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Rua Bernadino Andrade, 200 | Parque Madureira
(21) 3495-3093 / (21) 3495-3078
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Carioca Arena Fernando Torres

Built within the M. Park, the cultural arena occupies approximately 1,300 square meters, with a theater that is home to 400 people sitting or standing 800. The space was opened in December 2012 and was named in honor of the actor, producer and Director Fernando Torres. In addition to concerts, plays, feijoadas, different artistic workshops are held.

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Weekend roadmap: single life

Single life is not easy. Requires a great disposition, every day is a different programming. Requires health because, generally, the events usually involve late nights and drinks.  Requires waist game to ensure that all "casinhos" are not. Requires ability to answer all messages, sms, "whats app" and meet thousands of phone calls. Is, is a very difficult life. But, once it is impossible not to enjoy balmy. In honor of the day of the single (15/08) the script for weekend brings the best schedules.

Friday, 16

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Saturday, 17

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Sunday, 18

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Weekend roadmap: Salve Jorge!

The Tuesday is George and the cariocas are cock-a-hoop. The party starts on Friday and there is no shortage of events, or places to toast the Holy Warrior. Check out the tips of the screenplay of this weekend.

To accompany the reading press play in the list of videos with our "Jorges" popular Brazilian music.

Friday, 19

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Saturday, 20

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Sunday, 21

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Monday, 22 

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Tuesday, 23

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** the theme is Jorge;)

Weekend roadmap: Burning calories

After gorging on chocolate Easter is the time to deal with the consequences. A week has passed and if there are sweets in the box, the best is to get rid of them as soon as possible. Very likely that the sites of diets are hitting records of access, but you can go back to them in the second. For the weekend the TodoRio script has a recipe well light the base of fun.

Friday, 5

The Happy hour is good to remember that a few drinks are less caloric and water has no calories.

Sake = 50 calories

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Wine = 110 calories (1 cup)


Dance (average of 6 calories per minute) and Kiss (a kiss as well as = about 12 calories). Here are tips for parties that the part of the dance is guaranteed. Now the Kiss, you decide on time, but has seen it's worth.

Sing (1:0 = 110 calories). You can release the voice and sing together in concert this Friday.

Check out the full schedule of Friday

Saturday, 6


Pedaling (1:0 = between 300 and 600 calories) and run (20 calories per minute), the idea is to move the body and detoxify the chocolatada this Easter. On the River, there is no lack of places to exercise.

** Also check out the Guide to Sports on the river


Continuing on the "diet carioca" Saturday is day of celebration. The samba (1:0 = 400 calories), hip hop (1:0 = 500 calories) and funk (1:0 = 600 calories) are powerful rhythms in the loss of calories.

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Mon-Fri: from 10 to 14 and 12:0 to 6:0 pm
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