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Praça Tiradentes, s/n
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Praça Tiradentes

Tribute to the centenary Tiradentes 's death, officer of the armed forces and major symbol of the Inconfidência Mineira and fight for freedom in Brazil Tiradentes square, participates actively in the carioca history since the 17th century.

Their glory years were the late 19th and early 20th century, when the square was known for its cultural effervescence and intense nightlife, packaged by the famous dances Estudantina Musical 's de gafieira and Carlos Gomes by important theaters João Caetano and.

In the year 2011, after a work of revitalization, the square gained a more clean and inviting appearance, without the grids and various bus stops that atrapalhavam the bystanders in admire her beauty.

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Praça Tiradentes

Finally, in 1890, the square gets its current name in honor of Ensign Joaquim da Silva Xavier, Tiradentes, hanged near the square.

Constitution square

In 1822, the Brazilian Regent Prince Peter, son of Dom João VI, swore fidelity to the Portuguese Constitution from the balcony of the Real Teatro São João (today Teatro João Caetano). In this Act, the square gained new denomination.

Terreiro da Polé

In 1808, with the installation of a pillory in its Centre, the square became known as a place for punishment of slaves of the city.

Lampadosa field

In 1747, after the inauguration of the Church of Lampadosa at the end of AV. Steps, the square came to be called Praça da Lampadosa.

Field of Gypsies

Came to be known by this name when Gypsies imported from Portugal settled there.

Largo do Rossio Great

Was your name during the 17TH century, when served pasture location and parking of coaches.


The Praça Tiradentes has had several names, which were changing according to the season.

Weekend roadmap: the die is cast

The "accident" is attributed a series of events. Is it by chance that found, another more than remembered, some good, some not so much. But, as I have heard once in the elevator "If the subject you're lucky, you don't need anything else."

It is true that a little bit of luck never hurt anybody. It helps the chances to be more pleasurable. But, come on! We must also give a hand, counting only with she is risky. Check out the highlights of the Rio agenda of the weekend before launching the luck. So, as if by chance, it may be that you have a fun weekend.

Friday, 7

Check out the full agenda

Saturday, 8

Check out the full agenda

Sunday, 9

Check out the full agenda

With Carioca

The "Roll Carioca" will carry residents and tourists on a historic journey through city streets. The scripts, which run from common, were prepared by professors of history at the University Estácio de Sá and seek to uncover interesting corners River. Seven neighborhood will be exploited and their curious stories and characters come to the fore. The tours are free and will take place on the last Sunday of the month from May to November, from 9:0.


v meeting place: square in front of the Faculty of music of the UNIRIO. (AV. Pasteur, 436)
Duration of the ride: 1:0-1:10
Screenplay: take the AV. Pasteur Building of UFRJ | Benjamin Constant Institute | Pasteur | Escola Municipal Minas Gerais | Of CLA Research of mineral resources | Cia arerê Sugar Loaf | Praça General Tan | Street Ramon Franco | Gunwales of the Urca granite | AV. Portugal and return to AV. Pasteur, in the Cove of the Yacht Club.

Meeting point: in front of the restaurant Yellowing (Praça Floriano, 55-B)
Duration of the ride: 40 min – 1:0
Screenplay: Theatro Municipal | Museum of fine arts | National Library | Odeon Cinema | Sawyer Building | Mahatma Gandhi Square | Passeio Público | Arcos da Lapa.

Meeting point: in front of the entrance to the Park Madureira (Rua Soares Boiler, 115)
Duration of the ride: 40 min – 1:0
Screenplay: M. Park | Portelão (Quadra da Portela) | Main Line Train station | Viaduct of Madureira | Portela road | Belford Roxo extension Train station | Mercadão de Madureira | Return to M. Park.

Meeting point: near the João Caetano Theater, in Tiradentes square (Praça Tiradentes, s/nº)
Average duration of the ride: 50 min
Screenplay: Av. Passos | A. the Constitution | R. Alexandre Herculano | R. Luiz de Camões | Largo de São Francisco de Paula | Bc. del Rosario | R. do Ouvidor | R. Gonçalves Dias | R. da House | Largo da Carioca.

Meeting point: Praça Paulo de Frontin (Star Street)
Average duration of the ride: 1:0 – 1:30
Screenplay: awaiting information

Meeting point: Largo São Francisco da Prainha (Rua Sacadura Cabral, 75)
Duration of the tour: 1:0
Screenplay: awaiting information

Meeting point: In front of the bar the Planet Chopp (September 28, 20 Boulevard)
Average duration of the ride: 1:20 – 1:30
Screenplay: statue of Noel Rosa (Boulevard 28 September) or the Planet Chopp | Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (UERJ) | AV. September 28 | Hospital Pedro Ernesto | Boul. September 28 | Basílica Nossa Senhora de Lourdes | The village snack (technical stop) | Av. George Bastos | Village and former factory Worker Confidence | AV. Teodoro da Silva | Praça Barão de Drummond | AV. Barão de Bom Retiro | Old Garden Z.


April the dance floor

Zouk, salsa, tango, samba de gafieira, forró and more. If you don't know how to dance this is a great opportunity to learn. Much is known, can not miss the three days of ballroom dancing in the Arcos da Lapa and the Tiradentes square. This is the "April the dance floor", a partnership of Carlinhos de Jesus Dance House with the City Hall. The event, which takes place from 19 to 21 April, it's free and will of the 12:0 am 7:0 pm.

Different presentations will be performed by dancers of some dance companies. In addition to the "aulão" and public show Prom Signus band doing a great outdoor gafieira.


Day 19 | Arcos da Lapa | from the 7:0 pm

  • Shows with dance companies Carioca Cultural Center (CCC); the dance company Carlos cracked and Cia de Dança GIFT.
  • (9:0 pm) Dance audience with rock band Signus.

Day 20 | Arcos da Lapa | from the 7:0 pm

  • Cia de Nuevos Aires Tango with Tango.
  • The Cia Alex Chan
  • Carlinhos de Jesus Dance House with dancers showing traditional samba de gafieira and rogue, with Carlinhos de Jesus.
  • (9:0 pm) Dance audience with rock band Signus.

Day 21 | Tiradentes Square | from the 5:0 pm

  • Meeting between the dancers of dance companies and the population for a public dance and show with the band playing modern gafieira Signus 5:0 pm to 9:0 pm.

Weekend roadmap: the San Sebastian

January 27 is the day of Saint Sebastian, the patron saint of the city of Rio de Janeiro. It would be a public holiday, if it weren't Sunday. Therefore, we can only ask the Saint to bless our long-awaited weekend with good weather and schedules of raze. But, if he is able to convince St. Peter, we will avail ourselves anyway. After all, we are in Rio and that alone is reason enough to celebrate! Check out our weekend itinerary and enjoy.

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# bomprobolso Summer

The end of the year is here and with it, comes the summer Carnival, an endless list of Christmas gifts, a mad desire to be happy and a little price adjustment-that, just between us, were already well salted.

The good news that we have to give is that it is still possible to circumvent the absurd prices and have a lot of fun in Rio de Janeiro.

Check out all the agenda of events # bomprobolso!

Events # bonsprobolso

In the heat out there, it's hard to deny that cold beer of end of day. Those who drink too much, you know that it doesn't spend little-after all, a 600 ml bottle is worth somewhere between $ 6 and R$8. But, if you want a good soundtrack to accompany your shot, this summer brings good tidings! Check out some Surefire Tips:

Recent discovery of the producers and bands cariocas, the rudder is Stone with a super hectic schedule. It makes sense, after all the corner is perfect! In addition to being comfortable, with ample space and two kiosks that serve beer, soft drinks and delicious snacks, the location has a privileged. Some events have already discovered the preciousness and recurring dates, as have the feasts Arrhythmia, collective Track, Natural rhythm and the show Mohandas On The Rocks.

Arretado accent, spicy food and forró. The Feira de São Cristóvão concentrates the riches of Northeastern culture spread everywhere, there are more than 700 tents, squares and stages. The latter, incidentally, forró and shows receive country music all weekends for affordable prices! All this with the possibility to enjoy a delicious meat with cassava. Can You Imagine?

  • Music Bar
With a capacity of 6,500 people, the Music Bar is a great option for those who want to come out to dance, but need to save. Typically, the home features tickets with values between $ 5 and R $ 20. The Repertory?!   Varies between funk, electronic and pagoda. For the night out really cheap?! The bar organizes promotions not to be missed almost every day-has beer, Bacardi and Smirnoff for $ 1.99, double shot of tequila and quadruple dose of beer (for $ 3!).
Summer Rio is known for its outdoor events. But, with our heat and scenario, there's nothing better than Beach and music! The girl from Ipanema Park   is the solution. When summer arrives, your area receives events from various rhythms, timetables and sizes. Only two thing are equal: admission and visually stunning. Worth getting hooked on programming.

Another good tip by surroundings is the Booking +. Small and very comfortable, the store often organize free show some Sundays at the end of the day, to fit perfectly in the Center.

Almost every day, at around 19:00, São Salvador square comes to life musical. The charming gazebo, at its Center, balance the sound of several rhythms: samba, choro, juggling, marchinhas of Carnival and even rock and roll! The public, spread by the muretas, banks and bars, accompanies aloud.

After losing the grids and make a lot more charm and beauty, Tiradentes seems to be gradually recapturing colour, music and life. The summer promises. To begin with, we have the Cultural Tiradentes, event that every first Friday of the month mounts the stage in the middle of the square! There have passed Songoro Cosongo, Elza Soares, Orquestra Tabajara and Black River.

But not enough to think that the fun # boaprobolso happens only once per month. Smile, it is weekly! Every Tuesday, the Estudantina Musical, the group So what stirs the night with the best of forró. Admission varies between free and $ 10.

  • Worker's Samba

Known for being one of the more traditional sambas of Rio de Janeiro, the Samba of the worker does the party at the Renaissance Club, every Monday, with Norman light in command. The program comes out very cheap! In addition, the beers and snacks     also have values that will leave your most positive balance.

The place where samba was born in the city, the Pedra do Sal has an amazing energy, a breathtaking backdrop and a very hectic schedule. Monday and Friday are days of samba; Fourth, is the forró stirring wide; and, on some Saturday, we can count even with parties and varied shows.

Continuing between events that combine great music with cénario, we went to the Aterro do Flamengo. There, every Sunday is the Creative Park, bringing together puppet and shows for the whole family from 11:00 to 21:00. A little later, in the garden of MAM, the Flying Orchestra makes its Carnival rehearsals almost every Sunday during the sunset.

M. Park, Park of the ruins and Quinta da Boa Vista also receive frequent events. Check out more details on our agenda.

The Lapa has a fundamental role in the lives of those who are always looking to save. As well as being, in itself, a major attraction-with stalls and storage tanks that have rates below the standard, the neighborhood is record in number of events per night. Even with free options of all sizes and styles. And the best, often with great shows under the Arcos da Lapa.

Check out all the options of events # bomprobolso!


Any Other Ideas


Has no way to continue with another tip: the rudder to the Pontal; There, in the world, nothing equal to our beaches. But don't be fooled, spend the entire day in the sand is expensive, so it's always good to follow some advice.

At the end of Arpoador Beach, for example, the Bamboo tent sells coconut for $ 3--are almost $ 2 savings. Also in Arpoador, this time in stone, it is possible to admire one of the most beautiful scenes of the city, the sunset. And, have no excuses: this show is completely free.

As the beaches of Rio asked the globe and matte biscuit gallon, it's always good to have an extra money in the portfolio. It is worth remembering that, generally, Leme and Copacabana have prices slightly cheaper than Ipanema, Leblon and Barra. In either case, the tip is: amount makes a difference. Join the guys for buying everything together and a single seller; is much easier to get a descontinho.

If you are like a Sun on the Recreio Beach still wins the chance to end the day with a delicious reggae. From January, the gang of Reggae in reserve back in full force for another year of great music, sunsets and outdoor event.

Check out more details about each of the Carioca beaches.


Enjoy the waterfalls of the Tijuca forest, the Zoo in the Quinta da Boa Vista , or a simple walk in the Woods. The freshness and that "green smell" of Parque Lage and the beautiful view of the Park of Ruins. Practice tree climbing in Parque da Catacumba, meditate in Dois Irmãos Park, skating in His Park or climb the Pico do Papagaio in Parque do Grajaú.

The Green is actually in all parts of Rio de Janeiro. And with it comes the ability to breathe healthier air, play sports, get a tan without spending anything. Enjoy!

Check out more details on the parks.


Though not (yet) have the best bike trails in the world, ride a bike in Rio de Janeiro is a delightful program and zero cost. To make the ride even more enjoyable, worthwhile include two pit stops : a few minutes to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon and a "dip" in the cold shower of the Paineiras to refresh the body and cleanse the soul.

If you don't have a bike or is in Rio to tourism, it is worth trying the oranges of Bike River.

Another beautiful way to enjoy the city, practice a sport and save the Pocket, is enjoying the day in any of the numerous trails cariocas. If the heat is too, it's worth strolling through the garden until some of its waterfalls; now, if one of those beautiful days of blue sky, the hint is: climb the Pedra da Gávea -from up there, the view of the city is breathtaking.

Check out the Guide to Sports on the River.


Imperial River

Rio de Janeiro was the capital of the Brazilian Empire from 1822 to 1889. With the title came to be the only city to host a European Empire outside of Europe. Are still preserved buildings, gardens and monuments that tell the story of the Portuguese royal family in the city. The Imperial River roadmap proposes a tour to go back in time and learn a little more of the past.

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International gathering of clowns | Angels of the Ring

Largest international gathering of clowns, Angels of the Ring comes to Rio de Janeiro for another edition of many laughs and antics around the Rio whole!

With diversity in performances, workshops and discussions, the project deepens research on the art of making laugh, especially the art of clown, and create a network of exchange between circus.

This year, the Angels of the Ring occupies 11 corners cariocas: Anonymous Theatre Pavilion, warehouse Theater (inside the Ava), Teatro Carlos Gomes, Grow and live (Rua do Carmo, 143-new town), SESC Cultural School (AV. Ayrton Senna, 5677-Jacarépagua), Teatro Nelson Rodrigues (Av. the Republic of Chile, 230), Park of Ruins, Praça XV, Tiradentes square, market Street (in the area of number 45), Bible Square (city of God) and Melvin Jones (hole du Leme-Castle)


03.12, second day
10:00 | Workshops | Warehouse Theatre (within the Ava)
14:30 | IV Seminar of Humour | Teatro Nelson Rodrigues
"Joy is the sanity test": the social place and critic of laughter in Brazilian culture with Andre Bueno (UFRJ), Sandy Silva (Observatory of Favelas) and Erminia Silva (SP)
16:30 | Open interview with the Anonymous Theatre Group
By Erminia Silva and Alice Viveiros de Castro

04.12 day, Tuesday
10:00 | Workshops | Warehouse Theatre (within the Ava)
14:30 | IV Seminar of Humour
| Teatro Nelson Rodrigues
"Neither the hero nor guru": think of the clown and the (auto) helps with Adriana Schneider (UFRJ), Ricardo Pucetti (Lume) and Juliana (SP)
16:30 | Open interview comTortell Armchair
By Erminia Silva and Alice Viveiros de Castro

05.12 day, Wednesday
10:00 | Workshops | Warehouse Theatre (within the Ava)
15:00 | Palhaceata | Cinelândia square XV
20:00 | Post-Classic | Teatro Nelson Rodrigues

06.12 day, Thursday
16:00 | Street spectaclePraça XV
With: Artetude (DF), circus Dux (RJ) and El Kote (Chile)
20:00 | The fantastic Circus one-man Theatre | Teatro Nelson Rodrigues
With: Cia rustic Theatre
22:00 | The gift | Warehouse Theater
With: Angela de Castro (England)
23:00 | Party with Dj Tuta | Anonymous theater Pavilion

07.12, sixth day
15:00 | Extension: Tomato Tomato po | SESC Cultural School
With: Tomato Clown (Argentina)
16:00 | "The rambling is going long, and cycling even more ..." | Melvin Jones Square
With: CiaUmPédeDois
20:00 | Pablo Superstar | Teatro Nelson Rodrigues
With: Pablo Muñoz and Iván Prado (Spain)
22:00 | Comedy Night | Anonymous theater Pavilion
With: Claudio Carneiro (SP), beings of light (SP), Ana Carolina Sawen (RJ) and La (SP)

08.12 day, Saturday
10:00 | Extension: clown initiation workshop | SESC Cultural School
With: Iván Prado (Spain)
10:00 | Polenta and Radite | Park of the Ruins
With: Cia Computer Networking:
11:00 | Open Stage | Park of the Ruins
15:00 | Extension: Here el unico animal soy yo
| Plaza de la Bible
With: El Kote (Chile)
15:00 | Street spectacle | Market Street
With: Duo Morales (RJ) and Rodrigo Robleño (MG)
20:00 | Sings Clown | Teatro Nelson Rodrigues
With: Marta Carbayo (Denmark)
22:00 | Comedy Night | Grow and live
With: Firefly (DF), Vinicius Daumas (RJ) and Ale Casali (BA)

09.12 day, Sunday
11:00 | Shit-Hole | Teatro Nelson Rodrigues
With: Milonga Group (RJ)
14:00 | Ri's largest concert | Teatro Nelson Rodrigues
With: Cia de Clowns (PR)
15:00 | Chand and his Fleas Amestrada | Tiradentes Square
With: Caravan Tapioca (PE)
16:00 | Children's Gala-Chicken |Tiradentes Square
With: Cirque de Silva (Rio de Janeiro)
17:00 | Comic Wheel |Tiradentes Square
With: Coletivo Nopok (RJ) and Jon G Lor (Denmark)
18:00 | The Best of Johnny | Teatro Nelson Rodrigues
With: Johnny Malville (Scotland)
19:00 | Shake That |Tiradentes Square
With: Shake That (Belgium)
20:30 | Fuera! |  Carlos Gomes Theater
With: Cia Proyecto Maria Peligro (Argentina/Belgium)
21:30 | Meeting of Bands |Tiradentes Square
With: Firefly (DF), Vinicius Daumas (RJ) and Ale Casali (BA)

Weekend roadmap: vacation, or almost

Officially the holiday season has not yet started. Everything should be working normally. But, with the arrival of December, the end of the year approaches. Full beaches and the party swarming with tourists and locals indicate that the city is in the warm up for the summer. After all, they are practically holidays.

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Educative actions in contemporary art

The educational actions in contemporary art will happen between days 2 and 5 October, at the Centro Municipal de Arte Hélio Oiticica. The seminar will discuss and reflect on the issues that underlie actions and educational propositions in exhibitions of contemporary art.

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Weekend roadmap: weekend +20

After much anticipation, finally the Rio + 20 landed in the city. Environmentalists, sociologists, activists, thinkers and tourists arrive to fill the river of accents and gingados. Well receptive, the cariocas offer a night to remember in the marvelous city.

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Light in the city

From June 18, some downtown streets will win a different lighting and creative. The festival "City Light" arrives in Rio de Janeiro with 15 facilities that make a route between Praça Tiradentes and Lapa using light magic, artistic and social.

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Holy Music Festival

Networking with the Fête de La musique, which happens in more than 450 cities around the world, the Holy Music Festival comes to Rio de Janeiro this weekend. Occupying Lapa, Tiradentes square and surroundings, the festival will have four seasons musical, a street processions, 36 shows and more than 250 artists involved.

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Weekend roadmap: Easter

Easter has arrived! Time to gorge itself of chocolate and stay with the family. But, wait! You don't even think of spending every day of your float day will be given played in sofa accumulating calories, you think? What does not lack in this holiday are options to play on the track and burn all those extra pounds that came with Easter eggs. And then the Bunny hat for me?
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In Carnival | Sunday, April 19

Programming roadmap of domingo de carnaval, day 19.

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Weekend roadmap: welcome, February

The month of February is certainly the most anticipated of the year. Exactly two weeks from now, the Carnival will arrive bringing rhythm, joy and energy contagious. It is in this climate of Sun, heat and pré-carnaval that the first weekend of the month is here, full of festivals, shows and animation!

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Weekend roadmap: Goodbye January

After so many days of sunshine and blue sky, Peter decided it was time to appear and bring a chuvinha for the carioca people. But in the summer, nothing is a reason for sadness or complaint! Enjoy the day to rest, and the night come out to say farewell to 2009! Reasons not go missing: the Rio agenda is full of events.

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Weekend roadmap: Viva San Sebastian!

This week's special! With a weekend which begins on Thursday, the Rio de Janeiro has plenty of reasons to toast, celebrate and fall into gandaia! The days are marked by a enchurrada of events. And viva San Sebastián!!

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Fotos do Dia Nacional do Forró!

We give and honoring the celebration of national day of Forró in Praça Tiradentes. See the photos by clicking on the gallery.

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Dia Nacional do Forró

Day 13 December is the day to put a comfortable shoe, find a pair and go to the streets to dance a xaxado. After all, forrozeiro that is forrozeiro know that this day has two reasons to be special: anniversary of Luiz Gonzaga, father of forró, and, since 2005, is celebrated the national day of Forró.

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Day of the Clown moves the Rio de Janeiro

Respectable public, day 10 December is the day of the clown. Celebrated since the Decade of 1980, the date moves the city's cultural and artistic scene. Have some shows for you to have fun, after all is the day of laughter.

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The Surroundings
Teatro Carlos Gomes 71m
Gaspar 90m
Teatro João Caetano 96m
Estudantina Musical 102m
Centro Cultural Carioca 126m
Centro de Arte Maria Teresa Vieira 146m
Largo Albino Pinheiro 150m
Reino Vegetal 153m
Cine Ideal 170m
Galeria Scenarium 172m
Real Gabinete Português de Leitura 174m
Mangue Seco 190m
Vegecoop 193m
Quintal Carioca 197m
Rio Scenarium 197m
Santo Scenarium 217m
Largo das Artes 241m
Bar Nova Esperança 250m
Antiqua Sappore 276m
Bar Luiz 282m
Gabinete 305m
Armazém do Senado 320m
Centro Cultural Memórias do Rio 324m
Cordão da Bola Preta 379m
Rua do Lavradio 379m
CaipiHostel 386m
Café do Bom Cachaça da Boa 389m
Casa Cavé 403m
Lapa Café 451m
Confeitaria Colombo 468m
Salsa e Cebolinha 507m
Vaca Atolada 519m
Casa da Mãe Joana 573m
Estação dos Bondes de Sta. Teresa 573m
Badalado 578m
Campo de Santana 578m
Essência da Lapa 582m
Bar do Adão 586m
Barzinho 607m
Tulipa da Lapa 608m
FixosFluxos 629m
Lapa Hostel 633m
Pioneiro dos Sucos 633m
Grão Café 641m
Cacimba 644m
La Esquina 651m
Enchendo Linguiça 651m
Sal y Pimenta 653m
Multifoco 655m
Casa da Cachaça 655m
Landro Carioca 655m
Bar do Papai 657m
Govinda 658m
Peixe Imperial 661m
Sinônimo Lapa 661m
Sushi da Lapa 662m
O Navegador 663m
Casa Paladino 665m
Boteco do Chico 665m
Gafieira Elite 671m
Nova Lapa 680m
Beer House 683m
Nova Capela 683m
Mofo Lapa 684m
Barbieri 687m
Bar Brasil 691m
Antônio's 693m
Manoel & Juaquim 695m
Fundição Progresso 695m
Parada da Lapa 695m
Fim de Tarde 695m
Aconchego do Malandro 695m
Boteko do Juca 698m
Nova República 702m
Theatro Municipal 702m
Belmonte 704m
Sacrilégio 710m
Arco Íris da Lapa 711m
Sabor Saúde 712m
Bom de Papo 713m
Pizzaria Carioca da Gema 714m
Carioca da Gema 715m
Bar das Quengas 719m
Boteco da Garrafa 720m
Dejà Vu 722m
Choperia Brazooka 725m
Teatro Odisséia 727m
Circo Voador 728m
Bar da Boa 730m
Málaga 731m
Palácio Pedro Ernesto 734m
Sublime Relicário 739m
Catrin 741m
Museu Nacional de Belas Artes 748m
Mistura Carioca 749m
Arcos da Lapa 749m
Club Six 761m
Bonde Sucos 764m
Compão 765m
Leviano Bar 766m
Mestre Kami 768m
Boteco Carioquinha 775m
Amarelinho 775m
Victor 777m
Rio Rock & Blues 779m
Sinuca da Lapa 787m
Verde Vício 795m
Balanceado 796m
La Carmelita 798m
Il Piccolo Caffé 798m
Rancho Inn 799m
Global Café 803m
Boteco do Gomes 804m
Bon Profit 804m
Teatro Rival 806m
Morro da Conceição 808m
Gargalo Galeteria 808m
Zoubért 809m
Lapamaki 814m
Biblioteca Nacional 817m
Lapa Irish Pub 823m
Plano B 826m
Semente 831m
Praça Marechal Floriano 847m
Clube dos Democráticos 850m
Bistrô Ouvidor 853m
Lapa 40º 855m
The Line 859m
Majestade Show 863m
Igreja da Ordem 3ª do Monte do Carmo 866m
Igreja de Nossa Sra. do Monte do Carmo 869m
Samba Caffè 869m
Pizzaria Guanabara 872m
Varandas da Lapa 876m
Estação do Peixe 876m
Dom Maior 877m
Igreja de N. Sra. da Candelária 878m
Mekatos 879m
Rua do Ouvidor 879m
Cosmopolita 880m
Peixe & Cia 886m
Centro Cultural da Justiça Federal 888m
Pharmácia Granado 890m
Gohan 893m
Tempeh 893m
Igreja de Santa Cruz dos Militares 894m
Odeon BR 895m
Manaita Sushi 898m
Bar do Peixe 899m
Alto Lapa 901m
Antigamente 907m
Toca do Baiacú 914m
Tabacaria do Ouvidor 919m
Igreja de São José 930m
Polo Criativo 931m
Livraria Folha Seca 932m
Paço Imperial 932m
Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil 932m
Baroa 939m
Igreja Nossa Sra. da Lapa dos Mercadores 940m
Coccinelle Bistrô 950m
Ben Fatto 950m
Botequim do Itahy 955m
Brasserie Rosário 958m
The Line 958m
Bistrô do Paço 960m
Arco do Telles 961m
Dom Galeto 961m
Na Brasa Columbia 963m
Sala Cecília Meireles 965m
Rio Music Gourmet 966m
Rio Music 966m
Al-Farabi 969m
Passeio Público 970m
Dom Cavalcanti 974m
Sala Funarte Sidney Miller 975m
Palácio Tiradentes 978m
Dito e Feito 982m
Casarão 1881 985m
Palácio Gustavo Capanema 989m
Gafieira Moderna 989m
Casual Retrô 989m
Ernesto 990m
Adega Flor de Coimbra 995m
Mercado 32 996m
Casa França-Brasil 998m
Praça XV de Novembro 998m
Al Khayam 998m
1 2

Distinguished Residents

The square had important residents, such as José Bonifácio de Andrada e Silva, who resided at the corner with the Avenue Steps, where d. Pedro I liked dispatching.


In the center of the square is located the oldest statue in Rio de Janeiro, in honor of d. Pedro I. The piece, which displays the Emperor on horseback, boasting of general, holding in one hand the reins, and the other the Constitution of 1824, was crafted by French sculptor Louis Rochet and inaugurated in 1862.
On its pedestal are four bronze statues, which represent the rivers Amazonas, Paraná, São Francisco and wood.
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