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Parque Madureira
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Rua Soares Caldeira, 115
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M. Park

Inaugurated in June 23, 2012, M. Park represents the third largest green area carioca-less only the Aterro do Flamengo and to Quinta da Boa Vista.

With an area of 103,000 square meters, the Park concentrates blocks and sports activities, Botanic Gardens, gazebo, food courts and walking tracks, besides being the scene of important events and festivities of new year's Eve.

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Dance in transit

The street is the stage and the passers-by, the privileged audience of contemporary dance at the Dance festival in transit. The 2013 Edition goes through various points of the city with fifteen companies of Rio, Sao Paulo, Goiânia, and also groups and professionals from Italy, France, Spain and Germany.

The festival takes place between days 12 and 15 September and all shows are free.

Impactful performances happen in Cinelândia, where the Festival will open with the CRANE (from São Paulo) and guest dancers in a performance that starts in Windows in the Municipal Theatre: eight men in black suit surprise passersby with stunts and movements using walls, a truck and urban equipment.

Several groups occupy spaces as the peacemaker's square, in Duque de Caxias, and parks around the Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon, in the South; streets of Madurai and vicar general.

The styles and languages brought to the Dance in transit are the most diverse, offering a panel of contemporary dance. The shows bring since the theatricality of the Spanish La Macana with amazing performance and great physical requirement of the Gentlemen of the street of Sao Paulo, which blend contemporary dance elements of acrobatics, parkour (climbing urban equipment) and martial arts.


Thursday, day 12

Time: 16:00
Where: Cinelândia

  • Launch of the event on the balconies of the Theatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro with the Crane Group of Gentlemen Street/SP.
  • La Macana/La Coruña, Spain-Alpha.
  • 904 KM/RJ – No.
  • Dance group CCC | Brigi Manso/RJ-Who We Are.
  • Group Tápias/RJ and Paris-DOLL
  • Improvisations on the truck from Volkswagen with the Crane Group of Gentlemen Street/SP

Time: 20:00
Where: Centro Coreográfico da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro

  • Open rehearsal with five companies cariocas of selected contemporary dance.

Time: 21:30
Where: Centro Coreográfico da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro

  • Aperitif and chat with all the participating artists and gifts.

Friday, day 13

Time: 16:00
Where: Peacemaker's square | Duque de Caxias

  • Improvisations on the truck from Volkswagen with the Crane Group of Gentlemen Street/SP.
  • La Macana/La Coruña, Spain-VEN
  • Staccato Cia de Dança | Paulo Caldas, RJ

Time: 18:30
Where:Teatro Raul Cortez

  • Cie CFB Christian & François Ben AÏm/Paris, France.

Opening hours: 8:30 pm
Where: Teatro Raul Cortez

  • Márcia Milhazes Cia de Dança/RJ – CAMELLIA

Saturday, September 14

Time: 11:00
Where: Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas

  • Improvisations on the truck from Volkswagen with the Crane Group of Gentlemen Street/SP.
  • Paula Maracajá/RJ-ALL INVENTION Is False.
  • Result of the children of Micha Purucker/Munich, Germany, for the city's youth Entre Rios do Sul/RS.
  • Márcio Cunha Cia de Dança/RJ – YELLOW FIGURES.
  • Intrépida Trupe/RJ-WAIT.
  • Luciana Ponso/RJ-DANCE For Kids.

Time: 03:00 pm
Where: Vigário Geral | Wally Salomão Cultural Center

  • Presentation of national and international guest artists in the needy community of vicar general.

Time: 5:30 pm
Where:M. Park

  • 904 KM/RJ.
  • La Macana/La Coruña, Spain-VEN.
  • E-Motian/Aquila, Italy-ALICE.
  • Group Tápias/RJ and Paris-DOLL.
  • CFB 451 Christian & François Ben Áim/Paris, France-VALSE in TROIS TEMP – DUO.

Weekend roadmap: turns 30 us

The cariocas are eager for the end of August. But, there is still a weekend ahead before September comes with the new salary. We need roll to evade high costs of living in the city. As wit is our forte, the screenplay by weekend highlights the good programming for the Pocket. #bomprobolso

Friday, 30

Check out the complete schedule on Friday.

Saturday, 31

Check out the complete schedule of Saturday.

Sunday, 1

Check out the complete schedule of Saturday.

Weekend roadmap: Forro in São João

The Alonzo are laughing the toa. It is also not for less, the weekend of São João, forró takes over at night. 4th delight! Enjoy the cold as an excuse and invite the girl to drag his foot in the Hall. Dance agarradinho and drop only when the day comes up.

Friday, 28

Check out the full schedule of Friday

Saturday, 29

Check out the full schedule Saturday

Sunday, 30

Check out the full schedule of Sunday

Viradão Carioca 2013

Between 12 and 14 April, the River will receive another edition of Viradão Carioca, project that spread music to the four corners of the city with free gigs.

Among the attractions are confirmed Gabriel O Pensador, Preta Gil, our feeling, Detonautas, Sandra de Sá and Moraes Moreira.

After receiving more than 300 thousand people in 2012, the event won two addresses outside of Rio de Janeiro, the Aeroclub of Nova Iguaçu and the Popular Theatre in Niteroi, in addition to the traditional stage Copacabana, Arpoador, in M. and in the square of Juras, in Bangu.

The attractions of Arpoador are another new feature. For the first time, the event will have a unique stage for instrumental music, more precisely to the contemporary jazz.  It is worth highlighting the presentation of Historic Brazilian Jazz Band, which will include your repertoire with two beautiful tributes in jazz, a to 150 years of Ernesto Nazareth and the other to our illustrious master Pixinguinha.

Friday, day 12

Stage Arpoador

  • 4:30 pm | The stage and opening ranges:: DJ Egil Jazz (Afrobeat, Acidjazz, LatinJazz)
  • 5:30 pm | Letiere's Lexeu Quintet (BA)
  • 07:00 pm | Bondesom (RJ)
  • 8:30 pm | Iconili (MG)

M. Park stage

  • Group Cleared

Stage Bangu (square of the Juras)

  • DJ Ramin
  • DJ Denis
  • Késia Statius
  • Gabriel O Pensador
  • Courtney

Stage Nova Iguaçu

  • DJ Zabumba
  • Benedict and Mariano
  • Haroldo Costa || Guests: Marquinhos Sata, Dorina, Vila Isabel, United Group Our Kantinho
  • It's on the Mind
  • Our Feeling
  • Dudu Nobre

Stage Niterói

  • DJ Mouse
  • Block Skirts in Revelry
  • Dado Villa-lobos
  • MC Leozinho
  • Your Brain
  • Monoblock

Saturday 13

Stage Arpoador

  • 4:30 pm | The stage and opening ranges:: DJ Rodrigo Chandra
  • 5:30 pm | Frederick Heliodoro Quartet (MG/DF)
  • 07:00 pm | Marine Astronaut (Ec)
  • 8:30 pm | Afro Jazz (RJ)

Copacabana Stage(The Kiosk)

  • André Lucas
  • Bruno Di Camargo & Luciano
  • Felipe Absalom
  • Giant Léo
  • Henry Federowicz
  • Larrisa Camera
  • Márcio Libar.
  • Nizo Neto
  • Paulo Carvalho
  • Paul Cheyenne
  • Rey Biannchi
  • Sil Edwards

M. Park Stage

  • Daniela Mercury

Stage Bangu (square of the Juras)

  • DJ Ramin
  • MC Sapão
  • Brazil Block
  • Titans
  • Cidade Negra

Stage Nova Iguaçu

  • 18:00 | DJ Zabumba
  • 19:30 | Forfun
  • 21:00 | Raimundos
  • 22:30 | Detonautas
  • 00:30 | Fresno

Stage Niterói

  • DJ Mouse
  • Tereza
  • Monique Kessous
  • Sandra de Sá
  • Moraes Moreira
  • Biquini Cavadão

Sunday, day 14

Stage Arpoador

  • 4:30 pm | The stage and opening ranges:: DJ Egil Jazz (Afrobeat, Acidjazz, LatinJazz)
  • 5:30 pm | Tupiniquim Jazz Osquestra (RJ)
  • 07:00 pm | Historic Brazilian Jazz Band-tribute "in jazz" the masters of Brazilian music Ernesto Nazareth and Pixinguinha – tribute to the 150 years of Ernesto Nazareth, considered the "father" of Brazilian music and the great composer Pixinguinha.
  • 8:30 pm | Abayomy Afrobeat Osquestra (RJ)

M. Park Stage

  • Blitz

Stage Bangu (square of the Juras)

  • DJ Ramin
  • Danny Pink and the care Squares
  • Imaginasamba
  • Sorriso Maroto

Stage Nova Iguaçu

  • DJ Zabumba
  • CPM 22
  • Chitãozinho and Xororó
  • Latino

Stage Niterói

  • DJ Mouse
  • Good Taste
  • Arlindo Cruz
  • Preta Gil


Note: Schedule subject to change without notice.

Weekend roadmap: it is weekend!

Are 6 whole days to celebrate. Counting holidays and "amendments", the locals will have enough time to rest and get more bored, a little bit of Rio de Janeiro. The events promise to coloring the four corners City: North zone to the West, passing through the southern and central area.

see more

Weekend roadmap: Forbidden for minors

With so much children's programming who is not a child or has no one ends up having the impression that the children holiday does not have space for adults. It is there that you're wrong. The nights this weekend are filled with parties and shows prohibited to minors. The animated programming invites people over 18 to dance, drink, flirt and go to sleep well after the 10:0 pm.

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Weekend roadmap: fun, with or without sweet

The day of Saints Cosmas and Damian. Probably, the age to win the candy-filled bags as well. But, it is weekend and, with or without sweet, fun is guaranteed in Rio de Janeiro. Think well: with so many shows and festivals in the city, you will regret because of maria-mole? Impossible!

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Weekend roadmap: spring

Come spring, flowers, colours and loves! Some say that this is the best time to enjoy the River. What remains? Once again celebrate not only the spring as the Arbor Day. Check out the script for the weekend.

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Other ideas for the River

If you went by the Praia de Botafogo, certainly wondered what it is that huge head in the middle of the Guanabara Bay. Here's the answer: it is the first action of other ideas for the River, which over the next few months will bring six artists of international renown to interfere in a way unprecedented in the landscape of Rio de Janeiro.

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Weekend roadmap: the many weeks of August come to an end

It seems unbelievable, but that's right, this Friday is still August. That pardon Virgos and leonin, but this month with five Friday, four Saturday and two moons took to reach the end. With so many parties, the carioca now is putting water in the bean "while the 1st is not enough. Florido, September has its debut well in agito of the weekend, but for help brings several good schedules for the Pocket.

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The Surroundings
Skate rink
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Nave of knowledge
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Botanical Garden

With native and exotic species, the Botanical Garden of M. was made especially for the visually impaired. They can play and identify each plant by the texture and smell of the leaves.


The area of fonts, with their special film, has 5 water jets and lakes that occupy 1600 square meters, leaving the weather cooler.

Skate park

The track has space for detailed street, longboard and vertical. The biggest will have 3.5 meters deep and, summing up all the space, are 3,850 square meters reserved for skaters.

Praça do Samba

Next to the block from Paul, one of the most traditional samba schools of Rio de Janeiro, the Park also has an area dedicated to the rhythm. There, the region will play in a wobbly friendly square.

Bicycle Path

The Park has a bike path throughout its length. It is possible to rent by Bike or bikes with two and three seats.

Academy for 3rd age

Quite busy, is one of the most sought-after stretches. There, the elderly do light exercises throughout the day.
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