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Rio de Janeiro on rainy days

Rio40. Talking that way, it seems that the sun shines all year round. But, this is not so, here too it rains a lot. Thinking about it, and to know that cariocas don't like cloudy days here are some options to get out of the House and enjoy the city when it is raining.

Royal Cabinet of Reading
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Rio with Rain
Cold and rain It seems hard to believe Rio de Janeiro , but can be quite charming in rainy day. Is a great time to take the jackets and boots of the closet and parading through the streets of the city, with umbrella of course. Below, a selection of some places that are nice on rainy days.
Chez Bonbon Chocolate causes sensation of happiness. So, to cure the ill humor caused by rain, only delicious chocolates of Chez Bonbon, in Ipanema. The shop also serves soups. A good warm meal option to pass the cold and at the same time, light, to compensate for the calories of chocolate.
Confeitaria Kurt On the outside can be raining a lot, you will be protected in this cozy, enjoying your coffee piping hot with a delicious pie.
Le Pain du Lapin On that cold and rainy day, everything what you want is to stay under the duvet. In those days, the Le Pain Du Lapin is the place where you can supply the fridge to enjoy rain seeing a movie at home. Here you can buy different sweets, cakes and biscuits.
Biscuit If you're in Copacabana, grab the umbrella and pass in the Biscuit to eat a delicious pie with a coffee. It is so yummy it out in the rain.
Cultural programmes Isn't that cultural programmes such as theatres, cinemas and museums should only be made on rainy days. But certainly, when it is rainy and you bored at home a programão of these can save the weekend. Follow some tips.
Oi Casa Grande While the rain falls out there, you're watching a play. The teatro Oi Casa Grande is a good choice and with parking in shopping Leblon, you are not at risk of getting wet in the path.
Teatro Poeira Another yummy and cozy Theatre is the Teatro dust. With a family atmosphere and a cosy atmosphere is an interesting hobby to these days.
Museu Villa Lobos In Botafogo, if you don't want drama, has the option of the Museum. For example, the museu Villa-Lobos. Created a year after the composer's death, to preserve and disseminate his work.
Museu de Arte Moderna Another Museum that deserves attention and on rainy days can be a great program is the Museum of modern art. He is always getting large and important exhibitions. Located at the Aterro do Flamengo, he has own parking, making you not getting wet.
Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil Who always has a very interesting programming is the CCBB. Moreover, is so charming that is perfect for parading a stylish outfit while enjoying the ride.
Casa de Cultura Laura Alvim The mansion in Ipanema includes film, theater, art gallery and Museum.
Real Gabinete Português de Leitura If the idea is to pass the time, nothing better than books! And a beautiful place is the Royal Cabinet of reading.
Livraria Folha Seca You are in the Center and drops one temporal, to expect the rain to pass the Dry Leaf Bookstore is a tasty alternative. You can seize the moment between the books and take a delicious hot chocolate to follow.
Biblioteca Nacional And if you are in the Centre, another option is to take shelter in the national library. Quiet, nice and full of books for you to spend time away from the rain.
Restaurants In the cold and in the rain eating becomes something very nice. After all, inside the restaurant is dry and hot. Definitely, we do not like cloudy days.
La Fiorentina Food hot and delicious. Perfect for cold days. Different pasta options recheam the menu, among them the famous spaghetti with seafood. It is clear that part of the balcony is completely empty, but inside is very nice. The various photographs and signatures by the walls and Windows have entertain the privileged view of the rain falling on the beach of the rudder.
La Trattoria Italian food is one of the sought after these days. In Copacabana La Trattoria offers a variety of culinary specialties. Among the highlights are the Ravioli to funghi tartufado.
La Nonna Galeteria Still in the line of Italian cuisine, La Nonna, the bar has galetos caster and masses. Cosy atmosphere and homemade dishes not to be missed. One tip is to ask the capeletti in brodo.
Cavist Winner of the Rio 2011 Food Show, in the category of best wine, the sophisticated and Cavist is a place to drink good wine's charming.
Ben Fatto And that pizza out of the oven? Comes to make your mouth water just thinking. In Ben Fatto banana candy pizzas are worth experiencing, as well as the fettucini alfredo.
Piccola Italia And speaking of pizza, the wood-burning oven is a charm and lets the pizza with that special taste. In Piccola is well and has a round-robin fashion.
Focaccia FECHOU Are different fillings to compose the sandwiches which are served cold or hot.
Escola do Pão Breads, fruit breads, croissants, cheeses, jams, biscuits and more. All these delicacies, accompanied by a hot chocolate, form the ideal combination for rainy days.
La Forneria Strawberries flamed in port wine and pizza Regina, made with mozzarella, shrimp and cream cheese are just two examples of the menu of La Forneria declicioso. In addition to the wonderful view to one of the postcards of the city, the Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon.
Fiammetta An interesting suggestion is "Mamma Mia" pizza: cheese brie, apricot jelly and spicy Mint. The menu also includes a long list of Gnocchis, another of risotto, and a list dedicated to the masses as spaghetti, penne, lasagna. Home delivery, but the restaurant is very nice.
Luigi's During the week, the tip is to appear there at lunchtime to enjoy the dish Executive who gives the right to a pasta with a sauce and dessert.
Via 44 In the cold a homemade apple strudel recipe fits perfectly. The dessert is one of the highlights of the restaurant Via 44.
À Mineira The restaurant offers a buffet with more than 40 representatives of the cuisine of Minas Gerais. Lovely smells and fumes out of clay pots lined up just waiting for you to fill the plate.
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Ron Mueck Exhibition

This time it's really hard to get fresh from home, do you agree?

Yes, but there are several programs (mostly cultural) in our city to contemplate in this weather. I admire an exhibition that's making success by the incredibly realistic works of the great artist Ron Mueck, in the Museu de Arte Moderna do Rio de Janeiro-MAM.

There are nine sculptures made of resin, fiberglass, silicone and acrylic. Three new sculptures are displayed for the first time: two teens on the street, a mother with her baby and an elderly couple on the beach.

I hope you enjoyed the story and somehow aroused the incentive of knowing the works of this mega artist. A tip!! Buy tickets in advance (if you can) on the internet.

The demand is great and the queue is monstrous! I gave the best of luck in the pictures, because the crowding of people around is really works and makes the photographic work.

by Dada Ferreira

- - -

Carioca, a blogger from the focus of the OWL, photographer and lover in love with the wonderful city. Through her blog, she discloses charming places with super tips.

Holidays in Rio | National Library

With a collection estimated currently at more than 9 million items. The largest library in Latin America and the eighth in the world. Built in the early 20th century with the arrival of the Royal family to Brazil, d. John brought around 60 thousand pieces including books, manuscripts, maps,.

A portico with 6 columns supporting a pediment adorned with bronze figures. In the lobby, panels and bas-reliefs in bronze. Protection fence in bronze and gold brass handrail.

At the entrance, a colorful stained-glass skylight

by Adriana Avila

- - -

Like parties, music, dance, theater and loves traveling. Photograph every moment of his travels as you can and report on your blog. The carioca, who currently lives in Recife, came to spend their holidays on the river and being a tourist in your own town.

Real Cabinet reading Portuguese

Rio de Janeiro continues beautiful and in the Centre of this wonderful city, comes a story in each place where we lay. Here in Rio, the traces of Portuguese culture exist and live among ancient walls stuffed with knowledge.

The Real Cabinet reading Portuguese, is near the Tiradentes square in an alley well collapsed, where stands out as a white monument that is synonymous with literature and architectural taste. Here, sit down in Brazil and Portugal all its beauty goes against the beautiful monuments that so close are from this site (Municipal Theatre, the national library, Cathedral). This space, extreme architectural beauty was from a group of 43 Portuguese immigrants who wanted to create a library to increase the knowledge and opportunities in the marvelous city.

Admission is free and just leave the name to enter. The desire to photograph and is assumed between pictures and videos so much trying to capture the soul that lives in this place. Doors worked, gorgeous chandeliers, ceilings with drawings and floor with contours of several colors. Anyway, a sea of poetry and literature that edge the contours of Manueline architecture that marks presence here.

The photo appears before entering the building, stands in the main room and ends when its doors are closed. Stay in this place without shooting is something that costs even for those who don't feel inspired. This beautiful Library there are parts that make it unique. A structure so imposing that makes you feel the weight of history around here.

Looking up a huge stained-glass window, where the light passes and leaves all the lighting to your responsibility, taking as one of the centres of visual beauty of this place. Next to him, a large chandelier and immense light helps the library is a place to study, read, anything but talk. Here the silence is deafening.

The room is square. With several tables present in an organized manner. Surrounded by millions of books that travel in each wall, these walls lined with Portuguese culture and literary works rare. In this library is present a work that is so well studied in Portugal and in the world-the "prínceps Edition" of "Os Lusíadas".

The background and in front we found an imposing bust-Luís de Camões – one of the most important poets of Portugal.

Here everything looks great as we enter in a dream world of landscapes of yore, endless culture and of a noble mission to help and provide all books to the people democratically.

With a well-defined light comes a door to the center of the river. The door of this library de Camões is hard to pass by the amount of information that we want to stay and not forget. Going through it, there's always something we're going to be – the yearning for the old and the Portuguese literature which enriches the history of our Rio de Janeiro and this place.

By Carina Conduct Out

- - -

Portuguesa, in love with Rio de Janeiro. Writing is her recall and photograph is your new way to express themselves. Likes to live in the city and of the joys that their landscapes you transmit. Dance and gastronomy are its moments of relaxation. Loves the optimism with which it comes into the river. "Thanks" is the expression that most like to use and thanks every day the opportunity to stay here.

Weekend roadmap: St. Patrick's Day ´

The last week has begun very well. Monday, day 17/03, was St Patrick's day and some people swear feet together: he is the world's most beloved Saint. Makes sense. After all, what began as a folk celebration of Irish culture, conquered every corner of the planet with music, color green, shamrocks and leprechauns and, of course, lots of beer!

Honoring the Saint, our roadmap of weekend arrives with events that bring together high-level ethyl possibilities!

Friday, day 21

Saturday, 22

see all options

Sunday, 23

  • STREAM | 16:00 | Gilda Cantagalo
  • Arruda | 17:00 | Renaissance Club
  • F/FWD | 18:00 | Contemporary Hostel
  • Deviation | 19:00 | Dungeon Bar
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Weekend roadmap: Pre Carnival

A week for the Carnival. I mean, officially, because on the streets he has already begun. The carioca is with the schedule for the weekend full of blocks throughout the city. And this preschool we want to see people burning up the fantasies. After all, playing, jump and enjoy Carnival gets even more fun.

Ah! Enjoy the weather and send your photos to our campaign of dissemination of abundant creativity of the Rio Carnival!  Post your photo on Instagram with #todorio + #melhorfantasia or on Facebook or send by email contato@todorio.comLearn more.

Friday, 21

Check out the complete schedule of Friday

Saturday, 22

Check out the complete schedule of Saturday

Sunday 23

Check out the complete schedule of Sunday

Weekend roadmap: one more time

Week of political conflicts, irreparable losses, solutions that have provoked more questions and links discredited. Tempers are once again getting the better of you. In the middle of all this, daylight saving time ends this weekend. With the time that we win on Saturday we can do whatever we want, talk, debate, party, dance, Kiss, drink and so on. Use as you wish, because unlike the masks, the hours can still be used freely.

Friday, 14

Check out the complete schedule on Friday.

Saturday, 15

Check out the complete schedule of Saturday.

Sunday, 16

Check out the full agenda Sunday.

Check out the calendar of Carnival blocks 2014 and don't forget to photograph the BEST FANTASIES that you come across to send to us.

Weekend roadmap: the die is cast

The "accident" is attributed a series of events. Is it by chance that found, another more than remembered, some good, some not so much. But, as I have heard once in the elevator "If the subject you're lucky, you don't need anything else."

It is true that a little bit of luck never hurt anybody. It helps the chances to be more pleasurable. But, come on! We must also give a hand, counting only with she is risky. Check out the highlights of the Rio agenda of the weekend before launching the luck. So, as if by chance, it may be that you have a fun weekend.

Friday, 7

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Saturday, 8

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Sunday, 9

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Weekend roadmap: Kiss on the shoulder

Nothing more annoying when you're full of work, comes his friend and posts a photo having so much fun on vacation, his smile is not only bigger than the pile of work in front of you. This is where a hint of jealousy surge within you. But, relax. Now it's your turn. The weekend is here, you are in Rio de Janeiro, the summer calendar is full of festivals, concerts, music and interesting people in all corners of the city. Enjoy!!! And don't forget to register all their smiles to send that "kiss on the shoulder" the envious on duty. Check out the highlights of the carioca programming.

Friday, 17

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Saturday, 18

Check out the full agenda

Sunday, 19

Check out the full agenda

Second, 20 (holiday)

Check out the full agenda

Weekend roadmap: it's hot, it's hot

The heat has dominated conversations in the elevator. On the street, the few remaining shadows are disputed. It's really hot. The best thing to do is spend the weekend away from home. Face the summer the best way possible and enjoy what the season has more interesting: a cultural agenda as warm as the temperatures. Not to mention that leaving home is a synonym for meeting people. Rio de Janeiro is so crowded with tourists and accents, that you just don't find a new story if you do not want. The screenplay by weekend brings the program highlights carioca.

Friday, 10

Check out the complete schedule on Friday.

Saturday, 11 

Check out the complete schedule of Saturday.

Sunday 12

Check out the full agenda Sunday.

Weekend roadmap: the First Year

Weekend is always good, but the first of the year deserves a special toast. After all, the first tends to be very important. The first kiss is unforgettable, the first sex is very striking, the first son, much feted and this year of the World Cup, being the first is what we want. Let's toast the first of 52 weekends ahead.

Friday, 3

Check out the full agenda

Saturday, 4

Check out the full agenda

Sunday, 5

Check out the full agenda

Weekend roadmap: goals and Resolutions!

The energy of the new year is a delight! Is a great climate of hope and belief that everything can change. It's time to goals and resolutions, time to renew, deciding what should be kept and what should be changed. Is the important time to plan this year's life to come. From today until the day 31 are 5 days to think-time which gives more than enough. To facilitate, we separated the best parties you will be rolling into town to help you think better.

Friday, March 27

Saturday, 28

Sunday, 29

Tuesday, 31

Turning day is day of Garland! And the party is no shortage in the city.
Check out every option and decide yourself what better place to start a new year!

And the summer of 2014?

Every summer has a history. It is an ephemeral passion, an unforgettable journey, a mysterious Tin or a collective whistle, this time of high temperatures always results in many stories to tell.

The station marked by tanned bodies social life is relentless. Friends gather at the beach post, suddenly a song, then comes someone with beer and ready, which was a meeting of old friends, becomes a big meeting place for locals and tourists.
It takes energy to keep up with the events that crowd the agenda of Rio at this time. But, the power is in the air. The nights are warm, the tans are eager to show off and, as the year only starts after Carnival, plenty of time to enjoy every last drop of summer.
If every summer has a history, which will be to 2014? Here are our bets.

Summer Circus
Music, cuisine and many new features. This summer promises to be the most popular show in town. Great artists there is going to be there, as Caetano Veloso (releasing the DVD Abraçaço), Gal Costa, Paulinho da Viola, Nigger and Bad Religion. But the big news of the Flying Circus is project Popsicle, which will take place fortnightly Tuesdays with shows, new music and pool bath. That's right, pool! We must not forget the delicious showerhead. Very handy for a quick refresher.
More quiet than Ipanema beach and with events happening regularly in the late afternoon, the Pedra do Leme promises to be the meeting place that summer. #bomprobolso

On the beach of the Rudder (and now arriving in Ipanema) some tents provide a pool for the kids. A wonderful choice for mothers who can relax while the children have fun in the calm waters of the pool mounted right there on the sand.

Once you get finance your summer season in Catharsis, the party of Brazilian music produced by DJ Lili Prohmann will excite more once the stone of Helm in the sunset. Good music mix with a visually stunning is success. #bomprobolso
Flying Orchestra
Sets for many summers, the Flying Orchestra rehearsals in the gardens of the MAM don't disappoint and are still a hit in the summer of 2014.  #bomprobolso
On Saturdays (from 25/01) the folks at Bubble Publisher performs the happy hour, a doors open from the Publisher, with the right pool mounted on the roof of the former factory. The public can enjoy the beach chairs, beer and a delicious bath hose, are not charged tickets, no beer. The party happens to 4:0 pm to 10:0 pm. #bomprobolso

Of course ice cream always will rock in the summer heat, but this is special. Newly arrived at the River, the Mexican group Los Paleteros brings a popsicle that is irresistible and great for an ice cream on a stick. In addition to the refreshing fruit flavors, there's still the option with creamy filling to lick their chops.
Pool Party
With this heat that makes the summer holidays with swimming pools is fashionable. And when Miss pool, you may have a shower for a quick and necessary refreshed in the middle of the party.

Hula Hoop
Child's play that won the adults. Increasingly encountering people practicing the Hula-hoop in the squares, parks and even beaches. Great for fine tuning the waist, the new sets will be a hit in the summer.

Mini Cruisers
A certain skateboard, smaller than the common, has been seen on the streets of the city. Are the so-called mini cruisers, skateboards old school that, in the years 1970/1980, made success. They rely on bigger wheels, which guarantee higher performance in asphalt pitted, with ABEC 7, to give more speed, and also with a truck narrower, which helps cornering more closed than those of longboard. Another advantage is the size. With up to 58 cm in length, it occupies little space and is easy to carry. Is very practical for anyone who uses skateboarding as means of transport in cities.

Dawn in the Center (already happened)
The CCBB has prepared the project Dawn in the Center with different attractions that will make guys dance until morning. Djs and bands take turns on Saturday 28/12, 08/01 and 11/01. These days the cultural centre opens its doors for those who want to visit the exhibitions in madruga. #bomprobolso

Weekend roadmap: Xote lounge

Body with body, breathing on your neck and a dragging of feet that easily lasted until dawn. Doesn't take a genius to know what we're talking about the good old forró. What few know is that there needs to be no great genius to rock on the track. The secret: close your eyes, feel the music at the waist and collar the couple well close to you.

Why all these tips? Today, Friday, 13, is national day of Forró and, in tribute to him, our script is coming full of options to dance for two.

Friday, 13

Saturday, 14

Sunday, 15

Weekend roadmap: trick or treat?

Month starting on Friday. It is hard to even believe that the theme that governs the carioca night this weekend is Halloween. But there's no escape, with Halloween on Thursday and the day of the dead on Saturday, the climate of sorcery's spread and one thing is certain: the skeletons will shake!

Friday, 01/11

Check out all programming

Saturday, 02/11

Check out all programming

Weekend roadmap: Vinicius Watercolor

The weekend in Rio will be full of grace. On Saturday, day 19, Vinícius de Moraes would complete 100 years of life. In tribute, our roadmap of weekend arrives stuffed by humps, girls of Ipanema and sambas; After all, this was his way of prayer. And of course, let's not forget to draw a yellow sun on a piece any-who knows the star King does not give the air of his grace.
Will! Will! Will! Will! Love!

Friday, 18

See all programming

Saturday, 19

Sunday, 20

Weekend roadmap: Down a cold one

Nothing more inviting for a weekend to talk about beer, or beer as they like cariocas. This in particular, on behalf of the Grand festival Beer Experience, the subject is in the air. even those who won't, you can embark on the climate, what, between us is not so hard, and go out and Billards.

Friday, 4

Check out the complete schedule on Friday.

Saturday, 5

Check out the complete schedule of Saturday.

Sunday, 6

Check out the full agenda Sunday.

** If you drink, do not drive **

Shrimp multiplied at the table

Every year is like this: with the end of the closed season — during which fishing is prohibited--the networks fall back down over the shrimp and the low price on the market, spreading the crayfish in the menus.

The party goes until the end of August, and we include the langoustines in quick script prepared on the material submitted by the restaurants.

In the Garden, the shrimp Festival is a tradition for many years. In 2013, are several neat dishes with the same price: $ 45.

Among the novelties, there are recipes like shrimp flavor carioca, accompanied by grilled pineapple cubes and Almond Rice, curry sauce, ginger and pepper Lady finger. Or the shrimp with spaghetti of pupunha, grilled in truffle butter. The festival is on until September.

Albamarrestaurant, on Praça XV, suspended over the Guanabara Bay, one of the most beautiful views of the River with dishes on the table, presents the Shrimp season.

Is a menu of chef Luiz Incao playing till the end of the month. Starter, main dish and dessert goes for $ 100, but the recipes may come separately.

As principal, there are dishes such as Curried shrimp with fruit and coconut rice; or the shrimp Casserole with white beans, sausage, tomato concassé and seven rice cereal.

The Palace Grill, always doing festivals in topics such as ribs and river fish, announces that August is the month of shrimp and Prawn dishes like VG offers on a spit, Bobó de camarão, shrimp in Thai shrimp, cream cheese, shrimp to the Paulista and others.

Worth asking wine list, one of the best of the city with great value for money. Round Robin works to $ 88.

In the lagoon, the Italian La Forneria created menu of $ 109 to praise the crayfish.

Begins with crayfish Salad with grilled vegetables and almonds in chips, the sauce of truffle oil and lemon; then bring dough ' Paccheri ' with prawns, fresh asparagus and cherry tomatoes ' collina '; and ends with the Crayfish to Sicilian, with fresh tomato, olives, capers and lemon, with shitake mushrooms ' trifolati '.

In the same reflecting pool, enjoying the look of leisure complex opened in 2012, the Pax Lagoon has dishes such as lobster risotto, made with orange, green asparagus, leek and mascarpone, to $ 62.

And the classic Terzettoin Ipanema (with a branch at the Mall Village Mall), opened its season shrimp with six choices of dishes. There are Penne with prawns and funghi porcini ($ 60); Capellini with shrimp and Arugula ($ 60); and shrimp to the sauce of champagne, cream and paprika with Apple rice and raisins ($ 79), among others.

The Tijuca enters the list with the Otto Al Mare that promotes his first festival with the crayfish and Announces dishes such as shrimp Santa Clara: Cameroon VG sautéed in butter, cream and mushrooms, served with saffron rice to $ 76. The recipe with the name of the House has Cameroon VG garlic and oil, served with cherry tomato rice, for $ 76.

By Peter Lacy


Carioca, a journalist and campaigner in the areas of culture and gastronomy, Peter Lacy is always talking about food.

A reporter for the newspaper the Day, author of the blog the mouth in the world and weekend chef, serves as a juror in prizes such as Eating & Drinking, of Veja Rio, and the contest Food di Buteco.

Weekend roadmap: father's day

How was born the father's day? The first time was celebrated around here was in August 14, 1953. The journalist Roberto Marinho brought the idea to Brazilian lands in 1950 with the intention to have more a commemorative date to warm up the trade and sell more newspapers. The month of August was the advertiser's choice By Bhering for being a period of little movement in trade.

The rest is history. The fact is the big subject around father's day is just one: present. Among the most cited are perfumes, books and drinks. Others are a bit more eccentric: from slippers, scraps in extended tracks, belts, pillowcases, aprons with funny designs and mugs of Homer Simpson.

But why always these same gifts? Why not take your father to dance all on the dance floor to shake your hair in a rock 'n' roll show, or simply take a drink at some young bar moderninhos?
With you, to give the best gift that his father can expect: a whole night enjoying at your side.

Friday, April 09

Saturday, April 10

Sunday, day 11

Note: If you were interested in knowing about the curiosities made, here's one:

Ahn! Explains everything.

Weekend roadmap: time flies

When Friday arrives, you vibrates with joy. But, if you repair the time has passed each time faster. If they were just Friday coming up with such speed, that's fine. But Monday, are following the same rhythm. Is, "time flies, love", as would say Lulu Santos. Is on this perspective that the screenplay of this weekend offers a intense programming schedule for you to enjoy the city. If the time is flying, then that is a flight full of fun, adrenaline, passion, music and friends.

Before you begin,press play on the special listabout "Time".

Friday, 2

Check out the full schedule of Friday


Check out the full schedule Saturday

Sunday, 4

Check out the full schedule of Sunday

Weekend roadmap: Papal Weekend

The climate is of Carnival. The streets are taken by accents from all over the world, the means of transport are "operating" in the special scheme and the subject that dominates the wheels of conversation can be summed up in three letters: WYD.

In the end, it doesn't matter much which guys you have-you can be ' a young man who now in Rio de Janeiro land ' or fit better in the class of those who follow the motto ' Run that the Pope is coming '. What matters is to take advantage of the papal weekend to enjoy the most that night of the wonderful city has to offer.

Thursday, March 25

check out all the events

Friday, March 26

check out all the events

Saturday 27

About art and freedom of expression

The moment couldn't be more suitable for the Rio de Janeiro receive exposure in South America-the Pop art of Contradictions, until 14 August at MAM Rio.

In recent months, we have seen a political activism dormant for decades to win life and several reverberarem streets and claims by social media creating the perfect time to reflect on many topics. Including how art can symbolize a certain time, also representing an important form of political activism.

The exhibition explores the artistic production of Brazil and Argentina in the 60, reflecting their social and political contexts. Just 60 years, a decade so inspiring and devastating on so many levels.

The 60 years were the revolutionary years, that had to be something else if not transgressors and rebels. The Cuban revolution, the construction of the Berlin wall, the Viet Nam War, the astute construction of Brasília and the establishment of the military dictatorship in Brazil. Sum up the development of mass media and advertising, the fight for sexual freedom, and the hippie movement. In addition, of course, a strong censorship and political persecution. The context of tension and social conflict was strong not only in Latin America but around the world.

Just before the start of the Decade, emerged in England, an art movement called pop art, well known through the work of artists like Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol. And the proposal of pop art was to use images of the consumer society and popular culture in order to criticize the American way of life, featuring comics, advertisements and mass-produced objects.

This movement spread by Brazil, suffering a certain adjustment, due to the repressive context at the time. The Brazilian artists joined to form and the technique of pop art, with its critical opinion to the works and their dissatisfaction with the censorship of the military regime.

In Argentina, as well as pop art aesthetics of the Decade, artists like Marta Minujin projected to the world works and performances. In the case of performance "Leyendo las Noticias en el Río de la Plata", 1961, where involved in newsprint, she submergia in rio denouncing media fallacies. In times of Media Ninja and independent journalism collaborative, the complaint of Mary Minujin couldn't be more contemporary.

As defined by the curator of the show, Paulo Herkenhoff, "art becomes the trench of resistance in the form of symbolic guerrilla". And the exhibition reflects just that, the intersection of conflicts of a not-so-distant era and the artistic struggle. In addition to inspire, these works show the importance for a right, episodes often neglected: that of freedom of expression.

By Fernanda Sigilião


Fernanda Sigilião é blog writer not only the cat, which reports a curious experiments, single, exposing feelings, thoughts and feelings of a columnist on contact with the staff, resulting in an unusual way of production of information about references, people, places, and ideas.  

Weekend roadmap: Buddy

In the climate of friendship, the screenplay by weekend plays the role of buddy good people which is always leading you to the best nights out and brings the program highlights. Then join your friends and come out to enjoy.

Friday, 19

Check out the full agenda Friday.

Saturday, 20

Check out the full agenda Saturday.

Sunday, 21

Check out the full agenda Sunday.

FotoRio 2013

The FotoRio 2013 brings to the city the most significant names of national and international photography. The international meeting reaches its sixth edition. With exhibitions throughout the city, the goal is to increasingly value the photo as culture and show to the public a large collection of public and private.

In addition to the exhibitions also have projections and urban interventions, courses, seminars, workshops, round tables, lectures and conferences.

Programming: | Site


"Charlotte Rampling-Secret" Albums until July 21 |
The exhibition includes videos, a panel of photos made by Charlotte Rampling over the years, focusing on his family and professional life, originally fixed on the wall above his desk and 24 pictures of it signed by some of the most important and sought after photographers of the 20th century, such as: Alice Springs, Bettina Rheims, Cecil Beaton, David Bailey, David LynchHelmut Newton, Jacques Bosser, Jeanloup Sieff, Juergen Teller, Norman Parkinson, Paolo Roversi and Peter Lindbergh.

Time Gallery-AV. Atlântica, 1782, and store, Copacabana

Genesis | up to August 3
The exhibition is composed of 13 pictures of Sebastiao Salgado, a selection from the extensive work done in eight years.

* Genesis | Environmentally friendly Museum Botanical Garden | up to August 26
The exhibition is performing well (more complete) at the Botanical Garden. The Genesis series is the result of eight years of trips by 35 countries, which is being released now in concurrent exhibitions around the world and book published by Taschen, both with Lelia Wanick Salgado curated by.

Postal Cultural Center | From June 18 to August 04

"Love of life", Sabine Weiss
"A battle in time", Walter Carvalho
"Disorder", Andreas Valentin
"Unheimlich-Berlin", Thiago Barros

The Federal Justice Cultural Center | until July 21

The Mural of Pain, Peter Lucas
Fields of books, Mark Bonisson
Chambre de Bonne, Alexandre Hypólito
Rodrigo Braga, tone
Fashion minimalism, Luciana Avellar
Girls of Rio, Ana Stewart
The Serra da Capivara, Path of Susana Dobal
The Earthly Gardens of Mrs. Lota, Renan Cepeda
NO EXIT, Thomas Valentin
Little Infamies, Kitty Paranaguá, curated by Mauro Trinity
Between Hills, Claudia Jaguaribe
Field line, Rogerio Reis and Fernando Bueno

Gilda Gallery (Rua Saint Roman) | Morro do Cantagalo | Opening hours: 3rd to 6th of 1:0 pm to 9:0 pm

"Refavela" |from June 02 to July 01
For his project "REFAVELA", the artist Patricia Parinejad, spent nearly two years working in different communities of Rio de Janeiro. She documented the basic elements of settlements like structures, scaffolding, second hand materials, surfaces, walls, Windows, doors and ceilings.

The Showcase Gallery | UFRJ School of communication | Opening hours: Mon – Fri from 10:0 to 7:0 pm

Absence | until June 30
Pandilla Photographic collective with Américo Jr., Bruno and Leo Melo.

The iron and the words

The arts season in Rio is for all tastes. Who knew the time, did not repent of having gone check out the beautiful Assembly of a Midsummer night's dream, in the Parque Lage, with the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra & Opera Repertoire. Staged in the open in the grounds of the Park, on opening night, the rain waited patiently for three acts of 50 minutes and only fell at the end of the applause. The Shakespearean Magic.

Cultural Center of the newly opened Home Daros, in Botafogo, the river receives shows they have a little bit of everything. Videos, pictures, objects, installations and performances. But the highlight of my weekend was to the Mysterious Meat, exposure of the Portuguese Rui Chafes at MAM. Empty and quiet on Saturday, the Museum did not have worthwhile advantage for longer the afternoon sun in the gardens designed by Burle Marx.

The story of Rui Chafes is curious why he unites two very different talents: the passion for words and the field of sculpture. He is one of the most important contemporary artists from Portugal, and works with iron, exploring all the possibilities that this element offers. A blacksmith poet, expressing through their hard sculptures, the subtlety of words. The curves present in his work confused look, arousing the public to touch and feel the material, to make sure that it is really, not any other matter which could represent better the curvy shapes of his works. In addition, the non-obviousness of his style, give intense expressiveness sculptures. They really seem to reveal the words and feelings of the author.

The exhibition was conceived on two levels, on the ground are seven rooms, and on the ceiling, large sculptures and Marcio curator texts Doctors. In A room, are gathered works from the series "l ' inomminable feuille ...", later named "pick-pocket". These pieces were molded from the hand of the artist, and along with them, black and white photographs reveal the source of its forms, showing how the hand of Rui fits perfectly in each sculpture. Already in Two, "Hell", the artist makes a foray into the world of the dead, and draws up a reference to drawings from Botticelli to the Divine Comedy.

The Three room named "Solitude", is based on the phrase "we are alone with all that love" of the German poet and philosopher Novalis, Rui is a translator for the Portuguese language. The Four, is "In the end", where it is designed a video about the work of Influenced; the five-room is the ' the dream of Giorgio de Chrico ", and brings together square structures on the outside and inside round. The Six, "the Silence of ..." is an installation of a work in progress, thought from the artist's habit of writing and, from time to time, burn your text, and then save them in steel boxes. And finally, the seven-room, "the story of my life" is an audio-visual installation that tells the story of the artist's life.

From the ceiling, "A Painfully Mild Blow" does not pass unnoticed, even despite the unlikely location, with seven meters long and 400 kg, it floats on the exhibition as a cloud.

It is difficult to choose one of the 87 works exhibited, as preferred. All call attention, mistaking the light and the heavy, dense and smooth. But it is elementary to say that Rui, with his talent and his poetry, does not let the public come out listless from the gallery. Regardless of what each feel or interpret in his work, Rui Chafes teaches that it is possible to write in.

By Fernanda Sigilião,


blog writer not only the cat, which reports a curious experiments, single, exposing feelings, thoughts and feelings of a columnist on contact with the staff, resulting in an unusual way of production of information about references, people, places, and ideas.  

Charlotte Rampling-Secret Albums

The Centro Cultural do Banco do Brazil River marks the opening of the sixth edition of the FOTORIO 2013-international photography Meeting in Rio de Janeiro, with the inauguration of the exhibition Charlotte Rampling-Secret Albums on May 27, 7:0 pm, on the 4th floor of the CCBB.

The show will be open to the public from May 28 to July 21 and has free admission.

The result of the partnership between the FOTORIO and MEP-Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris, the exhibition takes the signature of Jean-Luc Monterosso and organization of photographer Milton Guran and anthropologist, Coordinator of the FOTORIO.

The exhibition will be divided into two rooms of the 4th floor featuring Charlotte Rampling in front of and behind the cameras. In this meeting with Charlotte Rampling, visitors, already in the first room of the show, will know in 24 trials poses, signed by some of the most important photographers of the 20 century, such as: Bettina Rheims, Helmut Newton, Alice Springs, Jeanloup Sieff, Cecil Beaton, David Lynch, David Bailey, Norman Parkinson, Juergen Teller, Jacques Bosser, Peter Lindbergh and Paolo Roversi.

To get to the intimacy of the actress, the public passes into the second room for a portal where your secret albums will be revealed gradually. In the background, a copy of the photo mural (2.40 m x 2.90 m) that she has put together over 30 years, in his Office in Paris. Family photos, children David and Barnaby, friends, their family life. In the same room, a showcase with their secret albums, shown for the first time, with the images of his childhood, his adolescence, images that express a hymn to life, and also the appetite of his travels in the far East.

In the same room a video installation with TV monitors broadcasting a original song, composed especially for her by Jean Michel Jarre (her ex-husband) for this exhibition.

Charlotte Rampling-Secret Albums presents, in two great moments, the personality of a star that has always been surrounded by a mystery uncannily reflected by its look. On the other hand, photos that she inspired the big names of the 20 century and, on the other, opening their family albums generously, revealing the life of a common woman, photographing their intimacy. Because, Charlotte Rampling is "pas une femme comme les autres".


Charlotte Rampling-Secret Albums
Exhibition of 24 images of David Bailey, Norman Parkinson, Juergen Teller, Jacques Bosser, Peter Lindbergh and Paolo Roversi. A panel of images of Charlotte Rampling.
Curator: Jean-Luc Monterosso MEP-Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris
Organization of Milton Guran
Centro Cultural Banco do Brazil | March Street, 66
Phone: (21) 3808-2020
Visitation: 3 to Don, 9:0 to 9:0 pm
End: July 21 day
Free admission.

With Carioca

The "Roll Carioca" will carry residents and tourists on a historic journey through city streets. The scripts, which run from common, were prepared by professors of history at the University Estácio de Sá and seek to uncover interesting corners River. Seven neighborhood will be exploited and their curious stories and characters come to the fore. The tours are free and will take place on the last Sunday of the month from May to November, from 9:0.


v meeting place: square in front of the Faculty of music of the UNIRIO. (AV. Pasteur, 436)
Duration of the ride: 1:0-1:10
Screenplay: take the AV. Pasteur Building of UFRJ | Benjamin Constant Institute | Pasteur | Escola Municipal Minas Gerais | Of CLA Research of mineral resources | Cia arerê Sugar Loaf | Praça General Tan | Street Ramon Franco | Gunwales of the Urca granite | AV. Portugal and return to AV. Pasteur, in the Cove of the Yacht Club.

Meeting point: in front of the restaurant Yellowing (Praça Floriano, 55-B)
Duration of the ride: 40 min – 1:0
Screenplay: Theatro Municipal | Museum of fine arts | National Library | Odeon Cinema | Sawyer Building | Mahatma Gandhi Square | Passeio Público | Arcos da Lapa.

Meeting point: in front of the entrance to the Park Madureira (Rua Soares Boiler, 115)
Duration of the ride: 40 min – 1:0
Screenplay: M. Park | Portelão (Quadra da Portela) | Main Line Train station | Viaduct of Madureira | Portela road | Belford Roxo extension Train station | Mercadão de Madureira | Return to M. Park.

Meeting point: near the João Caetano Theater, in Tiradentes square (Praça Tiradentes, s/nº)
Average duration of the ride: 50 min
Screenplay: Av. Passos | A. the Constitution | R. Alexandre Herculano | R. Luiz de Camões | Largo de São Francisco de Paula | Bc. del Rosario | R. do Ouvidor | R. Gonçalves Dias | R. da House | Largo da Carioca.

Meeting point: Praça Paulo de Frontin (Star Street)
Average duration of the ride: 1:0 – 1:30
Screenplay: awaiting information

Meeting point: Largo São Francisco da Prainha (Rua Sacadura Cabral, 75)
Duration of the tour: 1:0
Screenplay: awaiting information

Meeting point: In front of the bar the Planet Chopp (September 28, 20 Boulevard)
Average duration of the ride: 1:20 – 1:30
Screenplay: statue of Noel Rosa (Boulevard 28 September) or the Planet Chopp | Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (UERJ) | AV. September 28 | Hospital Pedro Ernesto | Boul. September 28 | Basílica Nossa Senhora de Lourdes | The village snack (technical stop) | Av. George Bastos | Village and former factory Worker Confidence | AV. Teodoro da Silva | Praça Barão de Drummond | AV. Barão de Bom Retiro | Old Garden Z.


Weekend roadmap: food, fun and art

Following the philosophy of music ' food ', of the Titans, this weekend will be to kill not only the hunger for music and parties, but also the food, fun and art. Our roadmap brings options that are not only made of music. Has irony on the slab, typical beverages of the Balkans, fantasy, antiques and much more.

Friday, May 17

Saturday, may 18

Sunday, May 19

Can | II meeting of Arts

The CAN-2nd meeting of Arts, which takes place between 22 and April 28 at various points in the city, promotes artistic encounters between the countries of Latin America. The videoinstallation account programming, musical performances, plays, debates and workshops-demonstrations, involving groups of Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador and Colombia.


Video-installation: Aru-Colombia

Consulate General of Argentina Auditorium | also 24, 25 and 26 days, from 10:0 to 8:0 pm | Free

ARU is an animation that provided the conceptual character keeps a plastic, without leaving aside an educational narrative and documentary. Begins with a subjective look of Director and ends with the telling of a woman, leader of the Ticuna tribe. Shows two moments in time of the Ticuna people drawing a parallel between the idealized community-non-existent – in which its inhabitants coexist on the basis of an innate understanding, ancestor, and the community is real, it costs to survive, facing obstacles and maintain their culture in a globalized world.

Wednesday, 24/04-OPENING

  • Music Performance: Cabernet Vocal | 8:0 pm | $ 6 (full price) and $ 3 (half price) | Teatro II – CCBB

The Cabernet, considered the best Argentine contemporary vocal group, said the theme of his new music CD argentina and Latin American: a passage through the roots of our folklore, with the artistic production of Lucho González.

Exploring the human voice, the group takes to the extreme of records playing complex sounds that amplify the sound and visual impact on the spectator. So no matter the preferred style of music to the public: the voice is the first musical instrument and a communication form understood by all. Cabernet vocal group's proposal reaches all people of different cultures and ages.

Thursday, 25/04

  • Demonstrations and discussions | Vendimia Theatre Group | From 11:0 to 1:0 pm | CAL
  • Cabernet Vocal | Of 3:0 pm to 5:0 pm | UNIRIO-Room Villa Lobos
  • Contraelviento Group | Of 5:0 pm to 7:0 pm | City University-Ipanema.
  • Music Performance: Default Orchestra-Brazil | 8:0 pm | $ 6 (full price) and $ 3 (half price) | Theatre II-CCBB.

The Orchestra has developed five years ago By a research and musical performance dedicated to reflection about Brazilian cultural identity. The group is formed by members and former members of the wind Orchestra of the art and the Futuristic-Hearts directed by Orchestra composer Egberto Gismonti, with whom the Group has toured through Brazil and Europe since 2010 and prepares to burn a disc in 2013.

In 2012, the Orchestra recorded its first CD titled "Songs to welcome Jorge Amado", in honor of the centenary of the Bahian writer, with musical direction by Lewis Potter and Bruno Correa Bordallo artistic direction.

Friday, 26/04

  • Theatrical presentation: Group Merges – Juiz de Fora | 8:0 pm | $ 6 (full price) and $ 3 (half price) | Theatre II-CCBB.

Synopsis of the show MY PERFECT DAY
Mr M wakes up every day and goes out to the terrace of his apartment building in the center of a great city. He spends the day drinking coffee, reading the newspaper, playing ball, basking in the heat of noon. at dusk, with the neighbors listening to music and football on the radio, he feels more clearly the size of your loneliness. The night arrives and the lights of the buildings look like a starry sky. Resolves to sleep on the roof waiting for your touch phone. He is a teacher of languages. It is a clown, a loser who not only loses the ability to dream and the desire to play.

Saturday, 27/04

  • Theatrical Presentation: Vendimia Group Theater – Colombia | 11:0 | Free | Largo do Machado

Synopsis of the show LAS MUERTES DE LOS POETAS
The show is narrated by the Greek poet Aeschylus that is accompanied by two characters: La Zamba, which at first supports submissively, and death, waiting for his death. The story begins with the great Greek poet, which in turn represents the Eurocentrism, and La Zamba that, through the representation of various characters, embodies European poets.

However, with a euphoria produced by character Calibán "the storm", the Greek poet does not stand in search for Latin American writers and poets. After witnessing all the mixing through party-packed by Death-and to see the wealth of the continent represented by the characters of different cultures of the region, Aeschylus allows itself to be seduced by a Latin American tyrant and enters the game of representation.

Dipped in character and in a cathartic state produced by the despot, La Zamba and death take the poet into a trap and put inside a car to take you from village to village, and, as a puppet of the circus, tell the story of a Europe in decay and an America alive and popular.

  • Open Rehearsal: Crossing Theater Group-Brazil | 5:0 pm | Free | Teatro II – CCBB

Synopsis of the show in the process of land and sea
A girl writes his name on the trunk of a tree and, overcome with emotion, drops a flower. Time passes and the tree still guards the girl's name on your body, and she, what will be done to your flower? The girl grows and knows his great love, but before they declare, comes the war that separates them. He part with just a suitcase with many stories and she sits on a beach waiting for your love.

A sea away, they communicate through letters which are not always received. Injured, he shall report the news from authorities fight: a gardenia and a love letter. She, supported only by a tree, sees his life be written in the sands of the beach. Anyway he returns, but his beloved is no longer where he left her. A girl tells him that the woman's tears were so many that merged to the waters of the sea and every drop spilled, sprouted a gardenia and she went after them to decorate the ground for when your love came back ...

  • Theatrical Presentation: Contraelviento Group-Ecuador | 8:0 pm | $ 6 (full price) and $ 3 (half price) | Teatro II – CCBB

Synopsis of the show AL FINAL DE LA NOCHE
The show is an inner dialogue. A tour of the place. The memory of one night or many nights that are one. Eve is the daughter of successive debates we will be sinking in a society without hope. Witness of infamous wars that embrace silencing its voice. Is a young girl living in a time when it is dangerous to be a woman. His grandparents and his sons were murdered, started her memory and banalizaram their dreams. Is a city dweller which prefers to run away. Opens doors that lead to houses closed, discovers the pain of being in the new millennium. Feel the death of son Nanayakkara rooted in his eager soul and lacking in love. On the edge, on the edge of a deep abyss and black as the end of the night, she recognizes and transitions in their interior worlds. Does the life, this Life, which is Vieja in its mysteries, listen to it. Learn then living, after all.

With the heads-up group
9:0 pm | Value: $ 15
Space: Banana Z-Street Sílvio Romero, 57-Lapa

Sunday, 28/04

  • Presentation: Terreirada Popular Culture Of Ceará | 4:0 pm | $ 6 (full price) and $ 3 (half price) | Teatro II – CCBB
  • Closure | Music performance: block d ´ step + special guest Vocal Cabernet group | 7:0 pm | Teatro II – CCBB


  • Consulate General of Argentina Auditorium-Praia de Botafogo, 228-mezzanine (Argentina Building)
  • CAL-Casa das Artes de Laranjeiras: Rua Rumânia, 44
  • UNIRIO-room Villa Lobos: AV. Pasteur, 296-Urca
  • City University: AV. Epitácio Pessoa 1964-Ipanema
  • CCBB
  • Largo do Machado
More information on Enalata site.

Weekend roadmap: Salve Jorge!

The Tuesday is George and the cariocas are cock-a-hoop. The party starts on Friday and there is no shortage of events, or places to toast the Holy Warrior. Check out the tips of the screenplay of this weekend.

To accompany the reading press play in the list of videos with our "Jorges" popular Brazilian music.

Friday, 19

See the complete agenda Friday.

Saturday, 20

See the complete agenda Saturday.

Sunday, 21

See the full agenda Sunday.

Monday, 22 

See the full agenda Monday.

Tuesday, 23

See the complete agenda Tuesday.

** the theme is Jorge;)

Weekend roadmap: Burning calories

After gorging on chocolate Easter is the time to deal with the consequences. A week has passed and if there are sweets in the box, the best is to get rid of them as soon as possible. Very likely that the sites of diets are hitting records of access, but you can go back to them in the second. For the weekend the TodoRio script has a recipe well light the base of fun.

Friday, 5

The Happy hour is good to remember that a few drinks are less caloric and water has no calories.

Sake = 50 calories

** Also check out the script with the best Japanese restaurants in Rio

Wine = 110 calories (1 cup)


Dance (average of 6 calories per minute) and Kiss (a kiss as well as = about 12 calories). Here are tips for parties that the part of the dance is guaranteed. Now the Kiss, you decide on time, but has seen it's worth.

Sing (1:0 = 110 calories). You can release the voice and sing together in concert this Friday.

Check out the full schedule of Friday

Saturday, 6


Pedaling (1:0 = between 300 and 600 calories) and run (20 calories per minute), the idea is to move the body and detoxify the chocolatada this Easter. On the River, there is no lack of places to exercise.

** Also check out the Guide to Sports on the river


Continuing on the "diet carioca" Saturday is day of celebration. The samba (1:0 = 400 calories), hip hop (1:0 = 500 calories) and funk (1:0 = 600 calories) are powerful rhythms in the loss of calories.

The Festival Is All True

The biggest festival of documentaries from Latin America reaches its 18th Edition. In the full year of age, the "it's all true" presents a selection of 82 titles, from 26 countries. The festival takes place simultaneously in Rio and in São Paulo between days 4 and April 14. The cariocas can check out the sessions onOffice Moreira Salles, the CCBB, the Cinépolis Lagoon, in the Museum of the Republic and in the Auditorium BNDES. Admission is free.

Twenty productions participate in premiere world. Among them are the seven long competitors of Brazilian competition of long and medium-length films. Are they, "Serra Pelada-the legend of the Golden Mountain" by Victor Lee, "the universe", by Sally Back, "Ozualdo Candeias and Cinema" by Eugenio Puppo, "they killed my Brother," Cristiano Burlan, "in search of Iara" by Francis Frederick, "the soul of the People" by Helena Solberg and David Meyer and "Antarctica", Evaldo Mocarzel. In the category of short films will be showing movies, of which nine, five are completely unedited.

The International Retrospective of this year honors the Soviet filmmaker Dziga Vertov (1896-1954) and brings the audience great hits like "the camera man to film", in 1928. In Brazilian Retrospective debate revolves around "Jango and the path to 64".

Check out the full schedule.

International documentary Conference

The 13th International documentary Conference will be held at the Museum of image and sound, between 09 and April 10. The theme is the relationship between the movie and the avant-garde documentary, classic and contemporary. Among the participants are the filmmakers Alan Berliner, Nann and Susana Sousa Dias and critics Michael Renov, Patricia and Rubens Machado Rebello. There will be simultaneous translation and admission is free.

More information on the website of the festival.

VI Week of poetry

World Poetry Day is approaching. To celebrate the date, the movement "by a River Capital of Poetry" organized the VI Poetry week.Different literary events bring more poetry to cariocas. Check the schedule:

Thursday, March 14

Friday, March 15

Saturday, March 16

  • Poetic Garden | Rue Robert Schumann, 193 (Jardim América) | 19:00

Sunday, March 17

Monday, March 18

  • Spoken Poetry lesson at Home Poem | Palino Fernandes Street (Botafogo) | 20:00

March 19

  • Poetry in Feast | Escola Municipal João VI-r. Darke de Mattos, 166 (Higienópolis) | 10:00
  • II Central Soiree | Brazil-Central State College r. Rio Grande do Sul, 49 (Meier) | 16:00

March 20

  • Poetry in Feast | Escola Municipal João VI-r. Darke de Mattos, 166 (Higienópolis) | 10:00

March 21

Follow the information in the Capital by a river of poetry.

The best movies of the year

Came to Ash Wednesday and you realized that your body can't take more revelry, their ears do not support more marches and your liver can not get close to the glass of beer. If you are in this State, we have good news: beginning today the show the best movies of the year at the CCBB.

Ten films shown over 2012-national – and two selected by critics, were playing in the room 1 of the Centro Cultural do Banco do Brazil until March 3. The shows also will promote discussions about movies and tribute to two great Brazilian Directors: Paulo César Saraceni and Carlos Reichenbach.

Chosen in December 2012, are part of the show films dealing with social, political, sexual issues, and revisiting the American genre cinema, beyond those that have produced through the stories homage to cinema. One of the choices, the best film chosen was "separation" by Asghar Fahradi.

The list is completed with "Shame", "Argo", "the invention of Hugo Boss", "this is not a movie", "the Artist", "A Passionate Someone" and "Drive". The two national films that are in the list of the best of the year, "the mouse" and "fever music according to Tom Jobim", will be forwarded a trophy for their directors Claudio Assis and Nelson Pereira dos Santos, respectively.

The show also brings in his crate debates on movies, with guests and members of the ACCRJ (Association of film critics in Rio de Janeiro), which has the function to assist the public in understanding the film thinking that led to the creation of related works. In addition to the films, the festival will pay tribute to two great directors: Paulo César Saraceni and Carlos Reichenbach, who will have their films "the House Murdered" and "Film" Dementia, respectively, displayed especially for the occasion.


Day 13/2, Wednesday

  • 3:30 pm | This is not a film, Jafar Panahi and Mojtaba Mirtahmasb (Iran, 2011, 12 years, 75 min)
  • 05:00 pm | The separation, Asghar Farhadi (Iran, 2011, 12 years, 123 min)
  • 7:15 pm | Shame, of Steve McQueen (United Kingdom, 2011.18 years, 101 min)

Day 14/2, Thursday

  • 3:10 pm | According to Tom Jobim's music, by Nelson Pereira dos Santos and Dora Jobim (Brazil, 2011, free, 88 min)
  • 4:50 pm | A Someone in love, by Abbas Kiarostami (Japan/France, 2012, encyclopedia, 129 min)
  • 7:15 pm | Mousefever, Cláudio Assis (Brazil, 2011, 18 years, 110 Min)

Day 15/2, Friday

  • 3:30 pm | The MurderedHouse, Paulo César Saraceni (Brazil, 1971, 14 years, 103 min) > tribute to Paulo César Saraceni
  • 5:20 pm | Dementia, movie Carlos Reichenbach (Brazil, 1985, 16 years, 90 min) > tribute to Carlos Reichenbach
  • 07:00 pm | The separation, Asghar Farhadi (Iran, 2011, 12 years, 123 min)

Day 16/2, Saturday

  • 03:00 pm | The invention of Hugo Boss, Martin Scorsese (USA, 2011, free, 126 min)
  • 5:20 pm | The Artist, Michel hazanavicius (France/Belgium, 2011, 12 years, 100 min)
  • 7:10 pm | Mousefever, Cláudio Assis (Brazil, 2011, 18 years, 110 Min)

Day 17/2, Sunday

  • 03:00 pm | This is not a film, Jafar Panahi and Mirtahmasb, Mojtaba (Iran, 2011, 12 years, 75 min)
  • 4:30 pm | Argo, Ben Affleck (USA, 2012, 14 years, 120 min)
  • 6:50 pm | Drive, by Nicolas Winding Refn (USA, 2011, 16 years, 100 min)

Day 19/2, Tuesday

  • 3:30 pm | This is not a film, Jafar Panahi and Mirtahmasb, Mojtaba (Iran, 2011, 12 years, 75 min)
  • 05:00 pm | The separation, Asghar Farhadi (Iran, 2011, 12 years, 123 min)
  • 07:05 pm | Debate with members of ACCRJ and guests

Day 20/2 Wednesday

  • 3:10 pm | According to Tom Jobim's music, by Nelson Pereira dos Santos and Dora Jobim (Brazil, 2011, free, 88 min)
  • 4:50 pm | A Someone in love, by Abbas Kiarostami (Japan/France, 2012, encyclopedia, 129 min)
  • 07:05 pm | Debate with members of ACCRJ and guests

Day 21/2, Thursday

  • 03:00 pm | The invention of Hugo Boss, Martin Scorsese (USA, 2011, free, 126 min)
  • 5:20 pm | The Artist, Michel hazanavicius (France/Belgium, 2011, 12 years, 100 min)
  • 07:05 pm | Debate with members of ACCRJ and guests

Day 22/2, Friday

  • 3:20 pm | Dementia, movie Carlos Reichenbach (Brazil, 1985, 16 years, 90 min) > tribute to Carlos Reichenbach
  • 05:00 pm | The MurderedHouse, Paulo César Saraceni (Brazil, 1971, 14 years, 103 min) > tribute to Paulo César Saraceni
  • 07:00 pm | Shame, of Steve McQueen (United Kingdom, 2011.18 years, 101 min)

Day 23/2, Saturday

  • 03:00 pm | According to Tom Jobim's music, by Nelson Pereira dos Santos and Dora Jobim (Brazil, 2011, free, 88 min)
  • 4:40 pm | The invention of Hugo Boss, Martin Scorsese (USA, 2011, free, 126 min)
  • 07:00 pm | Drive, by Nicolas Winding Refn (USA, 2011, 16 years, 100 min)

Day 24/2, Sunday

  • 03:00 pm | This is not a film, Jafar Panahi and Mojtaba Mirtahmasb (Iran, 2011, 12 years, 75 min)
  • 4:30 pm | A Someone in love, by Abbas Kiarostami (Japan/France, 2012, encyclopedia, 129 min)
  • 6:50 pm | Argo, Ben Affleck (USA, 2012, 14 years, 120 min)

Day 26/2, Tuesday

  • 3:40 pm | The MurderedHouse, Paulo César Saraceni (Brazil, 1971, 14 years, 103 min) > tribute to Paulo César Saraceni
  • 5:30 pm | Dementia, movie Carlos Reichenbach (Brazil, 1985, 16 years, 90 min) > tribute to Carlos Reichenbach
  • 07:05 pm | Debate with members of ACCRJ and guests

Day 2/27, Wednesday

  • 3:20 pm | Mousefever, Cláudio Assis (Brazil, 2011, 18 years, 110 Min)
  • 5:20 pm | Shame, of Steve McQueen (United Kingdom, 2011.18 years, 101 min)
  • 07:05 pm | Debate with members of ACCRJ and guests

Day 28/2, Thursday

  • 3:10 pm | Drive, by Nicolas Winding Refn (USA, 2011, 16 years, 100 min)
  • 5:0 pm | Argo, Ben Affleck (USA, 2012, 14 years, 120 min)
  • 07:05 pm | Debate with members of ACCRJ and guests

Day 01/3, Friday

  • 3:20 pm | According to Tom Jobim's music, by Nelson Pereira dos Santos and Dora Jobim (Brazil, 2011, free, 88 min)
  • 05:00 pm | A Someone in love, by Abbas Kiarostami (Japan/France, 2012, encyclopedia, 129 min)
  • 7:20 pm | Shame, of Steve McQueen (United Kingdom, 2011.18 years, 101 min)

Day 02/3, Saturday

  • 03:00 pm | The invention of Hugo Boss, Martin Scorsese (USA, 2011, free, 126 min)
  • 5:20 pm | The Artist, Michel hazanavicius (France/Belgium, 2011, 12 years, 100 min)
  • 7:10 pm | Mousefever, Cláudio Assis (Brazil, 2011, 18 years, 110 Min)

Day 03/3, Sunday

  • 03:00 pm | The separation, Asghar Farhadi (Iran, 2011, 12 years, 123 min)
  • 5:20 pm | Argo, Ben Affleck (USA, 2012, 14 years, 120 min)
  • 7:30 pm | Drive, by Nicolas Winding Refn (USA, 2011, 16 years, 100 min)


The best movies of the year
Location:Centro Cultural Banco do Brazil Cinema > I | March Street, 66
Dates:From February 13 to March 3, 2013
Tickets: $ 6 (whole) | $ 3 (student)
Capacity: 102 places

Weekend roadmap: the San Sebastian

January 27 is the day of Saint Sebastian, the patron saint of the city of Rio de Janeiro. It would be a public holiday, if it weren't Sunday. Therefore, we can only ask the Saint to bless our long-awaited weekend with good weather and schedules of raze. But, if he is able to convince St. Peter, we will avail ourselves anyway. After all, we are in Rio and that alone is reason enough to celebrate! Check out our weekend itinerary and enjoy.

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King's Theatre: this child

At the end of the session "this child" felt a shiver and the impression that I had just watch still would reverberate in my head for days.

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Weekend roadmap: national day of Forró

The forró is dominating the Rio de Janeiro, everyone already knows. From the Center to the West, several venues have already booked one night to pace. Pé de serra, University or e-mail. What matters is to glue your body in another body and beat the slippers until the sun comes up.

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Imperial River

Rio de Janeiro was the capital of the Brazilian Empire from 1822 to 1889. With the title came to be the only city to host a European Empire outside of Europe. Are still preserved buildings, gardens and monuments that tell the story of the Portuguese royal family in the city. The Imperial River roadmap proposes a tour to go back in time and learn a little more of the past.

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Rio 2012 + Design

The River + Design, an event that encourages appreciation of Rio design through the use of Brazilian raw materials for building innovative, ecological projects and technologically advanced, comes to MAM between November 29 and December 6.

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50th Festival Villa-Lobos

More than 60 attractions make up the 50th Edition of the Festival Villa-Lobos that happens in different places of the city from 9 to 25 November. This year's Honoree is Arminda Villa-Lobos, known as ' Fiona '. The widow of the composer created and directed the festival Villa Lobos Museum for almost 25 years.

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A different ride

All Carr knows that the Heart of the city is a huge area, with a number of buildings and places of cultural and historical value-but even those who work there does not usually have time to stop and observe calmly architecture. And few know in details the history of the historic centre.

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Panorama Festival 2012

Celebrating 21 years of existence, the Festival Panorama arrives in another edition to reinvent, rethink forms templates and links.

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Weekend roadmap: To shake the skeleton

Enjoy the holiday of all souls ' day to raise the dead and shake the skeleton. After all, nothing like a good dance floor and friends to give more life to life. And on Sunday, nothing to be enjoying the sofa or whining over a Monday; Sunday is the day of burying the bones! Indulge of soul to the weekend!

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Rio Restaurant Week

Until the day November 04, the 7th Edition of the Rio Restaurant Week is in town, with about 60 participants and many rookies. The event provides that cariocas delight with creations from some of the best restaurants in town, at discounted prices.

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The Impressionists

Until 13 January, CCBB promises turn into Paris-more specifically in the Musée d'Orsay. The seven rooms of the cultural center are busy with a selection of 85 masterpieces sent directly by the French Museum. With you, "the Impressionists" (and some post-Impressionists) of Paris.

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Enjoy, is children's day!

Being a child is the greatest fun! Without worrying about "humiliated", these kids if released without fears or concerns. On children's day, enjoy. An entire holiday programs made especially for you to enjoy with the children.

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Weekend roadmap: Forbidden for minors

With so much children's programming who is not a child or has no one ends up having the impression that the children holiday does not have space for adults. It is there that you're wrong. The nights this weekend are filled with parties and shows prohibited to minors. The animated programming invites people over 18 to dance, drink, flirt and go to sleep well after the 10:0 pm.

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Evening in Leblon

The Sun begins to download and paints the sky with a gorgeous coloring. The most charming time of day, in the most charming neighborhood of Rio. The late afternoon in Leblon is a program that deserves mention.

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The best breakfast in Rio

The smart ones know, the ideal is "coffee like a King, lunch like a Prince and dinner like commoner". In addition to being the most important meal of the day, the breakfast itself is a delight! Breads, jams and juices make any day get better.

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Waltz No. 6

In the piece by Nelson Rodrigues, a young girl of 15 years who has been murdered while playing a piano Waltz tries to remember what happened. Two names do not come out of his head, Paul and Sonia, and gradually, she reminds you of some bodies; a barefoot man; someone without a face; a doctor; a supposed cousin or groom; a married man; a girl who left childhood and turned woman. All this confusion of ideas is staged in the form of animation theater, in assembling the Portable Theatre Company, directed by Alexandre Bankole, performing at the CCBB.

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Waltz No. 6

In the year of the centenary of the birth of Nelson Rodrigues, a deserved tribute. For the first time, one piece by Nelson Rodrigues will be adapted for the theater of animation. "Waltz No. 6" monologue written in 1951, will be performing at the CCBB from day 13.

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Weekend roadmap: the many weeks of August come to an end

It seems unbelievable, but that's right, this Friday is still August. That pardon Virgos and leonin, but this month with five Friday, four Saturday and two moons took to reach the end. With so many parties, the carioca now is putting water in the bean "while the 1st is not enough. Florido, September has its debut well in agito of the weekend, but for help brings several good schedules for the Pocket.

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Rio Gastronomy

More than 500 restaurants participate in the Rio 2012 Gastronomy. From 16 to 26 August, the festival promotes a great banquet for the city combining cuisine and art. Participants offer a special menu with starter, main dish and dessert-at competitive prices.

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Fondue and Soups

With the winter, even this hotter than Rio de Janeiro, there is also the desire to vary the menu and nothing matches more with the station than fondue. Is cheese, beef, chicken, fruit or chocolate, gather friends around the pot is, above all, a pleasant and heated program for the weekend. In Rio de Janeiro, to be delighted also with soups and broths you must take advantage of any small temperature drop.

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Premiere of the piece Knife in meat

When you get tired after a day at the stop, the prostitute Sueli Neil (Marta Paret) finds in his room the pimp Vado (Rogerio Barros), which starts the series of assaults by accusing the one who explores of theft. Passionate, Neusa exposes its existence overrated, while homosexual comes in Velvet (Danilo Watanabe), starting and seduction power cruel game involving three characters.
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The most anticipated of this year exhibition took but arrived. More than 280 Alberto Giacometti works, one of the greatest artists of the 20th century, gain space in MAM .

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King's Theatre: the play of marriage

One day the husband comes home and says he is leaving his wife and the marriage of 30 years. He is Jack (Dudu Sandroni) and she is Gillian (Guida Vianna).
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Holidays in the cold

It is indisputable, cariocas don't like cloudy days ... But, C'mon, the winter of Rio de Janeiro has its positive side. The beautiful intense blue sky days and pleasant climate are perfect to enjoy a beach with warm water or spend the day riding. Check out these and other tips to occupy very well your winter vacation!

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Musicals in Rio

Broadway is here! Hype aside, the affirmative is based on several major musical productions in theaters in Rio. The set of music, dance, theatre, elaborate sets and costumes have attracted audiences of all ages. The acclaimed performance of Claudia Raia in Cabaret, Marília Pêra in Herivelto as met and the detailed costumes of the Wizard of Oz, are examples of this is the season to drop the voice.

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Anima Mundi 2012

The biggest event of the animation reaches its 20th Edition Latin America and prepares a big party between 13 and 22 July. Are two decades Anima Mundi , festival that features the best in animation, and encourages new talent.

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July exhibitions

July holidays, everything is cause for celebration, after all, you're on vacation! Free days, can wake up late and stroll through the city. An interesting and very enjoyable program is to provide some cultural exhibitions for free. Check out these tips.

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Weekend roadmap: Goodbye, Rio + 20

The streets, Indians, tourists, locals and foreigners. Different dialects, languages and languages in Rio de Janeiro in a great cultural meeting to discuss ideas and organizing strategies. If, on the one hand, the policy left to be desired, the society showed that thirsts for changes. The wonderful city of Rio + goodbye 8:0 pm climate of celebration.

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BMW Jazz Festival

Arriving at its second edition, the BMW Jazz Festival takes place from 11 to 13 June at Oi Casa Grande. After the success of its debut Edition, the festival brings, once again, names and revelations from the world of jazz. The idea is to present to the public a complete repertoire with different lines of jazz and its aspects.
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Weekend roadmap: holiday of Corpus Christi

Finally we reached over a weekend! Will be 4 days of rest ... But if you're not managed to be programmed to go travel, go enjoy the Jazz Festival in Rio das Ostras or will have to work in full Friday, don't worry! After all, the River will be full of parties, concerts and gringos!

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Parallel to the Rio + 20

The Rio + 20, which takes place from 13 to 22 June, discusses the search for sustainable development. Some other events, which do not belong to the official agenda of the Conference, but that are also engaged in this movement.

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Scene International Brazil

From today until the day 11, the Rio de Janeiro hosts the festival International Brazil Scene, with popular prices theatrical performances 23. In addition, the project includes street theatres, workshops and lectures.

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Botanical Garden: for all tastes

For some it's just a neighborhood of passage, for others a pleasant tree-lined place to live. Regardless of locals and visitors, the Botanical Garden has among its attractions a variety of bars and restaurants that meet the expectation and need for everyone.

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Weekend roadmap: rain or shine

Elevator conversation seems to, but is not, that time walks even crazy. An hour it's cold, another opens world's biggest Sun, suddenly it rains this week was hard to predict. But, make rain or shine, it's weekend and you deserve to have fun. While São Pedro do not decide and the weather forecast will not set, prepare a roadmap with programming for both options, so do not have error.
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VII International Festival of Harps

Is going on the VII International Festival of Harps do Rio. Overall, there are 89 concerts with musicians from 25 countries, until the end of May. The presentations take place throughout the city, at varying times and more than once a day., Corcovado, Fiscal Island Fort Copacabana, Royal Cabinet read Portuguese, among others are getting the festival.

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Carioquinha Project

Proving to be carioca is good year-round, the project reaches its 14th edition Carioquinha bringing special prices for the inhabitants of Rio to take advantage of the winter in the marvelous city.

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Shows Carioca

On April 21, the MAM Rio inaugurates the exhibition "Shows Carioca," a pedestrian Boulevard with 47 works belonging to the collection of the Museum. The exhibition will have different techniques and media, such as sculptures, installations, paintings, drawings, photographs and prints, all of artists who live or have lived in Rio de Janeiro.

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Weekend roadmap: Number 13 can bring luck

For many people the Friday 13 can symbolize fear and bring misfortune to the fore a number of superstitions. Que tal change the perspective?! The number 13 can bring luck, anyway this weekend that had everything to be gloomy options is shows and parties that will ensure the fun.

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It's All True

Premier event exclusively dedicated to documentaries from South America, the project is all Truth was created in 1996 by the critic Amir Labaki.

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The Center and the arts

The Centre of the city is not only a place of work, is also a neighbourhood where different cultural schedules are concentrated. Say this may be for some novelty and obviousness to others. With that in mind, we've assembled the exhibitions that are happening so that you can organize between work and leisure time to enjoy what the Center at its best: art.
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The hosts of Future

The City Hall of Rio, by Riotur, launched the project "Hosts of the future" with the objective of preparing children to receive millions of tourists who must arrive at Rio de Janeiro in the coming years due to major events to come.
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Gilberto Chateaubriand collection at MAM

The exhibition with the new acquisitions of Gilberto Chateaubriand begins on Wednesday, March 21, at MAM. The show that's been happening every three years, brings to this Edition works purchased between 2010 and 2012. There are about 70 works of Brazilian artists recently incorporated to the collection.
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The flavors of the Rudder

Who knew that the small neighborhood of Rudder would have so many options for a good meal? Its residents. These are safisfeitos with the populars in the region. Has Italian, seafood, coffee, cookie, sushi or grilled rump steak only an suquinho.

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Women with affection

Being a woman life is mere trivial incident, says the Sky's music. Pra carioca woman is a blessing to be more than a corpo dourado, coming and going, on a path to balance sweet sea. Today is the day to welcome women of all colors, of various ages, many loves!

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In Carnival | Friday, day 17

Screenplay by programming the Carnival Friday, day 17.

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In Carnival | Saturday 18

Programming roadmap of Carnival Saturday, day 18.

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In Carnival | Tuesday, day 21

Screenplay by programming the Carnival Tuesday, day 21.

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Endpoint Without Breaks

The exhibition "endpoint without Pauses", Ensor, occupying the Monumental Space of the installation with the great River MAM namesake of sculptor paulistanan, was extended until February 29, 2012.

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The route of Affective Tarsila do Amaral

One can say that Rio de Janeiro has always had very important role in the life of Tarsila do Amaral: it was here, in the marvelous city, that the artist made his first show, in 1929. After 43 years without Tarsila in Rio , the CCBB surprises with an exhibition entirely dedicated to painter.

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Weekend roadmap: heating up tambourines

There is no doubt: it is Carnival. All festivals and concerts this weekend already revolve around of samba and fantasies. It's a masquerade ball here, a Carnival there and many blocks scattered through the streets of the city. But is a tip: stay tuned because the police do Rio went on strike!

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Cinema in CCBB

Anyone who loves cinema won't want to miss this. The CCBB displays, 14 to 26 February, the best movies of the year. The show brings together 12 elected by critics the best movies of 2011. You need to check to see if you agree or if I would add other productions, but this is for the program after the chat session.

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Exhibition of Nan Goldin at MAM

Leaving the controversy aside, the Museu de Arte Moderna do Rio opens its doors and embraces with passion "Heartbeat", the largest exhibition of American artist Nan Goldin has performed in Brazil.

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CCBB on verge of Copacabana

The CCBB reaches out to areias de Copacabana with different shows and educational and cultural activities. The project takes place in the 17 Kiosk and counts with the presence of singers, Moacyr Luz, Elisa Addor and Gabriel Cavalcante. Will get plenty of Brazilian music to animate the Saturday of February. In addition to shows, they will have workshops on Sundays.

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Weekend roadmap: Goodbye January

After so many days of sunshine and blue sky, Peter decided it was time to appear and bring a chuvinha for the carioca people. But in the summer, nothing is a reason for sadness or complaint! Enjoy the day to rest, and the night come out to say farewell to 2009! Reasons not go missing: the Rio agenda is full of events.

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Elis Regina Carvalho Costa

Passionate voice, Elis Regina seems to have been the greatest singer of Brazil, despite its 1 m. Caetano , For it was like a diva of the great Gil world; pra, love Nelson Motta ideal; pra, a love affair; and still had Bôscoli  children with César Camargo Mariano and.

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Weekend roadmap: Viva San Sebastian!

This week's special! With a weekend which begins on Thursday, the Rio de Janeiro has plenty of reasons to toast, celebrate and fall into gandaia! The days are marked by a enchurrada of events. And viva San Sebastián!!

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International Parties and Concerts landing on Rio in January

In this month of January in Rio, there is not only preparing for the Carnival, but also international attractions landing here. Check out a selection of events to complement or flee the climate of revelry that already by the city.

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Bhava: Universe of Indian cinema in the CCBB

The Ministry of culture and the Banco do Brazil bring the CCBB the biggest Indian Film Festival already held in the country. There are more than 30 productions of India, all unpublished in Brazil. Bhava: Universe of Indian Cinema happens to 6 to 30 December.

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Enjoying the Week

The climate of vacations and summer already gripped everyone! With so many options scattered around town, is hard to wait 5 days to get a good show, theatre or exhibition. So, why not start today?!

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Festival CulturaDigital. Br

Day 02 of December, begins the third edition of the Festival of Digital culture, which leads lectures, debates, meetings, activities hand in the mass, exhibitions and artistic performances to MAM-Rio the and Cine Odeonthe.

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New Lapa Jazz agitates the Praça Tiradentes

Appeared on the streets of Lapa, and having firmed as one of the most active cultural groups by the occupation of public spaces, the New Group presents Jazz Lapa on Wednesdays at night in the charming Largo Albino Pinheiro, at Praça Tiradentes.

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Morro de Amores, Rio

If you could say pro world your message for a better life, which would speak? From that questioning Carioca Footprint , decided to leave to the streets, asking for people which the recado and make art.

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Holiday with the children!

Came the holiday, and St. Peter did not cooperate too. The children all at home and not a possibility of beach! But everything TodoRio well, broke a few suggestions for you to take the galerinha for fun, without risk of rain!

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49th Festival Villa-Lobos

Begins the 49th Villa-Lobos Festival. There are more than 60 attractions in different parts of the city.

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Praça XV

Rio de Janeiro Center of the city's history reveals an incredible way! Building and old churches show what life was like carioca in another time. The Praça XVregion, with its impressive architecture and several cultural centers, narrates this story very well.

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When it rains in Rio de Janeiro

That cariocas most don't like rain, it is easy to realize. Adriana Calcanhoto Singer made this clear in the song " Cariocas ".
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The international gastronomy in Rio de Janeiro

If you are one of those people who loves vary and is always looking for new flavours in the city, will like to try the Rio de Janeiro. international flavors
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See a filminho, is even more tasty in the cold. A cinema and cozy with a differentiated programming is the fatherland Volunteers Street station, 88
Another film that deserves to be highlighted to enjoy on rainy days is the Odeon. With parking around, the cinema has a particular charm.
In Ipanema, another network cinema is more a cozy Station to watch an interesting movie. Rua Visconde de Pirajá, 605
Confectionery Products
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Essential for the rainy days, there are many models, colors, prints and styles of umbrellas for you diversify.
It is not widely used among the cariocas, but for days of heavy rain is a good option.
Another very good accessory for rainy days is galoshes. Has different colors and templates for you innovate the visual.
On rainy days the transit is crazy, so the ideal is to use public transportation or taxi to not even worse.
Heavy rain
In case of heavy rain follow newscasts before going out on the street.
The pizza of goiabada with catupiry of pizzeria Carioca da Gema.
Spaghetti with prawns of The Bambrini, at the Helm.
Hot Chocolate and churros of Venga.
Delicious cupcake Brigadier of pizzeria Carioca da Gema
Both in Mangue Seco as in House of Rum to drink has in quantity and variety.
Perfect rain dishes
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