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In the House of the train was quartered body of Tiradentes, after its implementation in the field of Lampadosa (modern Praça Tiradentes), at the end of the 18th century.


The National History Museum housed the first Museology course in the country, and even today is a centre of reference for other important Brazilian museums.
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Museu Histórico Nacional (MHN) Is the most important historical Museum of the country and houses a vast collection, comprising more than 287 thousand pieces, such as pictures, documents, images, coins, stamps, furniture, weapons, sculptures, silver and others.


The Museum is located in what was formerly the Calabouço, Tip of a tip of land located between Piaçaba beaches Santa Luzia. and in this tip, strategic location to defend the city, was built in 1603 São Tiago da Misericórdia. Fort over the years, were being added other buildings: Calabouço (1693), prison where they were arrested Casa do Trem (1762), slaves; the deposit of weapons and ammunition ("train of artillery"); the Arsenal of war (1764); and the Barracks (1835).

In the 20th century, several landfills were made in the area Ponta do Calabouço, where was that today no longer exists. These landfills also ended up with Santa Luzia, Beach and joined Villegaignon Island to the Mainland. It is in this broad area of landfill located Santos Dumont Airport today.

The first major landfill was built to house the "international exhibition to commemorate the centenary of the independence of Brazil", opened in 1922. This exhibition included Museu Histórico Nacional, 's two galleries created in August of that year by then-President Epitácio Pessoa Republic,.

Today the Museum occupies the entire set of architectural Calabouço, old tip of an area2of 20,000 m. The São Tiago Fort primitive and Calabouço, prison only the foundations remain. Remain until today Casa do Trem building (fully recovered in the Decade of 1990), the Arsenal of war (where stands the Minerva), imposing courtyard and the Pavilion of the exhibition of 1922, currently occupied by the library.

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The museum displays several permanent exhibitions-see below, to the right. The temporary exhibitions are usually on the first floor, where also the Auditorium, a café and a shop.

The Museum has the largest philatelic and numismatic collection of Latin America, with approximately 127,000 pieces, including several rare pieces, Peça da Coroação, as the currency with print run of only 64 copies, coined by order of Emperor Dom Pedro I to commemorate his coronation, in 1822.

The library has more than 57,000 titles relating to history, heraldry, philately, numismatics, museology, fashion and genealogy. There are rare works of 16TH, 17th and 18th centuries. There are several editions and richly bound works.

The Historic Collection includes manuscripts, photographs and engravings relating to history of Brazil. Are 50,000 documents, available for search through scheduling. Highlights are the collections dedicated to photographers Juan Gutierrez, Augusto Malta and Marc Ferrez. The collection includes Carlos Gomes, scores, librettos and photographs of the letters. The Imperial Family Collection displays prints, documents and other objects related to d. Pedro I, d. Pedro II and family.

The reference centre Luso-Brasileiro is dedicated to the documentation and dissemination of the history of Portugal and Brazil.

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Weekend roadmap: end of the world

Throughout the year of 2012, we hear stories about such a Mayan legend that predicts the end of the world to which we are accustomed to this Friday, March 21. Not much is known details; as will happen, the exact time or how to troubleshoot, are still unknowns. Once thing is certain: If the world is going to end, we die having fun!

Friday, March 21

A lot of people don't believe it, think it's mysticism, superstition or just a silly story. But then comes the question: what if the world really end?! Where would you like to be?! Lapa and its energy constagiante can be a good thing. Better still if it is listening to the sounds of other wizarding world Hermeto Pascoal.

If the world is going to end, it's better we go trying to say goodbye and enjoy. After thinking about the place, it's nice to think of the people. For their last night on Earth, nothing like friends gather to listen to the greatest hits of world history! This is the last party of her life.

"Announced and guaranteed/the world would end/because of this/home/my people began to pray ...". Music Adriana Calcanhoto, the people felt that the best remedy was to ask for help for the man from up there. If you disagree that solution, and believes that their last night in need of good music, plenty of drinks and nice people, their place is the dance of Zeh Pretim.

If even after all this, you are not yet convinced that it's worth to take this night as if it were the last of his life, we'll send you to the apocaralho! Here is everyone little caring with this story of Apocalypse, just want to enjoy the four best parties in town!

Truth or lies, one thing is certain: in the year 2012 there were some unbelievable facts. Corinthians won the Libertadores, Roberto Carlos released a new song and who never died is dying. With or without the order, is almost mandatory we celebrate facts so daring.

Check out the full schedule !

Saturday, April 22

Halley's Comet in 1910, the Millennium Bug, in 2000, nothing came of it, the long-awaited 12/21/2012 is gone; and nothing in the world to end. Not only was Nostradamus, Pat Robertson and mother Dinah who erred; It seems that the Maya also made a mistake in any of the calculations. What matters most is that we now have a whole life ahead! We'll dance until sunrise in the best visual of the River.

The world did not end, but summer has arrived-sharp as ever. Therefore, the best thing to do is leave, thank life and enjoy the sunny days! The Praça XV will give three perfect reasons to leave home before dark: roda de choro, samba; all free!

After the summer, the most awaited season is the Carnival. The staff of the Batuque Samba Club, already knowing that life would continue on day 22, prepared the best celebrations, with a lot of samba, sweat and beer. You will be at the Carnival!

"Because the world is not over ..." think that this is the perfect excuse for you to forgive for whatever bullshit you might have done yesterday. The left is out to celebrate another night of life and joy with the best visual of the world: Rio de Janeiro!

Go through one end of the world is almost like being born again, and be born equals birthday. This Saturday, the Eletrobase commemorates the two reasons: his birthday 13 years and not end of the world. The party promises to be in high style.

Check out the full schedule !

Sunday, March 23

If life goes on good terms new plans for a new year. Nothing like think about it in a dance accompanied by a cold beer. And the best: when you get tired of thinking about the future, can play on the track and enjoy the present at the sound of the Mc Marcinho.

If you think that your life deserves a celebration in high style, the best option is the show of Stevie Wonder and Gilberto Gil. The breadth and depth of the music of these two greats will you make sure that life is beautiful. So beautiful that it's small fortune of R$800. A toast to life!

You're on holiday, the weekend is almost at an end. You passed by the end of the world and it took a whole day of new life, but still feels that not enjoyed everything I could? This is your last chance before we start a new Monday. Think about it ...

Check out the full schedule !

Weekend roadmap: rain or shine

Elevator conversation seems to, but is not, that time walks even crazy. An hour it's cold, another opens world's biggest Sun, suddenly it rains this week was hard to predict. But, make rain or shine, it's weekend and you deserve to have fun. While São Pedro do not decide and the weather forecast will not set, prepare a roadmap with programming for both options, so do not have error.
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VII International Festival of Harps

Is going on the VII International Festival of Harps do Rio. Overall, there are 89 concerts with musicians from 25 countries, until the end of May. The presentations take place throughout the city, at varying times and more than once a day., Corcovado, Fiscal Island Fort Copacabana, Royal Cabinet read Portuguese, among others are getting the festival.

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The Center and the arts

The Centre of the city is not only a place of work, is also a neighbourhood where different cultural schedules are concentrated. Say this may be for some novelty and obviousness to others. With that in mind, we've assembled the exhibitions that are happening so that you can organize between work and leisure time to enjoy what the Center at its best: art.
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The Surroundings
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Bistrô do Paço 560m
Palácio Gustavo Capanema 564m
Praça XV de Novembro 571m
Paço Imperial 572m
Sala Funarte Sidney Miller 585m
Arco do Telles 637m
Botequim do Itahy 641m
Aeroporto Santos Dumont 673m
Igreja de Nossa Sra. do Monte do Carmo 674m
Dito e Feito 692m
Coccinelle Bistrô 694m
Igreja da Ordem 3ª do Monte do Carmo 702m
The Line 703m
Global Café 710m
King Crab 713m
Al Khayam 718m
Gafieira Moderna 721m
Pharmácia Granado 727m
Igreja Nossa Sra. da Lapa dos Mercadores 730m
Tempeh 731m
Livraria Folha Seca 734m
Mercado 32 734m
Il Piccolo Caffé 736m
Sabor Saúde 737m
Polo Criativo 739m
Tabacaria do Ouvidor 742m
Govinda 742m
Toca do Baiacú 744m
Antigamente 747m
Casarão 1881 749m
Manaita Sushi 751m
Museu Nacional de Belas Artes 754m
Samba Caffè 761m
Igreja de Santa Cruz dos Militares 764m
Rua do Ouvidor 765m
Grão Café 768m
Biblioteca Nacional 771m
Casual Retrô 774m
Bistrô Ouvidor 781m
Al-Farabi 783m
Brasserie Rosário 783m
Ben Fatto 789m
O Navegador 805m
Bon Profit 811m
Theatro Municipal 827m
Centro Cultural da Justiça Federal 829m
Zoubért 848m
Vivo Rio 859m
Praça Marechal Floriano 866m
Rancho Inn 866m
Rio Music 875m
Rio Music Gourmet 875m
Amarelinho 877m
Balanceado 888m
Casa França-Brasil 889m
Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil 891m
Pioneiro dos Sucos 897m
Palácio Pedro Ernesto 898m
Verde Vício 903m
Museu de Arte Moderna 907m
Odeon BR 931m
Compão 934m
Teatro Rival 934m
Dejà Vu 943m
Confeitaria Colombo 964m
Permanent Exhibitions
Exhibition about the culture of Brazilian Indians. Displays objects, utensils and indigenous crafts.
The Portuguese in 1415 the World-1822
Presents the Portuguese expansion, since the great navigations to the colonization of Brazil.
The construction of Nation-1822 to 1889
Shows the history of the Imperial State of independence until the proclamation of the Republic.
Citizenship under construction
With the proclamation of the Republic, begins the construction process, from citizenship of the individual, political and social rights.
Homeopathic Pharmacy Novaes Teixeira
Homeopathic pharmacy, founded in 1847 and reassembled in today, with its magnificent MHN furniture and utensils.
Mobile's Car-Transiting through history
Collection of vehicles as berlindas and carriages, pushchairs, used for transporting people.
Hall of Arcazes-the art Cuzquenha
Collection of sacred art: ten valuable paintings cusquenhas of 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, testimonies of Peruvian culture.
Courtyard of Cannons
This inner courtyard of rare beauty is exposed to collection of the Museum's cannons, representing different periods of our history.
The coins tell the story
About 3,000 coins, spanning from the earliest systems used by humankind until the introduction of the Euro.
Collections of Coins, another story
Numismatic objects, furniture, sculptures and others, including the reconstitution of an ancient Numismatic Cabinet.
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