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Morro da Urca

Tourist spot by its natural beauties, the Urca Hill is also known for its varied agenda. Events, merchandising, footage productions that surprise by versatility, with the view of Guanabara Bay, dazzling and structure of the first world.
From the top of Urca Hill you can see all the Baia de Guanabara and the Praia Vermelha. Gateway to the sugar loaf, the morro receives millions of tourists annually, as well as cariocas seeking by various forms of entertainment. Trails, stunning views, shows and parties are of Urca a point typically carioca, with fun for those who like day and night.
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Sugar Loaf cable

The light tropical city is divided into two connected hills provide a 360º view of every corner of Rio, of each detail, each piece of the puzzle that form the wonderful city.

Being one of the main sights of the City entrance is sometimes time-consuming mainly on weekends. However, lucky for days and some people have already gotten in without having to wait. The ticket cost is compensated by the trip brings us and nature shows. (R$62-adults;R$31-6 to 21 years). Choose a sunny day, go in the afternoon and watch the sunset is something you can't miss when we think of visiting this place.

While we wait for the descent from the peak tram underscores the view of circular motions that make walking so wonderful means of transport. Are steel cables that run with all his might on turntables visible to those who might have some doubts about the safety of the gondola.

Passes-if the ticket by machine, the doors open and continued toward the gondola. That elevator, shy, spacious, modern, friendly, white and black, all-glass where the landscape is seen in detail on every angle of your climb. When you enter this trip time goes by fast, it's stable, safe and with a wonderful view that makes us want to stay there. When we arrived at our destination we feel like we're at an amusement park-Let's walk once again.

The first Hill of sugar loaf is the Morro da Urca. Some people tackle the footpaths and reach it without going through the gondola. Up here the admiration comes by the enormous space that exists here. It's like another reality, another world, another River. There are several elements that call us attention. Look for the old Streetcar and we both like the evolution. Flipped out of the wood to metal, the rectangle in the streamlined tram way that exists today, from small room for plenty of room, the glass in the middle of the train for the full glass, snapped the Brown to black and white. Born a new gondola.

Here we are also presented with huge gardens overlooking every place that is part of our river. Here we have the privilege of seeing the upper riches of this Amazon City. Since Christ, Copacabana, the Guanabara Bay, the Islands, the airport, the Niteroi bridge, the center of the River, the Cathedral finally numerous views that gave hours of writing. Even in this first Hill there are several bars where you can taste the victuals of the wonderful city. Is coconut water, acai, a nice beer or a popsicle all refresh our journey of discovery of these hills of tropical light.

We enter the second journey that brings us to the highest hill of the Sugar Loaf (Pão de Açúcar). His curve is so pronounced that even the Bondxi has come up with all his strength. We reached the top and leave to the discovery. Trees of tropical beauty, birds that fly over the skies in freedom, paths made of leaves, observatories to various points of the city, adventure on descents and ascents to the exploitation of this hill. The adventure continue. In this nature walk are several people from different cultures, countries, cities, boyfriends, marriage, families, lonely, photographers and flags. Many flags of other countries use to photograph the beauty of the River with the flag of each.  Other points arise. Next to the existing here arises only bar the main point where a sea of people waiting for the Sun fall. The more fantastic this Hill is having, in addition to this fantastic view, the opportunity to see animals right next to us. Birds of wings wide open with breathtaking speed and Raptors that open wings and take us with them until sunset as expected from this place. A sunset that's covering the hills light this city that embraces the Christ and falls along the two brothers on the beach of Ipanema.  When he went into hiding, the last cable car trips were made. Calm down there he Hill the hill with a longing that would let us stay on that timeless beauty that would forever remember.

Looked back, waved with excitement, because who's going to once a cable car back there if only to say more until now.

By Carina Conduct Out

- - -

Portuguesa, in love with Rio de Janeiro. Writing is her recall and photograph is your new way to express themselves. Likes to live in the city and of the joys that their landscapes you transmit. Dance and gastronomy are its moments of relaxation. Loves the optimism with which it comes into the river. "Thanks" is the expression that most like to use and thanks every day the opportunity to stay here.

Weekend roadmap: Kiss on the shoulder

Nothing more annoying when you're full of work, comes his friend and posts a photo having so much fun on vacation, his smile is not only bigger than the pile of work in front of you. This is where a hint of jealousy surge within you. But, relax. Now it's your turn. The weekend is here, you are in Rio de Janeiro, the summer calendar is full of festivals, concerts, music and interesting people in all corners of the city. Enjoy!!! And don't forget to register all their smiles to send that "kiss on the shoulder" the envious on duty. Check out the highlights of the carioca programming.

Friday, 17

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Saturday, 18

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Sunday, 19

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Second, 20 (holiday)

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Weekend roadmap: time to party

Time for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Hours in traffic, 20 minutes on foot and 6 in the elevator. Many hours of work, few of sleep. From Monday to Friday employees have the hours filled with appointments, tasks and duties. But the weekend has arrived and it's time to enjoy life! Check out the highlights of the carioca programming.

Friday, 25

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Saturday, 26

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Sunday, 27

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Weekend roadmap: Let's be tourists?

In the dialect of the carioca tourists, foreigners and nationals, are called "gringos". The weekend begins with the world tourism day, the proposal is to be a gringo in Rio de Janeiro. Take the opportunity to (re) visit points of interest, places with beautiful scenery, historic buildings, anyway, touring without compromise to meet (again) the river.

Friday, 27

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Saturday, 28

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Sunday, 29

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Weekend roadmap: the masks of independence

The weekend of independence arrives in the middle of the controversial law that prohibits the use of masks in demonstrations. But, while his prints are still allowed, the traditional script of weekend wears the mask to present program highlights.

Friday, 6

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Saturday, 7

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Sunday, 8

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Weekend roadmap: Forro in São João

The Alonzo are laughing the toa. It is also not for less, the weekend of São João, forró takes over at night. 4th delight! Enjoy the cold as an excuse and invite the girl to drag his foot in the Hall. Dance agarradinho and drop only when the day comes up.

Friday, 28

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Saturday, 29

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Sunday, 30

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Weekend roadmap: Brazilian Spring

The fall came to an end, and not surprisingly, winter occupies its space. But, in 2013 the climate is "Brazilian Spring". In every corner of the country people are on the streets and call for change. In Rio, we were 100 thousand on Monday and more than 1 million in the fifth (although they said 300 thousand). The people known for their joy, finally was angry. Much more than 20 cents, the claims also for education, health and politics.

For this script, the TodoRio in addition to their weekly highlights shows and parties, also supports and expects many positive changes in the city with the arrival of the "Brazilian Spring".

#vemprarua #OGiganteAcordou #vamosprarua #protestorj #juntossomosmaisfortes

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Friday, 21

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Saturday, 22

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Sunday, 23

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See also the collective album with photos from #outonocarioca

Weekend roadmap: Save the selection

You know all that talk of "Imagine Cup"? Yeah, we finally arrived. The friendlies are over and we entered in the World Cup-that, for now, is only of the confederations. Anyway, what counts is cheering for Brazil (or, perhaps to Argentina. lol). Screen, music and beer make up the perfect trio for this weekend. Check out the tips.

Friday, day 14

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Saturday, day 15

To see the game:
Post game:

Sunday, day 16

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Weekend roadmap: Ipanema

Darling, charming, stylish and super ... birthday girl. We're talking about Ipanemaneighborhood supplementing 119 years today of pure inspiration and contribution to the cultural life of Rio de Janeiro.

It was there that, sitting at a table of the old Bar Veloso (today, the girl from Ipanema), Tom Jobim and Vinícius de Moraes finished the letter of March Waters. Not to mention the girl from Ipanema, one of the most played songs in the world, which had its inspiration in the neighborhood--or on girls that attended. Tropicália and Bossa Nova also were born and grew up in the streets; the Circo Voador rode his first canvas in Arpoador and there landed with their rock concerts. This just to name a few examples.

In honor of Ipanema, we gather some events that are the face of the neighborhood: eclectic, dictators of fashion and full of grace!

Friday, March 26

Saturday 27

Weekend roadmap: Kisses, kisses and beijões

In the mouth, on the cheek, in the hand or on the nose. Passionate, unforgettable, time consuming or quickly. Kissing is so yummy that Kiss has a international day. April 13 is the date and the perfect excuse to distribute kisses there. Check out the tips this weekend with festivals and concerts to celebrate the date kissing a lot.


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Weekend roadmap: I want a abraçaço

Caetano Veloso is the soundtrack that weekend. From Thursday to Sunday the singer presents itself to a shoot'em up fans Circo Voador. It goes from pop to rock, melodic and funk finds the bossa nova cool. Is a unique blend that combines perfectly with the variety of styles of programming. Because, at the end of the week, with or without Caetano, who is not related to a abraçaço?

Friday, 22

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Saturday, 23

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Sunday, 24

Is the day of the street! Of 2:0 pm to 6:0 pm a string of open-air performances will animate the beach. Another edition that is coming to have fun in the best carioca style uniting music and beach. Now is the right time to twist! Are in programming, singers and bands as Alice Caymmi, Momo, Botika, David Mathew, Mahmundi, John Brazil, Letuce and more.

See the full agenda Sunday.

Weekend roadmap: vacation, or almost

Officially the holiday season has not yet started. Everything should be working normally. But, with the arrival of December, the end of the year approaches. Full beaches and the party swarming with tourists and locals indicate that the city is in the warm up for the summer. After all, they are practically holidays.

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Holidays in the cold

It is indisputable, cariocas don't like cloudy days ... But, C'mon, the winter of Rio de Janeiro has its positive side. The beautiful intense blue sky days and pleasant climate are perfect to enjoy a beach with warm water or spend the day riding. Check out these and other tips to occupy very well your winter vacation!

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Weekend roadmap: a party, welcome each other

Farewell to a, welcome to another. That already starts at tom with his famous pranks of April Fool's day. But sadly dismisses not March. In its last Friday, Brazilian music brand presence in shows and parties. Already on Saturday, the plurality of being Brazilian is in evidence with many rhythms. Debuting April, Sunday also makes beautiful and brings together different performances.   check out the tips for this weekend  .
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Weekend roadmap: heating up tambourines

There is no doubt: it is Carnival. All festivals and concerts this weekend already revolve around of samba and fantasies. It's a masquerade ball here, a Carnival there and many blocks scattered through the streets of the city. But is a tip: stay tuned because the police do Rio went on strike!

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The Surroundings


For those interested in seeing one of the most beautiful views of Rio de Janeiro, the tours during the day are best applied for. You can climb by or by tram the Urca Hill trail that starts at the track Claudio Coutinho.


The Morro da Urca has a schedule of concerts and festivals. For who likes to enjoy the view while dancing, just get linked on the schedule.
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