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The track of horses viewed from above.
The audience that packed the bleachers of the still newly opened Jockey Club.
The facade of the building, which even today is considered an architectural landmark of Rio de Janeiro
The start of construction of the Club, when the area was still a marshland.
Jardim Botânico, 1003
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Jockey Club

Located between two landmarks of the city Rodrigo de Freitas -the lagoon and the Botanical Garden Jockey Club Brasileiro , was founded in 1932, when there was Derby Club fusion of-which operated where today is the Estádio do Maracanã Jockey Club -with, which already occupied Gávea the Hipódromo da since 1926.

The beautiful building- Hipódromo da Gávea also known as-was Francisco Couchet designed by the architect, and even today is considered a milestone in the carioca architecture.

The history of horse racing in Rio de Janeiro

A manifesto published, without signatures, " Jornal do Commercio " in of March 6, 1847 was the beginning of the building Rio de Janeiro 's turf in. It originated the creation of the "Club racing", a corporation which acquired a ground São Francisco Xavier origin, between Benfica , and in the outskirts of the city. Ali installed " Prado Fluminense ", first city's Hippodrome.

The second city's Hippodrome emerged in Vila Isabel neighborhood. It was erected by a racing club in Cia. Architectônica land ceded by. Its rules aimed to members and amateurs, and only to the lack of those could act professional jockeys. The inaugural race was announced by the press and held in May 22, 1884. The name " Club de Corridas Villa Isabel " survived, only about six months.

Dery Club -The third Hippodrome carioca-made his first meeting in August 2, 1885. Innovative, the club announced that electric chronograph usariaum, intended to mark the precise time of each match. Was the big social event of the year and he attended His D.Pedro II e D. Thereza Christina Imperial Majesties, about 10,000 people, and.

Jockey Club In 1919 the began studying the possibility of building a new Hippodrome Prado Fluminense to replace the. The option was examined this marshland, owned Rio de Janeiro 's town, opposite the Botanical Garden. He had landed with waste from demolition of Morro do Castelo, in the city centre. After long "demarches", in July 26, 1922, was signed a deed of Exchange.

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Weekend roadmap: Pre Carnival

A week for the Carnival. I mean, officially, because on the streets he has already begun. The carioca is with the schedule for the weekend full of blocks throughout the city. And this preschool we want to see people burning up the fantasies. After all, playing, jump and enjoy Carnival gets even more fun.

Ah! Enjoy the weather and send your photos to our campaign of dissemination of abundant creativity of the Rio Carnival!  Post your photo on Instagram with #todorio + #melhorfantasia or on Facebook or send by email contato@todorio.comLearn more.

Friday, 21

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Saturday, 22

Check out the complete schedule of Saturday

Sunday 23

Check out the complete schedule of Sunday

Weekend roadmap: you can't miss

"What gives more longing to carioca? ", asked on facebook on Thursday, 30 January, the day of Saudade.All appeared in the comments. Is Miss a river cleaner, less violent, more democratic and more realistic prices. Is Miss Santa Teresa tram, the old Maraca and beaches with United. For those who are away, the greatest longing is to the river.

We were already getting nostalgic and melancholic, when we remember that some things in the past we haven't felt any nostalgia and other of our present, certainly wouldn't do the slightest lack. Answer over at facebook "CARIOCA HAS MISSED?" while gives the highlights of the agenda.

Friday, 31

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Saturday, 1st

Check out the complete schedule of Saturday.

Sunday, 2

Check out the full agenda Sunday.

Weekend roadmap: Socializing

You who spent the week with the fall face down on the computer, full of work, relationships just virtually, it's time to take advantage of these 3 days to interact. The script of this weekend makes a proposal: exercise its social side. Anything to stay home alone, invite your friends to leave, have offline chatroom and alive, at least until Monday, without a screen in front. You can do it?

Friday, 24

Check out the complete schedule on Friday.

Saturday, 25

Check out the complete schedule of Saturday.

Sunday, 26

Check out the complete schedule of Sunday

Weekend roadmap: Kiss on the shoulder

Nothing more annoying when you're full of work, comes his friend and posts a photo having so much fun on vacation, his smile is not only bigger than the pile of work in front of you. This is where a hint of jealousy surge within you. But, relax. Now it's your turn. The weekend is here, you are in Rio de Janeiro, the summer calendar is full of festivals, concerts, music and interesting people in all corners of the city. Enjoy!!! And don't forget to register all their smiles to send that "kiss on the shoulder" the envious on duty. Check out the highlights of the carioca programming.

Friday, 17

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Saturday, 18

Check out the full agenda

Sunday, 19

Check out the full agenda

Second, 20 (holiday)

Check out the full agenda

Weekend roadmap: this is summer, I dunno ... gives a will ...

Rain or shine the summer arrives this weekend! The most anticipated by cariocas station. The possibility to enjoy the beach until almost 9:0 of the night, the cold beer that refreshes the hot bodies almost daily and the shows in the street. Ahhhh!, the shows in the street. Even with thermometers that often mark 40ºc, is impossible to live in Rio de Janeiro and don't wear a smile on your face during the summer. The time has come: let us celebrate!

Our roadmap brings weekend programs that will warm up your weekend.

Friday, day 20

Saturday, day 21

FIL-Festival international language Exchange 2013

In its 11th year, the FIL-Festival international language Exchange, back to Rio de Janeiro, from 19 to 29 September, bringing to the city a cultural program full of curiosities, news and enchantment.

In order to broaden and deepen the creative exchange, form new audiences and provide a journey of discovery, during ten days the FIL will occupy various spaces of the city, among them: Municipal Theater of Jockey, Hi Future Flamengo, Oi Futuro Ipanema, Midrash, Cultural Center Theater Ipanema, a small Theatre and Teatro Carlos Gomes.

The schedule is filled with shows, performances, workshops, roundtables, workshops, digital media, who bring in their poetic content the circus, dance, the Visual Arts, music, theatre, animation objects, puppets and mixtures. All this represented by the Spain attractions, France, Germany, Denmark, Canada, Bosnia, England and, of course, of Brazil.

"The idea of FIL always was to create what I call ' between worlds ', connections and contact between the arts, generations, public, languages, without limitations, but with much hospitality. The FIL wishes, in addition to provoke curiosity, refine the poetic perception, invent new ways of thinking and conduct exchanges, with ourselves and with others ", says the author and theatre director Karen Acioly, creator of the FIL and responsible for the festival.

Among the national shows, is the premiere of "the enchanted world of Buarque de Hollanda", the Raccord productions, with Anna Markun. A troupe of acrobats and boy Chico and his incredible imagination, embark on a musical journey, leading the Viewer to unravel characters and stories of the town where they live, packed by songs of Chico Buarque.

In addition to the plays, the festival offers shows, Workshops, Roundtables, and Special Exhibition FIL, which will feature the display of the short film "Pietro" from director Hsu Chien-Hsin. The big event of the young programming is the "Push in FIL", which features films, performances by rappers, photo exhibition and a skate session.

The FIL honors this year's ill success Group and dedicated to him one of his shows, the Shows ill success, "with four performances of the Group:" the dancer "," Mozart Moments "," my garden "and" the Angel and the Princess ".

Check the schedule

Weekend roadmap: the party is coming

Linesmen gracing the places is the signal that the lovers of festas juninas were waiting. The locals can now begin to kill the nostalgia of fun games and delicious tidbits of this party. The arraiás that animate this Friday on the River are just a small proof of what is to come. Can celebrate, it's time to jerk.

Friday, 7

Check out the full schedule on Friday.

Saturday, 8

Check out the full agenda Saturday.

Sunday, 9

Check out the full agenda Sunday.

Weekend roadmap: the San Sebastian

January 27 is the day of Saint Sebastian, the patron saint of the city of Rio de Janeiro. It would be a public holiday, if it weren't Sunday. Therefore, we can only ask the Saint to bless our long-awaited weekend with good weather and schedules of raze. But, if he is able to convince St. Peter, we will avail ourselves anyway. After all, we are in Rio and that alone is reason enough to celebrate! Check out our weekend itinerary and enjoy.

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Weekend roadmap: the best!

No one deserves a program stuck on the weekend. You don't want to run the risk of encountering a strange party. Let alone be the one person that night. We must stay alert, the pitfalls are everywhere. Not to have some error events with the highest probability of success especially for you.

see more

Weekend roadmap: happy new year!

It's time to take stock of the year, measuring errors and successes, make plans and requests: we come to the last weekend of 2012. The cultural agenda of Rio fervilhou all year round and won't be in the farewell that she will leave to be desired. Is in summer climate, joy and music that we farewell to 2012.

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Weekend roadmap: To shake the skeleton

Enjoy the holiday of all souls ' day to raise the dead and shake the skeleton. After all, nothing like a good dance floor and friends to give more life to life. And on Sunday, nothing to be enjoying the sofa or whining over a Monday; Sunday is the day of burying the bones! Indulge of soul to the weekend!

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Weekend roadmap: apart from Halloween

It is true that there are still a few days to get the 31 of October. But, now it's official: this is the weekend to drop the witches, shake the skeleton and do lift up dead. Become your favorite evil. Is the Halloween weekend!

see more

Weekend roadmap: Carminha in Sweat

The story of Desmond and Nina took the life of cariocas, superficial conversations of elevators to deep discussions in bars: ' oi oi oi ' is accurate.

see more

Open Air

Full event that mixes film and music, the Open Air brings in Rio de Janeiro between October 17 and November 04 giving another reason for the overall happiness of cariocas.

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Weekend roadmap: fun, with or without sweet

The day of Saints Cosmas and Damian. Probably, the age to win the candy-filled bags as well. But, it is weekend and, with or without sweet, fun is guaranteed in Rio de Janeiro. Think well: with so many shows and festivals in the city, you will regret because of maria-mole? Impossible!

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International Exchange Festival of languages

Celebrating its 10 years, the FIL-Festival international language Exchange, one of the biggest events in Rio performing arts, features 21 9 shows in spaces of the city.

see more

Weekend roadmap: spring

Come spring, flowers, colours and loves! Some say that this is the best time to enjoy the River. What remains? Once again celebrate not only the spring as the Arbor Day. Check out the script for the weekend.

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Rio Gastronomy

More than 500 restaurants participate in the Rio 2012 Gastronomy. From 16 to 26 August, the festival promotes a great banquet for the city combining cuisine and art. Participants offer a special menu with starter, main dish and dessert-at competitive prices.

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Weekend roadmap: it's the weekend of Rock!

Increases the volume that rock is good when heard on high. With the international day of Rock on Friday, the rhythm that is contagious and spreads through generations by Rio de Janeiro and ensures a weekend "animal, beast".  From Saturday the rhythms already vary more and have option to all tribes.

see more

In Carnival | Friday, day 17

Screenplay by programming the Carnival Friday, day 17.

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The Surroundings
Football field
Excellent soccer field "peladeiros" , where having fun on the weekends.
Aquatic Park
Three heated pools, one for adults, one for children and other children's intermediate.
Outdoors, the playground with toys, swings and sand pool, is the ideal place for conviviality of parents and children.
Children's Recreation room
An area supervised, safe and fun for babies and children up to five years.
Volleyball, basketball or futsal, just choose the mode and have fun in this indoor which allows the practice of sport all year round.
Sauna and Massage
Saunas, steam and dry (male and female) are placeholders for relaxation and wellness.
Living room
Comfortable lounge reserved for adults, with 50 TV "to the members, in addition to space for computer usage.
With 57 seats, and programming of current and classic movies, is an excellent program for adults and children.
Recreation room
Totó, ping-pong, chess, Backgammon and Tv, available to the associated with this collective leisure area.
Cards room
With capacity for up to forty people, the Hall has 10 tables of four to six players, and also counts with bar service.
Sinuca Brasileira
Two tables are at the disposal of professionals associated with lovers of this game.
The Matchpoint has a wide variety of products for the practice of several sports, in addition to turnagrip and encordoamento service.
The space, for beauty and relaxation, has modern design and offers highly qualified services.
Tennis courts
8 clay courts, being open 7 and 1coberta.
Tips and curiosities

First Race

In August 6, 1933 was held at Hipódromo da Gávea the first Grand Prix awards of Brazil, with 300 stories of réis. The winner was the dapple Mossoró, which led to Delirium fans present that evening.


The responsible for the design of the Hippodrome was the French architect André Raimbert, specializing in construction of racetracks. However, the more detail was the original design of eight-shaped track, which was not used in the final execution of the Hipódromo da Gávea.
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