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Rua do Ouvidor
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Na Rua do Ouvidor
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Rua do Ouvidor, s/n
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Rua do Ouvidor

Rua do Ouvidor is a narrow street, which runs from the Largo de São Francisco on Rua Alfred Agache, in the Center. In the stretch that runs from Rua Primeiro de Março to Alfred Agache, the street is closed to vehicle traffic – and why this is the snippet more interesting of the street.

Rua do Ouvidor has a special importance. Is a historic Street, and it is still an old mansions that deserves to be seen; and also the beautiful Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Lapa of the merchants.

Another reason why the Rua do Ouvidor awakens interest is the fact that she has become a Bohemian stronghold of the city, which acquires life when the workday comes to an end – especially in the stretch reserved for pedestrians mentioned above. Happy hour, in the street is a meeting point of cariocas, that spread by tables (outdoors, in the middle of the street) of the numerous bars and restaurants there installed. Looks like a big party.

On Saturdays, fortnightly, Rua do Ouvidor is stage of Samba do Ouvidor – event that takes place for more than 10 years and is already a tradition. Samba do Ouvidor is organized by the Dry Leaf Bookstore and takes place on the street, in front of the store. The presentations are free and attract hundreds of people.

A passage in the history

Rua do Ouvidor has this name because it lived the Oidor-mor Manoel Pinto Mosque penalty. In Colonial Brazil, the ouvidor-mor was one of the three helpers of the General Government, responsible for Legal Affairs of the colony – a very important person. The population began to refer to the street as Rua do Ouvidor; and in 1746 the name was officially awarded.

The street was initially a path which gave access to warehouses (warehouses) of the old port of Rio, located where today lies the Centro Cultural dos Correios.

It was with the arrival of the Royal family in 1808, that the street gained importance, attracted merchants of all types and became the most important street of the city and luxurious. Most of the newspapers of the city were located at Rua do Ouvidor.

Tiradentes was hosted in one of their pensions; the Duke of Caxias in another. Olavo Bilac, Emílio de Menezes and his group of Bohemian intellectuals used to meet in late afternoons in Rua do Ouvidor.

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Weekend roadmap: end of the world

Throughout the year of 2012, we hear stories about such a Mayan legend that predicts the end of the world to which we are accustomed to this Friday, March 21. Not much is known details; as will happen, the exact time or how to troubleshoot, are still unknowns. Once thing is certain: If the world is going to end, we die having fun!

Friday, March 21

A lot of people don't believe it, think it's mysticism, superstition or just a silly story. But then comes the question: what if the world really end?! Where would you like to be?! Lapa and its energy constagiante can be a good thing. Better still if it is listening to the sounds of other wizarding world Hermeto Pascoal.

If the world is going to end, it's better we go trying to say goodbye and enjoy. After thinking about the place, it's nice to think of the people. For their last night on Earth, nothing like friends gather to listen to the greatest hits of world history! This is the last party of her life.

"Announced and guaranteed/the world would end/because of this/home/my people began to pray ...". Music Adriana Calcanhoto, the people felt that the best remedy was to ask for help for the man from up there. If you disagree that solution, and believes that their last night in need of good music, plenty of drinks and nice people, their place is the dance of Zeh Pretim.

If even after all this, you are not yet convinced that it's worth to take this night as if it were the last of his life, we'll send you to the apocaralho! Here is everyone little caring with this story of Apocalypse, just want to enjoy the four best parties in town!

Truth or lies, one thing is certain: in the year 2012 there were some unbelievable facts. Corinthians won the Libertadores, Roberto Carlos released a new song and who never died is dying. With or without the order, is almost mandatory we celebrate facts so daring.

Check out the full schedule !

Saturday, April 22

Halley's Comet in 1910, the Millennium Bug, in 2000, nothing came of it, the long-awaited 12/21/2012 is gone; and nothing in the world to end. Not only was Nostradamus, Pat Robertson and mother Dinah who erred; It seems that the Maya also made a mistake in any of the calculations. What matters most is that we now have a whole life ahead! We'll dance until sunrise in the best visual of the River.

The world did not end, but summer has arrived-sharp as ever. Therefore, the best thing to do is leave, thank life and enjoy the sunny days! The Praça XV will give three perfect reasons to leave home before dark: roda de choro, samba; all free!

After the summer, the most awaited season is the Carnival. The staff of the Batuque Samba Club, already knowing that life would continue on day 22, prepared the best celebrations, with a lot of samba, sweat and beer. You will be at the Carnival!

"Because the world is not over ..." think that this is the perfect excuse for you to forgive for whatever bullshit you might have done yesterday. The left is out to celebrate another night of life and joy with the best visual of the world: Rio de Janeiro!

Go through one end of the world is almost like being born again, and be born equals birthday. This Saturday, the Eletrobase commemorates the two reasons: his birthday 13 years and not end of the world. The party promises to be in high style.

Check out the full schedule !

Sunday, March 23

If life goes on good terms new plans for a new year. Nothing like think about it in a dance accompanied by a cold beer. And the best: when you get tired of thinking about the future, can play on the track and enjoy the present at the sound of the Mc Marcinho.

If you think that your life deserves a celebration in high style, the best option is the show of Stevie Wonder and Gilberto Gil. The breadth and depth of the music of these two greats will you make sure that life is beautiful. So beautiful that it's small fortune of R$800. A toast to life!

You're on holiday, the weekend is almost at an end. You passed by the end of the world and it took a whole day of new life, but still feels that not enjoyed everything I could? This is your last chance before we start a new Monday. Think about it ...

Check out the full schedule !

Weekend roadmap: Forbidden for minors

With so much children's programming who is not a child or has no one ends up having the impression that the children holiday does not have space for adults. It is there that you're wrong. The nights this weekend are filled with parties and shows prohibited to minors. The animated programming invites people over 18 to dance, drink, flirt and go to sleep well after the 10:0 pm.

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Weekend roadmap: the many weeks of August come to an end

It seems unbelievable, but that's right, this Friday is still August. That pardon Virgos and leonin, but this month with five Friday, four Saturday and two moons took to reach the end. With so many parties, the carioca now is putting water in the bean "while the 1st is not enough. Florido, September has its debut well in agito of the weekend, but for help brings several good schedules for the Pocket.

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Weekend roadmap: Watch the birdie!

As cliché, we need to emphasize: the Rio de Janeiro continues beautiful! Whether day or night, the landscapes reveal shapes, silhouettes and colors that do not exist anywhere else in the world. Thanks to technology and to the many clicks (professional or not) we can shield records increasingly breathtaking. In fact, Sunday is the Day of photography! And everyone throws the idea: choose your favorite scenario, freeze the best moments and show folks over at Facebook!

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Bistro Landim: the Witch and the flavors of the market

The narrow cobbled alley, the shadowy arches of stone and the old lamp as a witness likely of Wiccans and hallucinations. It was even there in the arc Telles, the beginning of a ride by the Centennial Plaza November 15, Barbara dos Prazeres, the witch. The murderer. The bitch.

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Weekend roadmap: mothers deserve

This weekend, mothers deserve particular attention. Not just because of the business day, but also for being the great responsible for our definition as an individual and-why not say-musical tastes. Enjoy this weekend to take your mother to know their musical style.

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In Carnival | Sunday, April 19

Programming roadmap of domingo de carnaval, day 19.

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Weekend roadmap: welcome, February

The month of February is certainly the most anticipated of the year. Exactly two weeks from now, the Carnival will arrive bringing rhythm, joy and energy contagious. It is in this climate of Sun, heat and pré-carnaval that the first weekend of the month is here, full of festivals, shows and animation!

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Weekend roadmap: Viva San Sebastian!

This week's special! With a weekend which begins on Thursday, the Rio de Janeiro has plenty of reasons to toast, celebrate and fall into gandaia! The days are marked by a enchurrada of events. And viva San Sebastián!!

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Samba or Jazz evenings of Rio?

Between samba and jazz, we get the two: a list with the best wheels of samba, and the best jazz events in the city.

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National day of Samba

There is no denying: cariocas are passionate samba! Just a cuíca growling or a tambourine hectic, and we are already with samba in the foot. Is samba-enredo, root, choro or samba de roda, the order is samba. So, happy national day Samba!

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Weekend roadmap: Night

As the weather has not yet decided if the weekend will rain or not, let's schedule for the night. Festivals in various parts of the city are competing with shows of weight, and some events on the street promise to stay in remembrance of cariocas.

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Praça XV

Rio de Janeiro Center of the city's history reveals an incredible way! Building and old churches show what life was like carioca in another time. The Praça XVregion, with its impressive architecture and several cultural centers, narrates this story very well.

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The Surroundings
Samba Caffè 14m
Igreja de Santa Cruz dos Militares 15m
Manaita Sushi 20m
Bistrô Ouvidor 27m
Antigamente 28m
Tempeh 34m
Toca do Baiacú 36m
Pharmácia Granado 39m
Tabacaria do Ouvidor 40m
Polo Criativo 52m
Livraria Folha Seca 53m
Igreja Nossa Sra. da Lapa dos Mercadores 62m
Bon Profit 76m
Igreja da Ordem 3ª do Monte do Carmo 83m
Coccinelle Bistrô 84m
The Line 85m
Ben Fatto 89m
Zoubért 92m
Brasserie Rosário 93m
Al-Farabi 104m
Dito e Feito 108m
Casarão 1881 109m
Rancho Inn 109m
Gafieira Moderna 110m
Igreja de Nossa Sra. do Monte do Carmo 115m
Mercado 32 117m
Al Khayam 119m
Il Piccolo Caffé 121m
Casual Retrô 121m
Botequim do Itahy 125m
Balanceado 128m
Arco do Telles 130m
King Crab 136m
Verde Vício 142m
Global Café 145m
Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil 159m
Compão 177m
Praça XV de Novembro 196m
Dejà Vu 200m
Casa França-Brasil 201m
Paço Imperial 207m
Bistrô do Paço 210m
Igreja de N. Sra. da Candelária 250m
Sabor Saúde 253m
Palácio Tiradentes 261m
Igreja de São José 294m
Grão Café 367m
Estação das Barcas 385m
Govinda 404m
Confeitaria Colombo 430m
Baroa 471m
Fim de Tarde 491m
Cine Botequim 523m
Casa Cavé 524m
Kombinado 530m
Málaga 549m
Café do Bom Cachaça da Boa 557m
Albamar 559m
Mosteiro de São Bento 643m
Bar Luiz 655m
Largo das Artes 657m
The Line 659m
Casa Paladino 666m
O Navegador 669m
Museu Nacional de Belas Artes 711m
Vegecoop 718m
Real Gabinete Português de Leitura 731m
Uniko 737m
Cine Ideal 739m
Largo Albino Pinheiro 741m
Baía de Guanabara 748m
Theatro Municipal 753m
Centro Cultural Carioca 754m
Imaculada 759m
Museu Histórico Nacional 765m
Pioneiro dos Sucos 768m
Palácio Gustavo Capanema 773m
Sala Funarte Sidney Miller 779m
Centro de Arte Maria Teresa Vieira 782m
Teatro João Caetano 787m
Gaspar 791m
Biblioteca Nacional 811m
Praça Mauá 837m
nOkoni 859m
Palácio Pedro Ernesto 865m
Bardana 867m
Morro da Conceição 868m
Metamorfose 871m
Praça Tiradentes 879m
Amarelinho 881m
Teatro Carlos Gomes 893m
Kalesa Lounge 893m
Estação dos Bondes de Sta. Teresa 904m
Largo de São Francisco da Prainha 914m
Praça Marechal Floriano 930m
Centro Cultural da Justiça Federal 930m
Teatro Rival 959m
Reino Vegetal 962m
Estudantina Musical 973m


Before calling Rua do Ouvidor, the street had several names: Rua Aleixo Manuel, Marcos da Costa, Gadelha, Barbalho, Brás Luís, da Quitanda, Santa Cruz, Pedro da Costa, da Sé Nova, Moreira César.


Ná era of Empire, the Rua do Ouvidor came to be compared with the Rua Vivienne in Paris. And many authors wrote about her, as Machado de Assis, Manuel Antônio de Almeida, José Junior France and Joaquim Manuel de Macedo.


In 1829, the rua do Ouvidor received pavement and only pedestrian traffic was permitted. The Cobbles were placed in 1857. In 1860, the street received gas lighting, being the first of the season. In 1854 came the lighting of oil and in 1891, the electric light.
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