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The administrative region Guaratiba comprises the districts of Pedra de Guaratiba and Barra de Guaratiba  and the Sub-District of Ilha de Guaratiba.  Your name is of tupi origin and means "many guarás", a species of bird in the site.

At the foot of the grota Funda extending to the Bay of Sepetiba, the region of lower middle-class, has great extension and is little inhabited. In his hillside we can find Mata Atlântica and many banana plantations. For being a spa, are located in the region the best seafood restaurants Rio de Janeiro, for all budgets.

Due to the army Evaluation Center, located in Barra de Guaratiba it is possible to see much of the restinga. The restinga vegetation typically carioca, the region is the most famous of Marambaia which was the theme music "Just seeing that beauty" recorded byMaria Bethânia.

The site Barra de Guaratiba houses the Burle Marx, Brazilian landscape architect who designed the Aterro do Flamengo and other important landscape works in the city. He himself donated yet in life, your site for IPHAN transformed into a museum. In addition to the site the third oldest church in the town Rio de Janeiro  is also located in Guaratiba. The charming church of Nossa Senhora do Desterro was built in 1626, by the sea.

The Pedra de Gauratiba also comprises the area of Environmental Protection Brisas , or simply APA Brisas, where we can find characteristic fauna and flora of the Atlantic forest. Already in Ilha de Guaratiba we can find the massif of Pedra Branca, the Southwest, inside the State Park of the same name. For those who like to exercise in the open air, it is possible to make the ecological trail in the Park.

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