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Rua Teixeira Melo, 3, Lojas E e F
(21) 2523-8250 / (21) 2512-3116
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Coffee Gallery

The nightclub was opened in 1997 as an option in Ipanema to the alternative circuit. The programming mix parties, exhibitions, pocket shows, book launches and a bazaar.

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Weekend roadmap: Back Sun!

After a week of intense rain, finally got a break-for the overall happiness of cariocas. Were days away from puddles and dreaming of the time to return home and enjoy the perfect trio ' bed-blanket-food '. Now, it's time to wear comfortable clothes and go enjoy to the fullest, the Rio de Janeiro off the couch!

Friday, 08

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Saturday, 09

DIVA 2013

The Diversity festival in Animation happens between 18 and 28 April in the Federal Justice Cultural Center. The international animation complete 5 years with a neat programming of premieres and special programs of filmographies of entertainers important on the world stage. Names like the British Barry Purves and Richard James, and Luc Figueiredo are circulating there.

In retrospective DIV.The 5 years displays the award-winning animations and the best of 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.


The DIV Intervention.The is the new space of the festival. These sessions will be presented with the djs ASC, LEXX and Vino connected with the LGBT animations projection that break the boundaries and directions of traditional cinema.

The festivities take place then. Day 19/04 the Ultralove Cats invades the Acoustic Space, on day 24/04 it's X-everything in the Gallery Café and to terminate, the lost and found is the Tv Bar on the day 26/04.

Check out the full program of the festival. || Site || Facebook

Rio Gay

It is not difficult to see why the Rio de Janeiro is one of the favorite destinations of gays: relaxed atmosphere, constant excitement, beautiful people and beautiful natural landscapes. Is a true paradise for the Rainbow world. Taking advantage of the Gay Pride day we are putting our Gay Roadmap out of the closet.

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Weekend roadmap: weekend +20

After much anticipation, finally the Rio + 20 landed in the city. Environmentalists, sociologists, activists, thinkers and tourists arrive to fill the river of accents and gingados. Well receptive, the cariocas offer a night to remember in the marvelous city.

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Weekend roadmap: Easter

Easter has arrived! Time to gorge itself of chocolate and stay with the family. But, wait! You don't even think of spending every day of your float day will be given played in sofa accumulating calories, you think? What does not lack in this holiday are options to play on the track and burn all those extra pounds that came with Easter eggs. And then the Bunny hat for me?
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The Surroundings
Planet Sucos 36m
Amazônia Soul 60m
Casa de Cultura Laura Alvim 68m
Belmonte 123m
Belmonte 123m
Real Kebab 142m
Praça General Osório 145m
Astor 166m
Big Nectar 177m
Shenanigan's 179m
Studio RJ 183m
Devassa 191m
Devassa 191m
Opium 192m
Felice Caffè 193m
Vieira Souto 196m
Mio 199m
Laffa 218m
Banana Jack 221m
Colher de Pau 222m
Casa da Feijoada 226m
Cafeína 227m
Cafeína 227m
Brasileirinho 232m
Fazendola 234m
Popeye 236m
Bar do Beto 241m
Galitos Grill 244m
Terzetto Ristorante 246m
Tô nem aí 251m
Terzetto Café 257m
Nectar 259m
Beach Sucos 263m
Sorvete Itália (Gal. Osório) 265m
Oi Futuro 281m
Lula Sam Hostel 290m
Via 44 314m
Sindicato do Chopp 318m
Vezpa 329m
SushiLoko 330m
Yosuki 336m
Manoel & Juaquim 363m
New Natural 363m
Delirium Café 379m
Crustô 412m
Stambul 414m
Satyricon 417m
Blue Agave 419m
Vero Gelato Italiano 420m
Vinícius Piano Bar 428m
Quiosque do Suco 431m
Garota de Ipanema 432m
Barzin 438m
Conversa Fiada 446m
Martinica 462m
Porcão 467m
Pintxo 474m
Grand Cru 480m
Minimok 486m
Gringo Café 495m
Capricciosa 500m
Torre do Barão 504m
Toca do Vinícius 505m
Chez Bonbon 513m
Bella Blu 523m
Papa Fina 540m
Azul Marinho 570m
Boteco Cantinho de Ipanema 571m
Zazá Bistrô 639m
Fasano Al Mare 640m
Confeitaria Ipanema 645m
Paróquia Nossa Senhora da Paz 672m
Botequim do Itahy (Joana Angélica) 704m
Praia de Ipanema 707m
Up Lounge 707m
Bar Tricopa Mosca 708m
Praia do Arpoador 709m
Joana e Angélica 713m
La Mole 720m
Botequim Informal 728m
Restô 732m
Baronneti 752m
Cavist 758m
Le Boy 781m
Praça Nossa Sra. da Paz 783m
Hareburguer 801m
Apetite Café e Delicatessen (Rainha Elizabeth) 811m
Bar Lagoa 812m
Galetos Copa Rio 827m
Toca do Siri 833m
Miroir 834m
Siri Mole & Cia. 839m
Barthodomeu 844m
Polis Sucos 847m
Sorvete Itália 848m
Adega do Cesare 854m
00 Café Bistrô 859m
Empório 865m
Botequim do Itahy (Maria Quitéria) 888m
Eclipse 890m
Sorvete Brasil 891m
Dombri Edo 897m
New Tokio 929m
Parque Garota de Ipanema 931m
TV Bar 944m
Chon Kou 955m
Apetite Café e Delicatessen (Souza Lima) 957m
Pizza Hut 970m
Le Pré Catelan 973m
Sindicato do Chopp 975m
Pigalle 976m
Natural Beterraba 976m
Stravaganze 980m
Manoel & Juaquim (Posto 6) 984m
Imperator 985m
Galitos Grill 991m
Atelier do Cupcake 992m
Palaphita Kitch 995m
Praia do Diabo 995m
Nomangue 997m
Beijo Carioca 1,000m


Two drinks without alcohol:

  • Prohibition 1
  • Strawberry, mint, ginger, sugar and sparkling water.

  • Prohibition 2
  • Grape, mint, vanilla sugar and sparkling water.

    Some Drinks

  • Alexander
  • Brandy, cocoa liquor, cream and cinnamon.

  • Caipimusa
  • Caipirinha with cachaça banana and fruit to choose from.

  • Sky
  • Lemon juice, vodka, blue Curaçao, sparkling water and cherry.
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