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Largo do Guimarães
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Largo do Guimarães
Mon to Sun, holiday and holiday Eve: 12:0 am
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The Largo

Is the meeting between the bars and restaurants and the shops of crafts and decoration. In the part of the day, a pleasant walk is to enjoy and purchase unique pieces made by artists of the region. Extending the route until the evening, choices of bars and restaurants is lacking to experience the spirit of Bohemia in Santa Teresa.

Many of the regulars are the artists, musicians and painters of the neighborhood that mingle to foreigners and to alternative cariocas.

In addition to the vast gastronomic offering, largo has a small cinema, Cine Santa, and a bookshop Bistro. Nearby you can also know the tram Museum.

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Organic Fair Santa Teresa

Every Saturday, from 8:0 to 1:0 pm, happens to organic and Agroecological Fair of Santa Teresa. Fruits, vegetables, vegetables, breads, pastries, juices and much more, on Rua Almirante Alexandrino, 501-Largo dos Guimarães-flea market (near Cine Santa Teresa).

Screenplay by: weekend is Easter!

The carioca Bunny brings much more than chocolate this Easter. The basket of this weekend is full of festivities that will please tourists and residents. Enjoy Thursday and pray to all the Saints by a passion in the sixth. Hallelujah, did you get and your Saturday will be even better. Let the chocolates for Sunday, after all it's always good to sweeten life before the week begins. All kidding aside, Easter promises be much joy in family or between friends. A good holiday to all.

Thursday, 28

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Friday, 29

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Saturday, 30

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Sunday, 31

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Weekend roadmap: Congratulations, Rio!

"Wonder City. Purgatory of beauty and chaos ". Is the sound of Rio 40º we give our congratulations to wonderful city. At the height of the form, she doesn't even seem that is celebrating 448 years. Your scenarios agree always different and we never get tired of. The charm and the elegance of its residents give the finishing touch to this beautiful, crazy and unique experience that is living in the River. Parties and concerts will not miss to celebrate this anniversary. After all, life of Rio. Laugh, chat, flirting, kissing, dating, jokes, joke. Good, eh?!

Friday, 1

This pro Carpenter!
Since we are cariocas and today is anniversary of Rio, are we that we get the gifts. The case of Rio de Janeiro have many postcards to sing happy birthday. Choose one and take the opportunity to enjoy before the evening start.  

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Saturday, 2

This pro Carpenter!
If the weather is better can also face a trail and be delighted by the sights that are ... lose the words.

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Sunday, 3

This pro Carpenter!
Choosing the destination of that Sunday as Lapa you can give by taking advantage of the tour to enjoy the Arches. Maybe not give that climb on Santa for lunch at the Miner's bar?! Take a walk at Largo dos Guimarães, Curvelo and the Park of the ruins.
But if the choice was the South, your gift can be a paced on the edge to make the track closed. Run, play, enjoy and take many pictures.

Check out the full agenda Sunday


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Santa Pernambuco

Every year is the same question: where to skip Carnival?! For lovers of folia de rua, doubt is typically between Rio and Recife, both with their colorful costume parties and unique vibrations.

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Holy doors open

This weekend, the locals have already guaranteed programming. Climb the slopes of Santa Teresa to enjoy a beautiful setting of Open Art, with a lot of art and enjoy a varied gastronomic route. Is the art of Open Doors, in its 22nd Edition, brings together more than 60 artists, in addition to the Fish Fillet, 13 collectives in a Night and da Ladeira, divided on a circuit of 36 workshops and 10 spaces of culture.
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Flist 2012

The fourth edition of the Literary Feast of Santa Teresa (FLIST) happens on days 5 and 6 May. This year, the event honors Joel Rufino dos Santos and tribute to the centenary of Jorge Amado, Nelson Rodrigues and, in addition to Luiz Gonzaga 90 years Darcy Ribeiro .

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Block of the Carmelites

The Sun helped, and from an early age, the Center was already with ares of holiday. The little movement in the city, however, was opposed to the crowd that concentrated on Santa Teresa. The block of the Carmelites opened, as traditionally, Street Carnival of Rio. Check out the photos!

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Rio Street blocks in 2012

Eagerly awaited, the list of blocks of the Street Carnival of Rio de Janeiro in 2012 was finally distributed by RioTur. It's time to prepare and already think about costumes, Carnival definitely is already taking the streets of the city!

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The Carnival in the streets of Rio, from January to February.

Now, it's official: the Prefecture released the list of blocks of the Street Carnival of Rio de Janeiro in 2012. Meet the blocks that give soul to the street carnival, and see the full schedule of city blocks! The pré-Carnaval has begun!

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Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa is a charm! Great option for those who seek leisure, culture and tranquility.
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The Surroundings
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Escadaria Selarón 993m
Sushi da Lapa 993m
Rio Rock & Blues 993m
Aconchego do Malandro 996m
Sinônimo Lapa 997m
Bom de Papo 1,000m


In the garage of the tram Museum, Marcel Camus, French filmed Black Orpheus, winner of the award for best film at Cannes in 1959 and an Oscar in 1960.
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