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Parque Lage
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The Park
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Lage Park

Parque Lage -The place of fun, art, trails, picnics and theatres-impresses by its beauty and tranquility.

One side is the Park and all its natural exuberance, Atlântica formed by Mata, on the slopes Corcovado massif of. On the other hand, the eclectic architecture. The mansion was built around the pool with marble and tiles imported from Italy.

However, to acquire the appearance that has Parque Lage today has gone through many changes and transformations. It all started with a sugar plantation and their extensive lands, which at the time belonged Rio de Janeiro Governor of and Rodrigo de Freitas beiravam the Pond.

After 1660, the lands were Rodrigo de Freitas Mello belong to the family. Thereafter were changing hands until they are purchased, in 1920 Henrique Lage , by businessman-which, in love with a singer lyric, built a replica of a Roman Palace.

At this time arose the two great Gates facing Jardim Botâncio Street, the path of paralalapípedo to the mansion and its main façade.


Inside one of artificial caves, you can admire the aquariums encrusted on the walls. The 12 tanks-the biggest one with capacity for 6,000 litres-harbor several species of fish, prioritizing species of biomes of Brazilian rivers.


The school of Parque Lage Visual Arts is a national reference in the middle of the art, creating mechanisms that allow a productive dialogue with the national and international art circuit.

In addition to the programme for young people, there are other courses for artists, historians, researchers and others interested in deepening the knowledge and the contact with art.

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Rio International Cello Encounter 2013

The 19th edition of the Rio International Cello Encounter happens between days 1st and August 11 in Rio de Janeiro, Lakes Region and Volta Redonda. The program is free and has more than 30 presentations, workshops and masterclasses (music lessons for beginners with the best professionals in the field).

To open the festival a presentation that blends classical music and dance will take place on August 1, at 12:0, in the "Carioca" subway station.


Among the highlights of the schedule is the Route group, dance company of Sao Goncalo, who works with four dancers wheelchair users and 14 non-wheelchair users. For the festival, the group interprets the "Nocturne" on 2 and 3 August, at 7:0 pm Cultural box.


The Cello performs the 1° International Contest of Cellos, which prove to be Brazilian and foreign talents of the new crop of cellists. The contest, which is already with their registration closed, has competitors between 13 and 30 years. Participants will present, among other works, "All is not chaos" by David Ashbridge (World Premiere) composed especially for the competition and will be judged by five internationally renowned artists. The grand final is scheduled for August 9, the day 8:0 pm in Tom Jobim (Botanical Garden). All stages of the contest will be open to the public.


1 August 11, 2013 | Free entrance (except in the benefit concert)
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Panorama Festival 2012

Celebrating 21 years of existence, the Festival Panorama arrives in another edition to reinvent, rethink forms templates and links.

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Day of conscious consumption

Buy without thinking and discard outdated thoughts are constantly. Or, at least, should be. Act on behalf of the environment, as well as being fundamental to our survival, gives us a more harmonious life. If you've never tried it, enjoy. October 15 day is celebrated the day of conscious consumption.

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Baroque Orchestra of Unirio

The fourth and last concert of the series "the four cardinal points", "Love and eroticism", Baroque Orchestra of Unirio will happen this Saturday at the great Hall of the EAV of Parque Lage, 4:0 pm. The program works by Monteverdi, Bach, Telemann, Lully, Corelli, among others. Admission is free.

Weekend roadmap: election

The climate of this weekend's election. But that's not why all decisions must revolve around politics. Here you will find various proposals for events to have fun from Friday to Sunday. Choose the one that suits you or risk new environments. The vote is yours, enjoy! Here are the candidates for the best nights out in Rio.

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Arts circuit of the Botanical Garden

In its 16th edition, the arts Circuit of the Botanical Garden promotes a true artistic explosion in the neighborhood. During the 18 days, 19, 25 and 26 of August the atêlies open their doors to visitors. The schedule also has other various artistic expressions such as theatre, music and gastronomy.

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Weekend roadmap: weekend +20

After much anticipation, finally the Rio + 20 landed in the city. Environmentalists, sociologists, activists, thinkers and tourists arrive to fill the river of accents and gingados. Well receptive, the cariocas offer a night to remember in the marvelous city.

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Botanical Garden: for all tastes

For some it's just a neighborhood of passage, for others a pleasant tree-lined place to live. Regardless of locals and visitors, the Botanical Garden has among its attractions a variety of bars and restaurants that meet the expectation and need for everyone.

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The hosts of Future

The City Hall of Rio, by Riotur, launched the project "Hosts of the future" with the objective of preparing children to receive millions of tourists who must arrive at Rio de Janeiro in the coming years due to major events to come.
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River with Children

Children must play, outdoor exit, run and divetir. Rio de Janeiro Is the a town with many nice places and interesting for that.
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The Surroundings
Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage
The EVA offers courses for artists, historians, researchers and interested in art.
Cafe du Lage
Amidst the exuberance of the Green and the sumptuosity of House which houses the EVA lies the new Cafe du Lage, which mixes art and gastronomy.
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