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Ilha do Governador
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Ilha do Governador

Ilha do Governador

Located inside Guanabara Bay Ilha do Governador, , a middle-class resort, belongs to Rio de Janeiro North zone and comprises 14 wards. The region is one of which has a higher purchasing power in the vicinity and with the best human development indexes of the municipality.

Bancários, Cacuia, Cocotá, Freguesia, Galeão, Jardim Carioca, Jardim Guanabara, Moneró, Pitangueiras, Portuguesa, Praia da Bandeira, Ribeira Tauá  Zumbi and comprise the largest island Guanabara Bay. The residential profile that started the neighborhood suffered transformations and today presents mixed characteristics, with Commerce, services and even industries.

Discovered in 1502 by Portuguese navigators. The name Ilha do Governador appeared in 1567, Salvador Correia de Sá, in honour of the old Governor and Captain General, owner of more than half of their land.

Reza the legend that Bica Beach was a bica, hence the name, in D. Pedro I that the young man would bathe after hunting. The island just happened to be really busy after the link with the Mainland if developed, becoming more regular. In the 19th century could see the homes at the seaside.

In the early 20th century trams arrived to the island, making the internal link between their future neighborhoods. It is also during this time that are about to open the barracks of the Royal Marines, the Navy radio station and the Naval Aviation Base, Tom Jobim International Airport today, Galeão, or simply as it is called by the cariocas.

Is in the Governor's island which is another important island Rio de Janeiro city, Fundão island. This is where is located the Rio de Janeiro, Federal University of the UFRJ, one of the largest and best universities in the country. Fundão Complex of the University Hospital that is still, in addition to developing research in all areas of medicine, also caters to the population.

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