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Largo das Neves
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Largo das Neves
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Largo das Neves

Maybe be a little away from the point where this in most restaurants and bars of Santa Teresa, Largo das Neves carries a special whole climate. Small and very cozy, the square is surrounded by a few bars, warehouses and the formosa Chapel of Nossa Senhora das Neves.

In the ascent of who comes by Catumbi and with a beautiful vista pro Sambódromo, Largo is the whole day in peace and silence, attended only by the residents, workers on lunch break and students, who come together to continue the conversation after school.

At night, the environment continues in calm. Residents and fans of this corner of Santa congregate in charming bars for an encounter showered the laughter, cold beer and delicious snacks. The most charming is like the small square concentrated a climate so familiar. There, it is common to come alone and leave full of friends.

Often, the Largo das Neves turns into a stage for performances of plays and musical groups. These days, its streets fill with young squandering away even more joy and plenty of dancing in this colorful historical scenario.

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Weekend roadmap: Pre Carnival

A week for the Carnival. I mean, officially, because on the streets he has already begun. The carioca is with the schedule for the weekend full of blocks throughout the city. And this preschool we want to see people burning up the fantasies. After all, playing, jump and enjoy Carnival gets even more fun.

Ah! Enjoy the weather and send your photos to our campaign of dissemination of abundant creativity of the Rio Carnival!  Post your photo on Instagram with #todorio + #melhorfantasia or on Facebook or send by email contato@todorio.comLearn more.

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Holy doors open

This weekend, the locals have already guaranteed programming. Climb the slopes of Santa Teresa to enjoy a beautiful setting of Open Art, with a lot of art and enjoy a varied gastronomic route. Is the art of Open Doors, in its 22nd Edition, brings together more than 60 artists, in addition to the Fish Fillet, 13 collectives in a Night and da Ladeira, divided on a circuit of 36 workshops and 10 spaces of culture.
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Rio Street blocks in 2012

Eagerly awaited, the list of blocks of the Street Carnival of Rio de Janeiro in 2012 was finally distributed by RioTur. It's time to prepare and already think about costumes, Carnival definitely is already taking the streets of the city!

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Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa is a charm! Great option for those who seek leisure, culture and tranquility.
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