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Feira de São Cristóvão

Are 700 tents that concentrated the riches of Northeastern culture. This space, which arrives to receive 500 thousand people per month, offers a bit of music, food and crafts of the Northeast.

The structure of the fair features dance tracks, the stage for show, crafts stores, restaurant specialised in northeastern cuisine, and more. It is a place in the city of Rio de Janeiro for being in touch, or kill the saudades of that region.


The fair began in 1945, when emigrants northeasterners who arrived São Cristóvão field to work in construction, gathered with other countrymen there in front of the Pavilion. Everything happened with great music and typical foods.

In 2003, the tents were moved into the old Flag, now renovated by the City Hall, to become the Municipal CentreLuiz Gonzaga.  

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Weekend roadmap: Papal Weekend

The climate is of Carnival. The streets are taken by accents from all over the world, the means of transport are "operating" in the special scheme and the subject that dominates the wheels of conversation can be summed up in three letters: WYD.

In the end, it doesn't matter much which guys you have-you can be ' a young man who now in Rio de Janeiro land ' or fit better in the class of those who follow the motto ' Run that the Pope is coming '. What matters is to take advantage of the papal weekend to enjoy the most that night of the wonderful city has to offer.

Thursday, March 25

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Friday, March 26

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Saturday 27

Feira de São Cristóvão

The Feira de São Cristóvão is simply one of those splitters water programs. And if you like a cultural mix, your first time will probably not be the only one.

To my personal shame, until July of this year I had not yet gone to famous Feira de São Cristóvão. The opportunity came on a Saturday, soon after arriving in the Salt stone for an evening of jazz and find a ball charm and empty. A friend suggested we start to the fair, and as we were already relatively close, we decided to go. On the way we perceive the coincidence: it was the day of St. Peter, the great commemorative of the jerk. They say that although St. Anthony be the Holy matchmaker, is the day of Saint Peter that choosing the best applicant. So I already knew what to expect, a big jerk, cachaça, karaoke, carne-de-sol and climate of flirting in the air.

The first impression is at the entrance, is that we arrive at Disneyland. But with the advantage of the entry cost $ 3. Before crossing the gate, surprise! A large banner in warned of a contest that would be there soon, "contest the most beautiful chubby of Brazil", with theme song and everything, ' beautiful thing ' of Roberto Carlos-suitable-. The fair of Saint Kitts had my heart before the entrance gate.

Between the main gate and the entrance turnstile, as Park Carousel toys, Pogo stick, shooting stalls, popcorn and rings. A jerk portion with all they have.

The fair is a space created and frequented by Northeastern migrants interested in sharing the nostalgia music, arts and food from the Northeast, and there is a bit of everything. Clothes, leather shoes-some good fashion and by r-trifle, 3D photo booth with Northeastern, accessories there Lantern and Maria Bonita, slings-suitable for moments of manifestation-penis and vaginas-whose usefulness I preferred not to understand-and several other articles.

There was even a small shop specializing in cordel literature, a popular literary genre written in rhymed and rhythmic, originated in oral reports and then printed on leaflets. The titles were a marvel, "meeting of Lantern with Adam in Paradise" and "the son of Juvenal and the serpent of fire", to name a few. A regret: not having taken a copy as a memento.

After a few minutes walking from the shops, I came to the beautiful main stage, where he rolled a genuine forró Northeast. A large poster of Tar, Brandy "brandy of the miracle" reminded me that it was time to get a drink. And then to the left side of the stage I found a stall of drinks and picturesque.

I think I did not drink a Caipifruta, those with enough sweetened condensed milk, since my adolescence in the carnivals of Arraial do Cabo. The stall break even selling the classic drink "Stick of the thigh", unpretentiously written as ' Cocha ', and also the Devil, another classic of Carnival in the region of the Lakes. Options (with condensed milk and rum) abound.

To accompany the drink, salami, tapioca, various kinds of meat and several other regional dishes. It was just choose. Even tasted the guaraná Jesus, manufactured and distributed in the State of Maranhão. But unfortunately the nice design of the packaging did not correspond to the taste of soda, nicely described by a friend as "bubbaloo soda of tutti frutti with Guarana, just that bad". At least it was a photograph.

One of the protagonists of the exhibition are the various karaoke around the Pavilion. A great time to discover that for some reason hidden several letters hinterland are decorated somewhere in your unconscious. And there is just no longer flow. The resourcefulness of the public is inviting and the shame of dissonance is at the entrance gate.

The ultimate question that I did, was why I waited so long to go meet the magic of the northeast in Rio de Janeiro. A visit did not cover even half of the charms of that place, not for nothing is in the process of recognition as intangible cultural heritage of Brazil by IPHAN. Is back one more, two more and more often.

Music tip for reading:

By Fernanda Sigilião


Fernanda Sigilião é blog writer not only the cat, which reports a curious experiments, single, exposing feelings, thoughts and feelings of a columnist on contact with the staff, resulting in an unusual way of production of information about references, people, places, and ideas.

Weekend roadmap: Forro in São João

The Alonzo are laughing the toa. It is also not for less, the weekend of São João, forró takes over at night. 4th delight! Enjoy the cold as an excuse and invite the girl to drag his foot in the Hall. Dance agarradinho and drop only when the day comes up.

Friday, 28

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Saturday, 29

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Sunday, 30

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Weekend roadmap: Brazilian Spring

The fall came to an end, and not surprisingly, winter occupies its space. But, in 2013 the climate is "Brazilian Spring". In every corner of the country people are on the streets and call for change. In Rio, we were 100 thousand on Monday and more than 1 million in the fifth (although they said 300 thousand). The people known for their joy, finally was angry. Much more than 20 cents, the claims also for education, health and politics.

For this script, the TodoRio in addition to their weekly highlights shows and parties, also supports and expects many positive changes in the city with the arrival of the "Brazilian Spring".

#vemprarua #OGiganteAcordou #vamosprarua #protestorj #juntossomosmaisfortes

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Friday, 21

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Saturday, 22

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Sunday, 23

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# bomprobolso Summer

The end of the year is here and with it, comes the summer Carnival, an endless list of Christmas gifts, a mad desire to be happy and a little price adjustment-that, just between us, were already well salted.

The good news that we have to give is that it is still possible to circumvent the absurd prices and have a lot of fun in Rio de Janeiro.

Check out all the agenda of events # bomprobolso!

Events # bonsprobolso

In the heat out there, it's hard to deny that cold beer of end of day. Those who drink too much, you know that it doesn't spend little-after all, a 600 ml bottle is worth somewhere between $ 6 and R$8. But, if you want a good soundtrack to accompany your shot, this summer brings good tidings! Check out some Surefire Tips:

Recent discovery of the producers and bands cariocas, the rudder is Stone with a super hectic schedule. It makes sense, after all the corner is perfect! In addition to being comfortable, with ample space and two kiosks that serve beer, soft drinks and delicious snacks, the location has a privileged. Some events have already discovered the preciousness and recurring dates, as have the feasts Arrhythmia, collective Track, Natural rhythm and the show Mohandas On The Rocks.

Arretado accent, spicy food and forró. The Feira de São Cristóvão concentrates the riches of Northeastern culture spread everywhere, there are more than 700 tents, squares and stages. The latter, incidentally, forró and shows receive country music all weekends for affordable prices! All this with the possibility to enjoy a delicious meat with cassava. Can You Imagine?

  • Music Bar
With a capacity of 6,500 people, the Music Bar is a great option for those who want to come out to dance, but need to save. Typically, the home features tickets with values between $ 5 and R $ 20. The Repertory?!   Varies between funk, electronic and pagoda. For the night out really cheap?! The bar organizes promotions not to be missed almost every day-has beer, Bacardi and Smirnoff for $ 1.99, double shot of tequila and quadruple dose of beer (for $ 3!).
Summer Rio is known for its outdoor events. But, with our heat and scenario, there's nothing better than Beach and music! The girl from Ipanema Park   is the solution. When summer arrives, your area receives events from various rhythms, timetables and sizes. Only two thing are equal: admission and visually stunning. Worth getting hooked on programming.

Another good tip by surroundings is the Booking +. Small and very comfortable, the store often organize free show some Sundays at the end of the day, to fit perfectly in the Center.

Almost every day, at around 19:00, São Salvador square comes to life musical. The charming gazebo, at its Center, balance the sound of several rhythms: samba, choro, juggling, marchinhas of Carnival and even rock and roll! The public, spread by the muretas, banks and bars, accompanies aloud.

After losing the grids and make a lot more charm and beauty, Tiradentes seems to be gradually recapturing colour, music and life. The summer promises. To begin with, we have the Cultural Tiradentes, event that every first Friday of the month mounts the stage in the middle of the square! There have passed Songoro Cosongo, Elza Soares, Orquestra Tabajara and Black River.

But not enough to think that the fun # boaprobolso happens only once per month. Smile, it is weekly! Every Tuesday, the Estudantina Musical, the group So what stirs the night with the best of forró. Admission varies between free and $ 10.

  • Worker's Samba

Known for being one of the more traditional sambas of Rio de Janeiro, the Samba of the worker does the party at the Renaissance Club, every Monday, with Norman light in command. The program comes out very cheap! In addition, the beers and snacks     also have values that will leave your most positive balance.

The place where samba was born in the city, the Pedra do Sal has an amazing energy, a breathtaking backdrop and a very hectic schedule. Monday and Friday are days of samba; Fourth, is the forró stirring wide; and, on some Saturday, we can count even with parties and varied shows.

Continuing between events that combine great music with cénario, we went to the Aterro do Flamengo. There, every Sunday is the Creative Park, bringing together puppet and shows for the whole family from 11:00 to 21:00. A little later, in the garden of MAM, the Flying Orchestra makes its Carnival rehearsals almost every Sunday during the sunset.

M. Park, Park of the ruins and Quinta da Boa Vista also receive frequent events. Check out more details on our agenda.

The Lapa has a fundamental role in the lives of those who are always looking to save. As well as being, in itself, a major attraction-with stalls and storage tanks that have rates below the standard, the neighborhood is record in number of events per night. Even with free options of all sizes and styles. And the best, often with great shows under the Arcos da Lapa.

Check out all the options of events # bomprobolso!


Any Other Ideas


Has no way to continue with another tip: the rudder to the Pontal; There, in the world, nothing equal to our beaches. But don't be fooled, spend the entire day in the sand is expensive, so it's always good to follow some advice.

At the end of Arpoador Beach, for example, the Bamboo tent sells coconut for $ 3--are almost $ 2 savings. Also in Arpoador, this time in stone, it is possible to admire one of the most beautiful scenes of the city, the sunset. And, have no excuses: this show is completely free.

As the beaches of Rio asked the globe and matte biscuit gallon, it's always good to have an extra money in the portfolio. It is worth remembering that, generally, Leme and Copacabana have prices slightly cheaper than Ipanema, Leblon and Barra. In either case, the tip is: amount makes a difference. Join the guys for buying everything together and a single seller; is much easier to get a descontinho.

If you are like a Sun on the Recreio Beach still wins the chance to end the day with a delicious reggae. From January, the gang of Reggae in reserve back in full force for another year of great music, sunsets and outdoor event.

Check out more details about each of the Carioca beaches.


Enjoy the waterfalls of the Tijuca forest, the Zoo in the Quinta da Boa Vista , or a simple walk in the Woods. The freshness and that "green smell" of Parque Lage and the beautiful view of the Park of Ruins. Practice tree climbing in Parque da Catacumba, meditate in Dois Irmãos Park, skating in His Park or climb the Pico do Papagaio in Parque do Grajaú.

The Green is actually in all parts of Rio de Janeiro. And with it comes the ability to breathe healthier air, play sports, get a tan without spending anything. Enjoy!

Check out more details on the parks.


Though not (yet) have the best bike trails in the world, ride a bike in Rio de Janeiro is a delightful program and zero cost. To make the ride even more enjoyable, worthwhile include two pit stops : a few minutes to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon and a "dip" in the cold shower of the Paineiras to refresh the body and cleanse the soul.

If you don't have a bike or is in Rio to tourism, it is worth trying the oranges of Bike River.

Another beautiful way to enjoy the city, practice a sport and save the Pocket, is enjoying the day in any of the numerous trails cariocas. If the heat is too, it's worth strolling through the garden until some of its waterfalls; now, if one of those beautiful days of blue sky, the hint is: climb the Pedra da Gávea -from up there, the view of the city is breathtaking.

Check out the Guide to Sports on the River.


Weekend roadmap: national day of Forró

The forró is dominating the Rio de Janeiro, everyone already knows. From the Center to the West, several venues have already booked one night to pace. Pé de serra, University or e-mail. What matters is to glue your body in another body and beat the slippers until the sun comes up.

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Weekend roadmap: Olympic weekend

Olympic Games in London and we, coming event hosts, we were infected with the sporting climate. The Friday gives the start with Triathlon. The Saturday comes soon after with the marathon of holidays and Sunday concludes with the relay of bars. The athletes win medals, not climb on the podium, but ensure a weekend of a lot of fun.

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Weekend roadmap: Goodbye, Rio + 20

The streets, Indians, tourists, locals and foreigners. Different dialects, languages and languages in Rio de Janeiro in a great cultural meeting to discuss ideas and organizing strategies. If, on the one hand, the policy left to be desired, the society showed that thirsts for changes. The wonderful city of Rio + goodbye 8:0 pm climate of celebration.

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Weekend roadmap: worker, enjoy!

As the saying goes, "God helps madruga who ever". Worker, this is your moment! Will be 4-5 days or for those who have the good fortune to be able to mend the second-to put your legs up and rest. But, wait. Rest?! That's nothing! For you who enjoy year-round rala: our float day will be given full of festivals and concerts has arrived!

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Weekend roadmap: celebrate, you're carioca

This weekend, all of us-cariocas heart and soul, born or not in Rio-we have plenty of reasons to celebrate.Aside from yesterday have been 447 years anniversary of the wonderful city, we have breathtaking, a super nice people, the possibility of a dip in the sea after a day of work and a lot of beauty. Then, choose your program and let's celebrate!

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