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Club Six
House of Gigs
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Rua das Marrecas, 38
(21) 2510-3230 / (21) 7848-6876 / (21) 7729-6401

Club Six

The Club Six is well installed in a large mansion, with three floors, several different environments and five bars.

On the first floor, a snooker and choperia – with geek, piped music and a traditional Bohemian atmosphere. On this floor are customers who prefer to chat or play a snooker, while sipping an Icy keg.

In the second and third floors, dance floors with DJs and shows that animate the whole night, packaged by the best of hip hop, electronic and funk. Here the colored lights are part of the decoration.

The decoration on the ground floor is modern and rustic, but bem-comportada. In the rest of the House, the decoration is very original and eclectic – is part of the show. It is a mix of Gothic with comics, – with graffiti, with lights. The effect is amazing and very interesting. The environment which results from this mixture is perfect for the party.

The Club Six offers 5:0 of OPEN BAR with Drinks: Vodka, Skol, Hi-Fi, Cuba, Caipirinha, Sex On The Beach, Blue Soda, shot of Vodka, soda and water.

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Weekend roadmap: Buddy

In the climate of friendship, the screenplay by weekend plays the role of buddy good people which is always leading you to the best nights out and brings the program highlights. Then join your friends and come out to enjoy.

Friday, 19

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Saturday, 20

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Sunday, 21

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Weekend roadmap: embrace Me

Hug day has passed, but embrace is so yummy that we can extend the celebration until the weekend. How to celebrate? Hugging a lot. Hugging friends, girlfriends, embraces for dating, to dance, to give "Hi", "bye", can exaggerate that embrace is good too.

Friday, 24

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Saturday, 25

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Sunday, 26

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Weekend roadmap: apart from Halloween

It is true that there are still a few days to get the 31 of October. But, now it's official: this is the weekend to drop the witches, shake the skeleton and do lift up dead. Become your favorite evil. Is the Halloween weekend!

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Weekend roadmap: Carminha in Sweat

The story of Desmond and Nina took the life of cariocas, superficial conversations of elevators to deep discussions in bars: ' oi oi oi ' is accurate.

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Weekend roadmap: mothers deserve

This weekend, mothers deserve particular attention. Not just because of the business day, but also for being the great responsible for our definition as an individual and-why not say-musical tastes. Enjoy this weekend to take your mother to know their musical style.

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Off Carnival

If to you Carnival means confusion, people sweat and the same marchinha playing endless times. If you don't have shame to take over loud and clear that don't like Carnival – even with your friends calling you old and curmudgeonly. Don't be shy! We believe and why we prepare you a roadmap off Carnival full of events dedicated to those who do not like much of the revelry.

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The Surroundings
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Cosmopolita 218m
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Parada da Lapa 232m
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Odeon BR 240m
Circo Voador 249m
Alto Lapa 251m
Palácio Pedro Ernesto 263m
Sala Cecília Meireles 267m
Amarelinho 271m
Lapa Irish Pub 274m
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Semente 280m
Ernesto 287m
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Leviano Bar 305m
Bonde Sucos 312m
Rio Music Gourmet 321m
Rio Music 321m
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Teatro Odisséia 330m
Adega Flor de Coimbra 332m
Choperia Brazooka 336m
Pioneiro dos Sucos 336m
Catrin 352m
Arco Íris da Lapa 352m
La Esquina 357m
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Escadaria Selarón 369m
Rio Rock & Blues 370m
Biblioteca Nacional 377m
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Bar da Boa 382m
Mestre Kami 383m
Victor 402m
Boteco da Garrafa 402m
Antônio's 407m
Pizzaria Carioca da Gema 414m
Carioca da Gema 419m
Barzinho 421m
Barbieri 421m
Bar Brasil 423m
Sacrilégio 427m
Mofo Lapa 430m
Museu Nacional de Belas Artes 432m
Nova Capela 438m
O Navegador 441m
Sinuca da Lapa 448m
La Passion Club 454m
Beer House 460m
Aconchego do Malandro 471m
Boteko do Juca 476m
Sublime Relicário 491m
Mistura Carioca 491m
Bar do Papai 491m
Lapamaki 498m
Boteco do Gomes 509m
Boteco Carioquinha 513m
Essência da Lapa 517m
Plano B 519m
Manoel & Juaquim 522m
Badalado 524m
Cacimba 526m
Casa da Mãe Joana 528m
Gargalo Galeteria 528m
TribOz - Rio 535m
Nova Lapa 540m
Rua do Lavradio 540m
Bar do Adão 550m
Casa da Cachaça 552m
Vaca Atolada 554m
Sala Funarte Sidney Miller 559m
Salsa e Cebolinha 561m
Cordão da Bola Preta 570m
Tulipa da Lapa 571m
Sinônimo Lapa 576m
Palácio Gustavo Capanema 580m
Sal y Pimenta 581m
Landro Carioca 584m
Lapa Hostel 585m
BananaZ Hostel 586m
Lapa Café 593m
Clube dos Democráticos 603m
FixosFluxos 604m
Multifoco 605m
Praça Paris 613m
Lapa 40º 614m
Sushi da Lapa 630m
Boteco do Chico 632m
Bar Luiz 633m
Café do Bom Cachaça da Boa 647m
CaipiHostel 647m
Monumento Nacional aos Mortos da II Guerra Mundial 649m
Santè 652m
Enchendo Linguiça 654m
Centro de Arte Maria Teresa Vieira 656m
Bar Nova Esperança 666m
Vegecoop 669m
Cine Ideal 673m
Vivo Rio 676m
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Bar do Serginho 683m
Peixe Imperial 690m
Casa do Barista 692m
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Café das Ruínas 697m
Bossa in Rio 699m
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Govinda 700m
Santo Scenarium 700m
Quintal Carioca 704m
Mangue Seco 707m
Gabinete 707m
Metamorfose 709m
Museu de Arte Moderna 710m
Varandas da Lapa 713m
Rio Scenarium 726m
Galeria Scenarium 736m
nOkoni 737m
Grão Café 738m
Bardana 739m
Mekatos 741m
Armazém do Senado 747m
Praça Tiradentes 761m
Antiqua Sappore 762m
Confeitaria Colombo 768m
Centro Cultural Carioca 772m
Gaspar 773m
Teatro João Caetano 782m
Casa da Suíça 807m
Largo Albino Pinheiro 812m
Estudantina Musical 817m
Grégora 818m
Parque das Ruínas 818m
Bom de Papo 840m
Real Gabinete Português de Leitura 844m
Largo das Artes 850m
Sabor Saúde 851m
La Carmelita 863m
Museu da Chácara do Céu 867m
Bar das Quengas 867m
Nova República 879m
Largo do Curvelo 902m
Reino Vegetal 904m
Dom Maior 912m
Estação do Peixe 921m
Peixe & Cia 924m
Bar do Peixe 928m
Igreja de São José 930m
Na Brasa Columbia 935m
Dom Cavalcanti 939m
Dom Galeto 947m
Buraco da Lacraia 961m
Global Café 962m
Il Piccolo Caffé 983m
Paço Imperial 1,000m
The graffiti are part of the decoration and are everywhere.


The Six rent your space for closed events. Details by phone at 2510-3230.

Birthday Friday

Birthday boy and Escort are VIPs (regardless of number of guests);
With 20 guests, 4 guests have VIP entry (in addition to accompanying person);
With 25 guests, a bucket with 10 Skol Beat 's, or a bucket with Ice, or 08 Smirnoff-1 bottle of Smirnoff Vodka with 05 TNT's or 1 bottle of Chandon.

Birthday Saturday

Birthday boy does not pay the entry;
Up to 10 guests, the companion also does not pay the entry;
Up to 20 guests, wins a bucket with 10 Skol Beat 's, or a bucket with Ice, or 08 Smirnoff-1 bottle of Smirnoff Vodka with 05 TNT 's, or 1 bottle of Chandon;


The Six have VIP cabins. Reservations by phone at 2510-3230.


It is prohibited the entry of minors of 18 years. Entry only with the original document (passport or identity, CNH, CTPs)
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