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Av. Ataulfo Paiva, 269
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Small Cafe Theatre

In the Decade of 1950, the Municipal Theatre was consecrated as a theatre Café Small Pocket Ron Rocha, name of the former owner and important theatre director of time magazine.

The space has the characteristics of a cafe-theater, being very charming and Nice. In programming small concerts, musicals, comedies, skits, dance and all fit in the dimensions of the stage of the theater.

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FIL-Festival international language Exchange 2013

In its 11th year, the FIL-Festival international language Exchange, back to Rio de Janeiro, from 19 to 29 September, bringing to the city a cultural program full of curiosities, news and enchantment.

In order to broaden and deepen the creative exchange, form new audiences and provide a journey of discovery, during ten days the FIL will occupy various spaces of the city, among them: Municipal Theater of Jockey, Hi Future Flamengo, Oi Futuro Ipanema, Midrash, Cultural Center Theater Ipanema, a small Theatre and Teatro Carlos Gomes.

The schedule is filled with shows, performances, workshops, roundtables, workshops, digital media, who bring in their poetic content the circus, dance, the Visual Arts, music, theatre, animation objects, puppets and mixtures. All this represented by the Spain attractions, France, Germany, Denmark, Canada, Bosnia, England and, of course, of Brazil.

"The idea of FIL always was to create what I call ' between worlds ', connections and contact between the arts, generations, public, languages, without limitations, but with much hospitality. The FIL wishes, in addition to provoke curiosity, refine the poetic perception, invent new ways of thinking and conduct exchanges, with ourselves and with others ", says the author and theatre director Karen Acioly, creator of the FIL and responsible for the festival.

Among the national shows, is the premiere of "the enchanted world of Buarque de Hollanda", the Raccord productions, with Anna Markun. A troupe of acrobats and boy Chico and his incredible imagination, embark on a musical journey, leading the Viewer to unravel characters and stories of the town where they live, packed by songs of Chico Buarque.

In addition to the plays, the festival offers shows, Workshops, Roundtables, and Special Exhibition FIL, which will feature the display of the short film "Pietro" from director Hsu Chien-Hsin. The big event of the young programming is the "Push in FIL", which features films, performances by rappers, photo exhibition and a skate session.

The FIL honors this year's ill success Group and dedicated to him one of his shows, the Shows ill success, "with four performances of the Group:" the dancer "," Mozart Moments "," my garden "and" the Angel and the Princess ".

Check the schedule


The FESTLIP gets its 5th Edition bringing an intense schedule with different plays throughout the city. The festival mobilises the cachet of the Portuguese language promoting the encounter between the cultures of 7 countries of the CPLP (community of Portuguese language Countries), Angola, Brazil, Portugal, Mozambique and Cape Verde. At the end of the season a spectacle revelation is elected by popular vote.

At the same time the plays happen exhibitions, lectures, debates, shows, literary releases and gourmet workshops, offering a full range of cultural activities related to the theme. The programming of the theater workshops, exhibition and debates continue until the day on August 30. All programming relies on popular tickets.

The traditional evening devoted to music happens this Friday, day 23, the Mansion Ameno Resedá with singer Vivian Tosto honoring Clara Nunes, Abel Duërë and the Angolan DJ MAM. Learn more.

This year's festival, which has already paid tribute to Maria do Céu Guerra, Mia Cout, and Maria Fernanda, elects the renowned playwright and Angolan Director José Mena Abrantes to curtsey.

Check out the programming | FESTLIP | Facebook

Colon Festival

To celebrate the year of Portugal in Brazil six residencies of municipal spaces in Rio promoting the Festival. Of the 28 April 1st Brazilian and Portuguese artists perform dance shows, theatre, music and Visual Arts. Check the schedule.

  • Espaço Cultural Sérgio Porto Municipal (Projeto_ENTRE residence)

"The Ferries" Lisbon, João Garcia Miguel | Days 1, 2 and 3 of April | Monday and Tuesday, at 9:0 pm and Wednesday at 8:0 pm | $ 10 (whole).

The piece is back on the theme of travel inspired in a set of texts from Gil Vicente.

"Wonder World", Union of Brazilian Wonder Rocket company, Portuguese, and perfect world | Days 11, 12 and 13 April | Friday and Saturday at 9:0 pm and Sunday at 8:0 pm |  $ 10 (whole)
In this setting the curiosity moves to the explorers and adventurers who expanded the physical and imaginary territories. The show will be displayed in several Portuguese and Brazilian cities.


"Illusionists" | Days 19, 20 and 21 of April |  Friday and Saturday at 9:0 pm and Sunday at 8:0 pm | $ 10 (whole)
The article proposes an experience through the language and representation, between the see and be seen and the incessant construction of the self and the other.

Charming Museum | Days 26, 27 and 28 April |  Friday and Saturday at 9:0 pm and Sunday at 8:0 pm | $ 10 (whole)
Reflects on the cultural links between Portugal and Brazil started by Rita Farid in 2012.


LAST | 5.6 and 7 days of April |  Friday and Saturday at 9:0 pm and Sunday at 8:0 pm | $ 10 (whole)
Rachel Andrew & Cherian lead a plastic remains fiction, creating shapes that immortalize the "fame/death, as a possibility to our memory"

  • Teatro Ziembinski (artist residency The Ciclomáticos)

Shows Gil Vicente | Of the 26 April 5 | all Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 8:0 pm | $ 10 (whole)
The shows will be presented the farce of Inês Pereira (CHRIS theatre and Arts Group), the virgins of Gil (Copyright), the Auto da Barca do Inferno (Of risk), the old da Horta (Cia Act 2 Theatrical) and those with sharps? (Grupo Teatral LoucAtores).

  • Teatro Gonzaguinha (artist residency COMES!)

"Oedipus", of the Cia from Chapitô | Days 5, 6 and 7 of April |  Friday and Saturday at 8:0 pm and Sunday at 7:0 pm |$ 10 (whole)

Chapitô gestualiza company once the Greek tragedy Oedipus escape comic to his horrific fate.

**The Group also conducts a workshop of the 8 April 12, 17 to 8:0 pm, at SESC Space. The carioca Director André Paes Leme participates in 12 days, to discuss the creation of company procedures.

  • Teatro Maria Clara Machado (artist residency AGORA)

"Wanted" | Days 12, 13 and 14 of April |Friday and Saturday at 9:0 pm and Sunday at 8:0 pm |$ 10 (whole)

The play, performed by the Commedia a la Carte, from Lisbon, tells the story of three Cowboys compliant accusing him of the mythology of the American West and comically creative.

"New guidelines in peacetime" | Days 19, 20 and 21 of April | Friday and Saturday at 9:0 pm and Sunday at 8:0 pm | $ 10 (whole)
The School of night, tells the story of a Polish emigrant, Clausewitz, who arrives in the port of Rio de Janeiro, near the end of World War II, in search of a new life as a farmer. The text is Bosco Brazil and directed by António Augusto Barros.

  • Teatro Ipanema (artist residency in place)

MoMO | Days 12, 13 and 14 of April |  Friday and Saturday at 9:0 pm and Sunday at 8:0 pm | $ 10 (whole)
Tells the story of a couple who make a Pact to record his memoirs to be displayed after the death of the first. The two actors/creators, Flávia Gusmão and Michel Blois, will your family tree. She is from Cape Verde and it is Brazilian, of Portuguese origin.

"Romantic Piece for a theater Closed" | Of the 19 April 28 | Fridays and Saturdays at 9:30 pm, and Sunday at 8:30 pm | $ 10 (whole)
The Cia provisional (small Orchestra, Cia, Cia independent theatre of another Club Paradox), with the participation of international Director Tiago Rodrigues, perfect world (Lisbon), will have only two weeks to create a spectacle.


"Horror or brief study on paralysis" | Days 2 and 3 of April | às 21h | $ 10 (whole)
Four young people lost in the Woods questions the ability of cripple creating urgent utopias and sleep, to be in excess, on behalf of the ideology of progress and profit, the mysteries of the faith and of the body.

"If a window opened" | Days 5, 6 and 7 of April |  Friday and Saturday at 9:0 pm and Sunday at 8:0 pm | $ 10 (whole)
A television news is "folded/dubbed" live by actors and a DJ at this spectacle that overrides the public discourse by the intimate and discover alternative ways of talking about a day that passed.

  • Small Café Theatre (artist residency Exchange)

"(UN) occupation – small Brazilian coffee" | From 25 to 28 April | at 8:0 pm |  $ 10 (whole)
Interdisciplinary event, between Portuguese designers and locals with the goal of providing a device of experiences with the aim of combining artwork that question the contemporary construction of historical both Portuguese and Brazilian Nations. The artistic direction is Berta Teixeira and Augustus.


"Meeting and the will to make it happen" | Days 18, 19 and 20 April | às 20h | $ 10 (whole)
The proposal is to create small performative mechanisms related to voice, video, light and music against the backdrop of the situation.


"Best friend" day April 4 || 20h | $ 20 (whole)
The show features original compositions and covers, with songs of love, travel, intimacy and melancholy, in Portuguese and in English.

"Over the sea: Poems" | 10 days and April 11 |to 8:0 pm| $ 20 (whole)
Is a performance of Ondjaki (Angola) and Marcello Magdaleno (Brazil). In the script, songs and poems of Ondjaki and Marcello, poems of African, Portuguese and Brazilian authors said about a soundtrack and the projections of drawings executed by Gayle.


Day 5 April, 10:30 pm, garage Gamboa will have a party with the Brazilian singer Candice Mess and the DJ Alx, Portugal. Day 7 April, at 8:30 pm, receives the ball of Concertinas, with the band Friends of the Alto Minho and hole of Centipede Dance Show. $ 20 (whole)

Reacts, Artist!

On February 1, 2013, part of the theatres were closed by the municipality of Rio by not being fully settled with the safety standards. Ok, it is mutually agreed that our spaces must be suitable and safe for the public.

On the other hand, life and theater continue. If there is no stage, use the sidewalks. If you don't have public lighting, searchlight. If any spectators, the art is still alive, plural and active. Thinking about it, the shows that had their seasons stopped spread through the streets tomorrow, day 28 February, trying to show at least a part of what the public would see inside the theater. If there could be.

A good show!

Programming | Day 28/02

The doctor and the monster
Where: Small Coffee
Time: 08:00 pm

A plan for two
Where: Sérgio Porto Theater
Time: 09:00 pm

Where: Largo do Machado || The piece would be at Hi Future Flamengo
Time: 09:00 pm

Where:Teatro Ziembinski
Time: 08:00 pm

The Cook, the baby and the owner of the restaurant
Where:Maria Clara Machado Theatre, Planetarium
Time: 05:00 pm

Clear Silences – Clarice Lispector
Where:Park of the ruins
Opening hours: 08:00 pm

The Crocodile
Where:Selarón staircase || The piece would be playing in the Park of the ruins
Time: 9:0 pm

On Sundays
Where:Maria Clara Machado Theatre, Planetarium
Time: at 18h30h

Where: Brazil's Central, next to Teatro Gonzaguinha || The piece would be performing at the Teatro Gonzaguinha.
Time: 08:00 pm

The disorders are, the dance is
Where: Largo do Machado
Time: 06:00 pm

I dance
Where:Sérgio Porto Theater
Time: 20:30 h

Check out the map with the points of the theaters.

Panorama Festival 2012

Celebrating 21 years of existence, the Festival Panorama arrives in another edition to reinvent, rethink forms templates and links.

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2012 Festival time

Time Festival 2012 bids of Rio de Janeiro this weekend. The last few days continue intense program that, since the beginning of the month, the city's cultural scene. The events are a good tip for the weekend without spending a lot. In its 3rd Edition, the Netherlands is the country. The festival also featured artists from different places and Brazilians to make up the time.

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International Exchange Festival of languages

Celebrating its 10 years, the FIL-Festival international language Exchange, one of the biggest events in Rio performing arts, features 21 9 shows in spaces of the city.

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Pizzaria Alessandro e Frederico 33m
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O Melhor Bolo de Chocolate do Mundo 44m
Amarena 67m
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Kinoplex Leblon 113m
Pizza Al Taglio 114m
Ambre Cuisine Bar 116m
Clipper 126m
Gente Fina 156m
Oi Casa Grande 194m
Laffa 202m
Bar do Bacana 216m
Bibi Crepes 220m
Big Polis 221m
Big Polis 221m
Alvaro's 224m
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Tropeço Bar 238m
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Deli 43 - Pavelka 388m
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Osteria Dell'Angolo 476m
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Sorvete Itália (Bar 20) 520m
Benkei Sushi 521m
Bar do Lado 530m
Ettore 531m
Jardin Leblon 534m
Academia da Cachaça 545m
Universo Orgânico 548m
Vegetariano Social Clube 548m
Praia do Leblon 551m
Bar d'Hôtel 558m
Fellini 560m
Deliziosa 570m
Confeitaria Kurt 574m
Big Beach Sucos 586m
Clube de Regatas Flamengo 623m
Chico & Alaíde 628m
Azeitona & Cia 629m
Tio Sam 649m
Mekong 652m
Café Hum 659m
The Ale House 660m
Deusimar Sushi 660m
Juice Co. 668m
Salitre 669m
Sawasdee 693m
Cantinho do Leblon 715m
Talho Capixaba 725m
Belmonte 736m
Bentô 740m
Doce Delícia 754m
Vezpa 755m
Esplanada Grill 755m
Botequim do Itahy 770m
Empório Gourmet Show 772m
Astoria 779m
Riso 780m
Pax Delícia 781m
Livraria Argumento 787m
Fratelli 787m
Café Severino 792m
Manekineko 793m
Devassa 796m
La Basque 810m
Nam Thai 828m
Prima Bruschetteria 829m
Si Señor 831m
Praia Club 860m
Market Ipanema 864m
Jobi 864m
Veloso 874m
Sushi Leblon 875m
Eccellenza Pizzaria 885m
Miranda 887m
BB Lanches 892m
Café Dois4Sete 895m
Diagonal 895m
La Cigale 900m
Antiquarius 901m
Bazzar 904m
Zuka 907m
Quadrucci 912m
Pizzaria Guanabara 921m
Petit Fours 926m
Celeiro 928m
Galeto do Leblon 936m
Toca do Siri 941m
ViaSete 946m
Minimok 955m
Nik Sushi 960m
La Mole 961m
ViaSete 966m
Colher de Pau 972m
¡Venga! 979m
Pizzaria Alessandro e Frederico 982m
¡Venga! 982m
Togu 986m
Alessandro e Frederico Café 993m
Origami 995m
Armazém do Café (r. Rita Ludolf) 995m
Black Bar 996m
Paz e Amor 996m
Z.bra Hostel 997m

Box Office

The box office works from Wednesday to Sunday from 4:0 pm.


The parti of 2012, the artistic collective Exchange shall manage the Small Café Theater.
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