of Rio de Janeiro

We present here the Mexican work Christopher Gusman Hernandez, who lives in Rio de Janeiro, and was in wonderful town, which came the inspiration to create their work!

Everything inspires in Rio, streets, friends, women, the Sun, the festivities, the sunrise and the sunset and especially the beach.

The time is its main ally that helps you imagine extraordinary situations, things that never go through people's minds so often simply. Each photo that the artist makes it will evolve in the dashes and the details of the illustrations!

- - -

The Cultural Connection is an organization that promotes access to and content on the cultural area through integration between the most diverse art forms-the aim is to integrate culture in everyday life of people, and bring them in the Brazilian and world culture, cultural spaces and public spaces, offering new dynamics of socialization, enhancing the exchange of experiences, stimulating the curiosity and creativity of the people.

Autumn on the river

The river can get even more beautiful in the fall. Few are the people who value the station because here the leaves do not fall from the trees like elsewhere in the world. But the locals more aware do not leave the blue autumn sky's unparalleled go unnoticed. Some days, the city looks like a painting. Bike, hiking, hang gliding or piquiniques, are programs that are even more interesting at this time.
It's sunny but not hot. The Sun makes its part leaving the comfortable temperature so that you can enjoy the day without beg for air conditioning.
The night the temperature drops a bit, but still not cold. Replace the beer with a shot of cachaça is already an option among the locals.

Good time to do ...

Photo Gallery: autumn Carpenter

To prove that the station is very beautiful we invite you to put together a gallery of photos of our fall along with us. To participate just use #todorio and #outonocarioca in your photos of Instagram or post on our Facebookwall.

At the end of the season, on June 20, your photos will be part of Autumn Carpenter Gallery in TodoRio.

Weekend roadmap: Burning calories

After gorging on chocolate Easter is the time to deal with the consequences. A week has passed and if there are sweets in the box, the best is to get rid of them as soon as possible. Very likely that the sites of diets are hitting records of access, but you can go back to them in the second. For the weekend the TodoRio script has a recipe well light the base of fun.

Friday, 5

The Happy hour is good to remember that a few drinks are less caloric and water has no calories.

Sake = 50 calories

** Also check out the script with the best Japanese restaurants in Rio

Wine = 110 calories (1 cup)


Dance (average of 6 calories per minute) and Kiss (a kiss as well as = about 12 calories). Here are tips for parties that the part of the dance is guaranteed. Now the Kiss, you decide on time, but has seen it's worth.

Sing (1:0 = 110 calories). You can release the voice and sing together in concert this Friday.

Check out the full schedule of Friday

Saturday, 6


Pedaling (1:0 = between 300 and 600 calories) and run (20 calories per minute), the idea is to move the body and detoxify the chocolatada this Easter. On the River, there is no lack of places to exercise.

** Also check out the Guide to Sports on the river


Continuing on the "diet carioca" Saturday is day of celebration. The samba (1:0 = 400 calories), hip hop (1:0 = 500 calories) and funk (1:0 = 600 calories) are powerful rhythms in the loss of calories.

Weekend roadmap: national day of Forró

The forró is dominating the Rio de Janeiro, everyone already knows. From the Center to the West, several venues have already booked one night to pace. Pé de serra, University or e-mail. What matters is to glue your body in another body and beat the slippers until the sun comes up.

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The Color Run

Are 5 km of happiness and many colors. Every kilometer, a different colored pigment. This is The Color Run, the funniest proof of the United States, which arrives in Rio de Janeiro on December 16. In it, you're literally a canvas to be painted.
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Weekend roadmap: my birthday

On Sunday, the full 1 year TodoRio.com. There are now 366 days of shows, trivia, screenplays, "corners" and details of the wonderful city. To celebrate, nothing better than hanging out, drinking, dancing and toasting to happiness is to have all in our lives! And the best, the way most of Rio de Janeiro.

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Weekend roadmap: apart from Halloween

It is true that there are still a few days to get the 31 of October. But, now it's official: this is the weekend to drop the witches, shake the skeleton and do lift up dead. Become your favorite evil. Is the Halloween weekend!

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Weekend roadmap: Forbidden for minors

With so much children's programming who is not a child or has no one ends up having the impression that the children holiday does not have space for adults. It is there that you're wrong. The nights this weekend are filled with parties and shows prohibited to minors. The animated programming invites people over 18 to dance, drink, flirt and go to sleep well after the 10:0 pm.

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Weekend roadmap: fun, with or without sweet

The day of Saints Cosmas and Damian. Probably, the age to win the candy-filled bags as well. But, it is weekend and, with or without sweet, fun is guaranteed in Rio de Janeiro. Think well: with so many shows and festivals in the city, you will regret because of maria-mole? Impossible!

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World car free day

Horns, slow traffic and people stressed. Although it does not combine with the blue sea and the green mountains of Rio, this has become the reality of carioca. But, all is not lost. To remember that it is possible to get around the city using another type of transport, such as bus, subway, bike, skate and even their own legs, day 22 September is the world car free day.

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Solidary Race

Celebrating the beginning of spring, the race of solidarity that began 21 years ago in Brasilia, arrives in Rio today September 23 with a branch, the walk for peace.

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River City Open

Few towns reunited as many natural reasons to host an Olympics to Rio de Janeiro. The Rio open city exhibition shows the charm of this scenario, sport par excellence.

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Weekend roadmap: Watch the birdie!

As cliché, we need to emphasize: the Rio de Janeiro continues beautiful! Whether day or night, the landscapes reveal shapes, silhouettes and colors that do not exist anywhere else in the world. Thanks to technology and to the many clicks (professional or not) we can shield records increasingly breathtaking. In fact, Sunday is the Day of photography! And everyone throws the idea: choose your favorite scenario, freeze the best moments and show folks over at Facebook!

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The Surroundings
1 2
Monument to World War II


The monument to the dead of World War II, popularly known as monument to World War II, is located in parque Eduardo Gomes, the Aterro do Flamengo. The location houses and honors the remains of the Brazilian military who died in the war. During the conflict they had been deposited in the cemetery of Pistoia, Italy.


Opened in 1960, the project is of architects Marcos Konder Netto and helium Ribas Marinho.

The work

with the apparent concrete, first in the country with this characteristic, the elevated platform reaches approximately 31 metres tall.
There are three parts:
  • Honoring the Brazilian air force
  • Honoring the squares of the three Weapons
  • Honoring the dead at sea, civilian and military, in 1959
  • Vitual Tour

    Check out Virtual Tourhere.
    Tips and curiosities


    On Sundays the slopes are open for pedestrians. Only are reopened to cars on 6:0 pm.


    Is not a very safe place for tours.

    Bicycle Path

    The bike lane accompanies all landfill extension, is a pleasant walk to do bicycle, roller skates, skateboard or even on foot.


    The aterro do Flamengo only has bus stop in the Cove of Botafogo, following straight by expressways into the city centre.


    In the Carnival parade a few blocks on the slopes of the landfill.


    The landscape design of the gardens is of Burle Marx.


    There are about 11 thousand trees of 190 native and exotic species.


    Are 1,200 square metre embankment.


    The landfill was built in 1950 with the lands of the unmount of Morro de Santo Antônio.
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