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Largo de São Francisco da Prainha
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Rua Sacadura Cabral, s/n

Largo São Francisco da Prainha

The Largo is housed in what is today the region of port districts, which played a key role in structuring of historical and cultural identity of the city of Rio de Janeiro. Its meandering paths, many steps, lanes, alleys and hillsides demonstrate the urban construction of the first centuries of the city.

At the end of the 18th century, the street of Valongo-current rua Camerino-housed the market for buying and selling of slaves of the city, the cemetery of the New Black (where they were buried in mass grave blacks who died on the market), in addition to the offices of brokers involved in the "black goods" and a whole variety of small establishments geared towards the manufacture of iron objects for torture and imprisonment.

But, was also there in the port area which, after the Abolition, the Bahian black colonies and Africans formed the "little Africa in Rio de Janeiro", a stand-alone and peculiar environment unexpectedly managed to assert their freedom, and recreate their culture.

The area, which saves 400 years of history, still has many colonial mansions and houses the Pedra do Sal, registered in 1984 by the State Institute of Cultural Heritage (Inepac). Located at the base of morro da Conceição, a few meters from the Largo da Prainha, mystical was the seat of the Renaissance, the place of rituals and religious cults, capoeira batuque and wheels. Later, it was also the meeting point of sambistas and whiners, as João da Baiana, Pixinguinha and Donga.

The resumption of the tourist part of the port of Rio de Janeiro has generated great movement and attracted investment to the area. The revitalization of this region is resuming cultural efervescencia, so present in 30 years, where foreign sailors, artists circulated, avidos for fun. In the Carnival Largo da Prainha is host to the street block of Slaves, who parades since 1993 Maua.

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