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Pedra do Sal
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Samba in Stone
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Pedra do Sal

Located Morro da Conceição base of Pedra do Sal  , brings together music, excitement and joy. The cozy corner lives in celebration with its lively samba, that together people of all ages and tastes.

His name has historical justification: at a time when the sea would bathe the morro was by ali that all salt came from Rio de Janeiro came to Europe. Over time, the download of salt was replaced by the slave trade. After the abolition, the former slaves were there to "little Africa", which brought together all customs, black dance and music. Alias, legend has it that it was ali who was born the Rio,  famous Carnival full of black culture and freedom.


The location is still meeting point of sambistas and Bohemians, seeking peace and tranquility in largo, a lot of good music. Who climbs the friendly stairs built into the corner morro is faced with a pleasant stroll among the colorful houses of early 20th century architecture.

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Pedra do Sal

There are numerous places in Rio de Janeiro where he feels the carioca philosophy. I've been invited to experience a place where the Hill was made of Samba and don't let the Samba die. The Pedra do Sal is very close to Porto Maravilha, on Praça Mauá, on the Morro da Conceição Mouth. A place where the story takes place. In ancient times, at a time where the sea bathed this Hill, it unloaded the salt coming from Europe. Sal went to the slave trade and the trade in slaves already in the phase of abolition of slavery went on to make this place a little Africa in downtown Rio de Janeiro. The ex-cravos gave a new life to this stone. Here they took the joy of their roots and provided moments where dance and black music prevailed. Some say this is where the samba took his first steps, that here was born the urban samba carioca, the Samba dancers, the former Carnival ranches until his own Carnival.

Inside of an ancient Street will be looking at the walls, the paintings that enliven the joy of this place. Gray stairs, stone floor contrasts with the vivid colors of the drawings present around the stone. Since the Lord who plays ukulele in a cheerful and humble, birds drawn in white that proves that love brings to the here sign which reads the history of Rock which causes the most curious give meaning to the place where they are. Starting to see the designs in side buildings, we have with them a set of stairs on the left side that allow you to get to the building where the samba lessons get along, where in times of great turmoil and roda de samba, if has a broad perspective of this whole place.

The building of the school of Samba the drawings that exist have messages of freedom, life and equality. Messages that invite anyone in. In the Middle, next to the stone, is drawn to roda de samba which together with the bars that merge animate Fridays. On the right side the steep Stone rises high to the buildings that are part of its architecture. In days of roda de samba, in the Sun or even rain nothing prevents to hear a good root samba that makes the cariocas and tourists encourage. The grey stone is now full of people who all together sing in chorus the song that the wheel will chanting. The tracking is done. Hundreds of people enchant and join the good spirit present in this stone.

Every Tuesday is day to learn a bit of Samba from scratch. Drumming lessons from Sarah's are open to all, irrespective of gender, social class, color, style and country. Here samba is all and democracy who teaches proves that there are no limits or cultural barriers to learning. The contribution shall be adjusted to what you learn (20 reais per lesson) and the freedom that you feel makes Tuesday a good routine hard to break. May already know a lot, little or even nothing, however, in these multicultural conviviality lessons one learns the story of sounds from ancient times that by there passed.

In these classes, traditional Brazilian instruments glow and make the party of those who are still learning. The tambourines, in large numbers, assume the role of shake the guys putting the will of Samba on your feet. The Tambourines mark time in a hectic pace and well coordinated. The cavaquinho is a soloist and denotes the group. The soldier voices to sing the Samba da Liberdade. Descends the stairs, it is the wheel in stone and feel the Samba de Raiz turns once again to this place. Where the Samba has no color and where the Samba makes the delights of whoever wants to hear and play.

By Carina Conduct Out

- - -

Portuguesa, in love with Rio de Janeiro. Writing is her recall and photograph is your new way to express themselves. Likes to live in the city and of the joys that their landscapes you transmit. Dance and gastronomy are its moments of relaxation. Loves the optimism with which it comes into the river. "Thanks" is the expression that most like to use and thanks every day the opportunity to stay here.

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The climate is of Carnival. The streets are taken by accents from all over the world, the means of transport are "operating" in the special scheme and the subject that dominates the wheels of conversation can be summed up in three letters: WYD.

In the end, it doesn't matter much which guys you have-you can be ' a young man who now in Rio de Janeiro land ' or fit better in the class of those who follow the motto ' Run that the Pope is coming '. What matters is to take advantage of the papal weekend to enjoy the most that night of the wonderful city has to offer.

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The secrets of the port zone of Rio de Janeiro

In addition to the sea and the lively events in Pedra do Sal, the port area, which was one of the most active in the Brazilian colonial period, also has a historic circuit unpopular but still incredibly fascinating. Starting with the own Pedra do Sal, known historically as part of the small region Africa and more recently, by the carioca Bohemia, as the new Lapa.

Among other places, are also the recently reformed hanging garden of Valongo, construction at the foot of Morro da Conceição designed by Pereira Passos in the early 20th century, and Cais do Valongo/Empress, rediscovered the works of "Transoeste" and that was the gateway of almost 1 million of slaves to Brazil and also the port of arrival of Empress Teresa Cristina, wife of Pedro II. Another historic point, but already half decadent, is the beautiful Hotel Barão de Tefé, famous for hosting artists and politicians during the "belle époque".

The cultural tourist itinerary in the region involves other not-so-famous places, but also rich in tradition. Is the case of 28 Restaurant in Gamboa. The place has "dirty" guy, but way of relic. Needless to know its history to realize that, just a lunch for identifies it as a true historical symbol.

Opened in 1910, the restaurant was meeting point of dockers who were awaiting the arrival of the ships at the pier. Since he doesn't seem to have changed much, and still retains an aspect similar to what must have been the season. The attendance is another point that makes this restaurant close port, a special place, because, the waiters have many years, and helped build together the history of that place. And of course, be very attentive and ensure a fast service.

Another thing that doesn't seem to have changed much is the value of the dishes, which is fair enough. The classic menu is the Lamb with potatoes stained-that has won numerous awards for best city-kid, and it was this lunch chosen for the first soaking the gastronomy of 28. With cold beer, serving two people, the dish costs R$25. Other options are the Portuguese Octopus, R $ 29, and the Spanish style codfish, R$60, probably as tasty as the kid.

The 28 is also considered Cultural Heritage, and is inscribed in the register of bars and Traditional Botequins of Rio de Janeiro. His notoriety has been featured in many newspapers and magazines, and he cultivates until today a very loyal audience. On the walls are pictures of major clients, and it is easy to imagine why those people chose the 28 as its preferred restaurant and bar.

In a city where bars and restaurants chains increasingly dominate the neighborhoods, multiplying without differentiation and menu service, traditional places that preserve their personality earn even more value. Is the case of 28, a precious destination that resisted at the time, without losing what has most important: its essence.

By Fernanda Sigilião and Rafael Drop


Fernanda Sigilião é blog writer not only the cat, which reports a curious experiments, single, exposing feelings, thoughts and feelings of a columnist on contact with the staff, resulting in an unusual way of production of information about references, people, places, and ideas.

Rafael Drop , has a master's degree in history from CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY and creator of page contents historical imagery. Traditional history, hates farfetched, much scholarship, prefer a story that reach as many people as possible without losing the quality. Writes to live, but one day will live to write.

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Sacred Place

In the early 20th century, the Pedra do Sal was point of major offerings, amid festivities and drumming. For this reason, the site quickly gained status of sacred site.

Music root

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